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Hi Schellea! I’ve been doing your videos sInce October 9. I’ve lost 65 pounds doing your workouts and following Weight Watchers. I’m 64 and only need to lose 1 more pound to get to goal! I remember started the 15 minute walking video and at first I would run during the first 30 second segment now I run through all the walking segments! I am doing your 10 Minute AB toning video. I’m challenging myself to do it for 30 days then I will retake my measurements and I’ll let you know! I’m excited to try your 14 day challenge! Every bit of fitness makes me feel better and stronger. I’ve also been doing your arm workouts. The ones with no weights and although my bat wings are still there, my shoulders and biceps are really getting toned. I’ll start the ones with weights this week. I love your videos and am so happy to have found them! I’m off all my blood pressure meds and my doc is happily surprised at my weight loss. I’ve had breast cancer in ‘17 and sarcoma in ‘19. The recovery from the sarcoma surgery was very difficult but I just kept plugging away doing your videos and when I saw the surgeon he was shocked at how much movement I have in my left arm and shoulder. He said he removed so much muscle and tissue he didn’t think I would be able to raise my arm more than a few inches! I know doing your videos has really increased my strength and mobility so now I can raise my left arm almost straight up! Keep making videos and know that you are making a difference in MY life and I’m sure lots of other women’s! You have made my gardening so much easier and more fun!
I subscribed to your channel during these last few months and watched your makeup and hairstyles videos..........but tonight I decided to sign up for your 14 day challenge. I used to be physically very active but over the last few years have had emotional trauma, hit the menopause and 8 months ago had restorative shoulder surgery and have become a real couch pototo. I can't put it off any longer as I'm now morbidly obese, pre-diabetic and seriously in need to get my act together. I'm aching now having completed Day 1 - but inspired! Thank you!!!
Hi Shellea: I started doing your WEEKLY INDOOR WORKOUT PLAYLIST FOR WOMEN OVER 50; I found the arm exercises really challenging which means I needed them most. When you offered the 14 Day Challenge I jumped right in. Today I started them 9 hours later from you (I'm in Southern California, USA) and as usual I found your workout routine enjoyable mostly because of your help and encouragement. Though I hadn't been doing the arm exercises consistently, I found that I'm getting a little stronger, but yes, my arms were burning... Thank you for the occasion to work this routine and the care you put in preparing them for us. Wishing you most success and thanking you again for your warm encouragement.
Soooooo grateful.....Being adverse to medication - This is just what my psychologist ordered yesterday! I’m dealing with PTSD, anxiety & clinical depression. I made it through your arm exercises and then found this ENERGIZING walk. Your encouragement to smile and increase the good brain chemicals really made a difference. Plus, I 💜the timers. Going to share with another friend whose on antidepressants. You are an excellent cheerleader. Blessings to you💎
I subscribed to your channel during these last few months and watched your makeup and hairstyles videos..........but tonight I decided to sign up for your 14 day challenge. I used to be physically very active but over the last few years have had emotional trauma, hit the menopause and 8 months ago had restorative shoulder surgery and have become a real couch pototo. I can't put it off any longer as I'm now morbidly obese, pre-diabetic and seriously in need to get my act together. I'm aching now having completed Day 1 - but inspired! Thank you!!!
Hi Shellea: I started doing your WEEKLY INDOOR WORKOUT PLAYLIST FOR WOMEN OVER 50; I found the arm exercises really challenging which means I needed them most. When you offered the 14 Day Challenge I jumped right in. Today I started them 9 hours later from you (I'm in Southern California, USA) and as usual I found your workout routine enjoyable mostly because of your help and encouragement. Though I hadn't been doing the arm exercises consistently, I found that I'm getting a little stronger, but yes, my arms were burning... Thank you for the occasion to work this routine and the care you put in preparing them for us. Wishing you most success and thanking you again for your warm encouragement.
Soooooo grateful.....Being adverse to medication - This is just what my psychologist ordered yesterday! I’m dealing with PTSD, anxiety & clinical depression. I made it through your arm exercises and then found this ENERGIZING walk. Your encouragement to smile and increase the good brain chemicals really made a difference. Plus, I 💜the timers. Going to share with another friend whose on antidepressants. You are an excellent cheerleader. Blessings to you💎
Hello from Upstate NY. I've been following Fabulous50s for over a year. The last 3 months at home have been better with Schellea! She's very relatable being a women in my 50's. Looking forward to this challenge to start! Good Luck to everyone!!
Hello from Nova Scotia in Canada. I accept your challenge. You always give options in your exercise videos that work for me. I wear a prosthetic leg so some moves are harder. But I can’t wait to start the 14 days challenge on July 24. 💪
Greetings from the US, Massachusetts, just subscribed for your newsletters and look forward to signing up for your program with all these wonderful ladies, perhaps men?!, from around the world. Thank you for your generosity and energy.
Thank you for a another wonderful video , I love it .Because ,is very useful and easy. It will definitely be part of my every day routine. Along with the arm video. God bless you ,for making such practical videos.🌺
Hi Schellea, I found you by accident, Best day ever!! I am 62 yrs. young. I retired from doing hair for 20 yr from nerve damage in my arms.( couldn't do weights) I healed my arms. Now dealing with saggy skin "(. I find your workouts challenging yet I'm able to keep up. I taught aerobics for years, and as a teacher I find you motivating , caring and an all around beautiful women. Thank you Thank you!!!
Been working at home for 4 months and am notoriously bad with doing regular exercise. So thankful I came across Fabulous50s on Youtube! I'm doing one of the workouts at least 3 - 4 times a week now and they make me feel wonderful afterwards 🙂
I was injured at work 2 years ago. My shoulder, neck and elbow. I had surgery on the shoulder last fall and elbow surgery in a couple weeks (same arm). My arms have gone very flabby since all this happened so I am looking forward to being able to use your workout routine to get my tone back. thank you! 💗
Greatly appreciate your arm exercise vids! They really work. Just have to get into a routine and those wiggly bat wings go bye bye and arms look toned, and even skin on arms look and feel healthier (less of that almost crepe look), blood flow is increased and there are many overall benefits to the arms workouts...that lead to doing just a bit more....and that lead to flattering
Amazing, short but my arms are burning. I find it useful as a break from too much computer time. Thank you so much. I will mix it up with the other arm exercises. Love your videos, they are so real and to the point.
Awww Shellea, what a difference learning techiques from you. This is so beautiful and useful. Loved it. I need to try this. As soon as I can have my eyebrows done again here in Canada. They look awful. 😂😂😂 🌹😘
I wish we lived in a world where older women was not judged by their looks. A last here we are. In this covid age where masks are required I find wearing make up is not necessary. I'm trying to concentrate on skin care itself. I'm nearing sixty. I want to look pretty for myself. Makeup will be concentrated after covid. But thanks for the tips...ill give them a try.. 😋
Hello I’m a lady in the uk my age is 66 in September I love makeup but need these good tips you are never too old to learn thank you for a lovely video as always love Annie sparkles 😘😘😘😘😘🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🇬🇧
Thank you for this standing up workout. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. I’ve been doing a different one of yours and enjoyed it. 😊 Now I can switch them around. Hehe 😉 enjoy working out with you. Thank you 🙏 for being here.❤️ Have a fabulous day!
That was a GREAT workout Schelea! A few movements I've never done before and really 'felt' it (in a good way)! Yes, I was just a bit out of breath. Have a wonderful day...thank you for continuing to bring us new workout ideas...love it! Gail/USA/NH
Amazing new workout for the abs! Thank you! As I previously said in a comment on a different exercise, I found you back in March when the pandemic hit and you've been a bright light to my days during these past 3+ months. I've never connected with an online workout website as much as I have with your workouts! Thank you for your continued positivity and encouragement! (sending you a virtual hug!)
I am well over 60 from UK & have enjoyed your fabulous exercises since lockdown. It has been a life changing routine & I am hooked on daily exercise routine & even got my husband doing it! Plus some of friends are in it as well. I want to thank you very much as all your exercises are perfect in little chunks that are easily manageable. There is no excuse for anyone not doing any form of exercises. I have no plans to return to my gym! You are very encouraging & give me lots of positive thoughts of the day. I actually feel so good & enjoy each day.
I am a 66, almost 67, teacher. I realized I was more than out of shape when I saw myself on instructional videos I was making for my students during the covid-19. I had to use my arms to sit down and to get up! I have been doing your videos since May 25. I am now doing the 7 day challenge! Already I can sit down and get up without using hands. My goal by August 8 is to wear short sleeves again and to be able to get down on the floor and get up without using hands. I thank God for you!
Hello Schellea I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I watch you on YouTube and find your videos so helpful. My favorite is your 5 minute stretch. It is a great way to start the day! I am also a walker and prefer outside, but love your walking videos when the weather is not so great! I have tried yoga and like it but have always found classes that were too advanced for me. I would love it if you could do a real beginner yoga video. I just love you and your work. Look forward to more!
Thank you Schellea! I've suffered from Melasma since my 1st pregnancy. Did dermatology treatments and still came back. This gave me hope!
I learnt so much from this video!!! It now all makes sense why with some concealers, it just didn’t look right 😂😂😂. Thank you for the explanation‼️ would love to see more videos on make-up for us over 50’s👍👍❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Thanks! Nice to understand why the peachy toned concealer works so much better. I'll be trying a light dusting of powder to see if it helps keep the redness covered up.
I've really been enjoying your workouts. I started doing your workouts at the end of April early May. Just a few days a week, then I did the 7 day challenge and have been doing some form of exercise every day! One suggestion is to tell us what kind of equipment we might need to do the exercises with- chair, mat etc.
What a great workout!! I even walk my dogs about an hour every morning!!! My legs still burned!!! Is it ok that I was sipping my cola slurpee before and after the workout!!!? Funny story, I had to pause the video to answer a text and I continued the leg exercise I was in the middle of! Shellea, you are the sweetest!!! Going to share this video right now! No excuses for no gyms!!! I mean they are reopened now, but still no excuses! Have a happy week! Oh thanks for all the encouragement during the workout! You ROCK!! 🙂
Hi. I'm Amanda from England, Shellea you've helped me so much during Lockdown. I started your exercises 8 weeks ago and I feel more motivated and you've made a little calmer.. Thanks so much 💞 Sweet blessings xx We love you!!
omg I love it Sherelee is amazing I can connect focus I'm hooked at 57 I look fo6to these exercises thankyou 👍💞
I love these exercises have been doing since lockdown and feel much fitter than I was before just wish I had found them sooner. Much better than going to the gym and easy to fit in so many to choose from fun and easy to follow,a big thank you to Shellea x
Easy workout and great for beginners.😊
Thank you Shellea ! This is just what I needed this morning to get my blood flowing and wake me up ! And of course my arms needed it too ! 😆 Blessings from middle America !
Was looking for low impact exercise that I can safely do without furthering my spine problems and found YOU! I'm not quite 50 yet but I sweat like crazy when I workout with you & I'm toning up already & I've only been doing so for 2 weeks! Thank you so much! You're fabulous!!
Thanks for this! I've been doing one of your 30 minute indoor walking vids, paired with one of your focused 10 min body part vids every day for almost a month now! My goal is to get to 3 months of these daily. feeling so much better with more energy already. And tighter arms and abs 😉
Hello My FABULOUS Coach! I'm a woman who has always hated exercising from gym class in high school to my current 64 years. Always believed a healthy active lifestyle was enough - ballroom dancing 4 nights a week+ biking, but my knees were bad. Your knee pain module has helped me enormously and now I am doing your thigh and butt module and arm toning. Love your music, your speed and difficulty choice and your beautiful voice of encouragement. These months have been very hard but you have made a big difference in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Oh my!! I loved it and I plan to do it 2 a day. I live your videos, I’m from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 living in Texas for 30 years. This is exactly what I need because I do not like long workouts! Also ordered eyelashes and glue, never have I put in false lashes 😬. Thank you for what you do! I am 54 and you are a true inspiration.
Looking forward to trying this one tomorrow. I've just completed your 10 min beginner HIIT workout and 7 min sculpted arms workout tonight. I'm pleased that I've been sticking to these on weekdays (HIIT) and x3 per week (arms) since finding your channel. I love your philosophy of doing something today to make yourself better tomorrow and planning in some movement every day. For me, this helps to get me out of the mindset that I need to work out for ages or that I haven't got time or I'm too tired today. I've recently been reading a book by Dr Chattergee (a GP in the UK) who advocates small steps daily to improve health (all his suggestions are 5 mins only), so these workouts fit in nicely with his approach too. Thank you Schellea x
Hi Shellea, you are amazing, you motivate me to exercise and that's something I have never really enjoyed, the way you break down the exercises Into small portions the time goes very fast and you soon get through them, I do them at 5am in the morning before getting ready for work, I try to fit 30 minutes in, of a combination of your work outs or the 30 minute ones, I need to concentrate on the stomach area, thanks for the motivation. You look so beautiful. 😊💝
Your tips are always so good! I really like the “wrong” way lashes better! I don’t think it makes your eyes look droopy at all, they look sultry. Your eyes are beautiful either way, though. Thanks again, and I always look forward to your videos😁
Great tip! I LOVE your channel and I LOVE your positive energy❤️ whenever I need a mood lift I watch one of your videos- even if it’s one I’ve watched already and it always does the trick. You definitely make 50 FABULOUS and FUN❤️🦋
Just the video I was looking for. The easier the better, thus I went to going to a lash studio. Since the covid quarantine I am all natural right now. I do not like the glue idea, but may try this. Thanks! Any thoughts on magnetic lashes....they look even more complicated!
Schellea 🌹 I'm sweating after having completed one of your 30min workouts for the first time! I've also gotten a hold of my belly bloat, thank goodness. My June is off to a good start... Despite the pain in the world...T Y. You help to keep us focused on the possibilities ❣️👼🏾🙏🏾
YES! I was sweating! I love doing these workouts with you! I like that if I’m feeling low energy, I don’t have to fear. I can do low impact, but still MOVE. On other days I go at it with gusto. But I can keeping doing it day in day out! I also love that you’re giving solid reasons for why MOVING is so necessary versus the traditional “flat abs, tight butt, looking better than your friend” kind of stuff that is anything but motivating to me!
I'm 71 and my husband's carer. It's great cos I can do your exercises when he is asleep and I don't have to worry about missing out on going to the gym. I would like to do your weekly exercise plan but not sure how to get it. Thank you' I'm one happy woman!! ❤️x
Yeah!!!!‼️‼️‼️ Just finished my “Tuesday workout” and even added this video at the end!! It feels so great to get moving everyday focusing on different body sections!😍😍 Absolutely love your videos and listening to you while doing the exercises is so relaxing and I truly feel that you have gotten me through this isolation!! Thank you!!💯💯💯
Hi Schellea U've made me realise how important stretches are before and after excersises. I do mine religiously and it's made a difference! I've been having knee problems and doing all the knee excersises I can to prevent further damage. My physiotherapist maintains it's more important what one does at home. U divine goddess🥰
Oh my God Sellea, you are my Australian friend. I definately needed this video so bad.Im doing intermittent fasting n loosing weight n now you showed me the perfect gym clothing to show my skinnier body.lol. Thank you so much.Im ordering 3 blouses from your list.😊💝Greetings from Ny.We love you here.💝
Thanks for the tips and tricks! I just want to let you know that I have been doing quite a few of your exercise videos recently and am really enjoying them! What I think makes them special, is that they are doable, not overwhelming like so many out there! Oh, and your positivity is awesome too! -xoxo
Hi Schellea , I had to comment immediately because, you’ve answered your own question , I think, about age-appropriate work-out gear ..... YOURSELF! Oh my goodness, surely there has to be somebody out there who can manufacture all of your ideas and ‘run ‘ with it ?! Your perspective on what is comfy , suitable and beneficial is inspiring. I think that if you could combine your ideas with the right company you’d have a whole army of followers that would buy them ! Xx
Awesome! You're workout videos have been such a lifesaver for me! I love the variety in length of video as well as type and difficulty of exercise. I honestly enjoy these and think I am in the best shape I've been in in a looooong time! ❤
Shellea... hello...this going to one awesome 5 minutes work out....going to definitely try...you know what...u have just made me just love working out. It's really so much fun dear.....thanks a ton...by the way the daily work out plan is just so helpful to follow...no wait of time....stay blessed. Dear....lots and lots of love...and hugs...take care
I started following you and training with you three weeks ago, I have been overweight for the last 25 years, I am 52 and never before I felt training was worthy. Thanks a lot for your videos, your encouraging comments and your guidance. May the Lord bless you.
Good morning!!!You did it again!!!!😊😊😊😊Again you put on a work out that is just right at the right moment...at least for me!!! More challenging each time in a very comforting and encouraging way.You push our boundaries each time and help us discover how much we can do...ooooh the feeling of wonder to found out that I can do these exercises !! I can keep my balance and the pleasure,the blessing of having a body that responds to the challenge. It's like being younger again but with the knowledge of "old age" ie not taking it for granted and realizing how precious health,vitality is important and precious. You help us do that with the exercises,your encouragements,your bright smile.All this new found energy translates into our daily life helping us to be strong and focused. Thank you sooooo much. Bless you and your family.😊🌟👍
OMG!!! You are such an amazing angel!!! I am 60 years old... working in a healthcare field right now... I am off work today and your workout made me feel SO GOOD!! SO ALIVE! THE STRESS RELIEF I HAVE BEEN NEEDING for a long time!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being such an inspiration and a GODSEND for many of us!!
Kristan M
Hello, just watched this time but will be making this part of my daily routine...thinking how could I change this n make it only 15 minutes for my 96 year old mom...maybe you could do this n be sitting in a chair, I wouldn't want her to fall down trying to balance...although she probably could do it standing but do not want to take any chances...love this routine very doable...Tfs...blessings...stay safe...💖🌷💖...
Today is my 58th birthday, and I feel like your new video is a birthday gift! Your exercise videos are part of my morning routine since I am not getting ready for work during the quarantine. Thanks for the quality content. I like how this video focuses on balance. I also like the addition of the countdown thermometer. Thanks, Schellea!
I am from New Hampshire, and I am 68 years old. I have been watching your videos every day now, and find you to be so inspiring!! I gave up on myself. Thank you for helping me to believe that I can be better every day. I am not on the computer a lot, but, I watch for new videos every day. I am feeling and looking younger. Thank you so very much. You are so beautiful!!
Hi Schellea - discovered your workout videos and have been doing them daily...the 10 minute ab workout is amazing...after 4 days I was able to do all the required exercises for their duration. After 8 days, I do the routine twice in a row.. I also do the 10 minute HIIT workout twice in a row...awesome job. I also do weights and yoga. My only 'gripe' (if you want to call it that) is that you say 'after 50 we're not athletes', or something to that effect. I realize why that would be daunting to some women who are just starting out in fitness, but I have been and am an athlete and have no intention of ending my running, rowing, tennis competing any time soon so some of us are still athletes. (I'm 57). Love your videos and outlook! 🙂
Thanks Schellea, you're an inspiration!! I used to have a hula hoop when I was little girl. I will have to get one!! It's fun to use and great exercise!! Thank you for this great video!
Thank you so much Schellea ♥️ for this fantastic workout! Loved it with a weighted hoop like yours. A great go to workout that's definitely fun! Great music; you definitely have a super strong core! 🌞 🌹
You are inspirational, thank you for helping my fitness journey Ms Fabulous50! ❤❤
this is really great!!... im off to find something in red 😍.......am thinking tha t would be good and simple and glamorous looking to wear at our family xmas day....just has to be a nice light fabric...thanks so much....have often wanted to do this . just didnt know how xxxx
Schellea, WOW...........I love this! For years I have been doing the skirt part with fabric and big scarfs! But I haven't ever tried the top section. This gives me new ideas, my beautiful friend. You always share such fun things for us! Thank you XOXOX
OMG, that is genius. I have a bunch of swim wraps I could do this with. You could mix colors too, like turquoise and black, that would be beautiful.
Oh wow! Thank you. I am an average sized 54 year old. I was attending an outdoor bootcamp type class several times a week ( with younger race training friends). Of course I could not do what they were doing but it did help me combat my stress levels and gave me a great body. However I got hurt ( plus I sat on a red ant hill Which had its own outcome YIKES!} and ended up quitting. I’ve been walking 5-6 times a week with my favorite music. I’ve been feeling VERY guilty about ‘only’ walking. Although my body is not as it was during bootcamp I walk fast enough and long enough that my legs and bum feel like they’ve been moving and get my heart rate up, yet slow enough that I’m enjoying nature. I think I’ll incorporate some abdomen strength exercises. Thank you for giving permission to NOT feeling like a bootcamp work out is necessarily needed and that moderate and age appropriate exercise, with proper eating would help. This truly takes the pressure off!
Hi Shellea, I was just like you when growing up. Thinking I was fat (when I wasn't) but I never had a lot of muscle tone so I was soft. Years of dieting didn't do me any favors BUT at least I had discipline when I hit menopause. I've never budged from my 5-pound range. I've been doing your workout routines as I find them fairly challenging and not as brutal as the much younger workouts. As to diet I started the Keto/IF, it has really worked to cut my insulin levels, hence the sugar cravings that would hit me so badly. Thank you for a great video and the workout schedule in the info box. You are wonderful and a great inspiration. I love the serenity that shines through in all your videos. ❤
Thank you oh so much Shellea. I have been doing your 30 minute exercise followed by the cool down each day finding it a real treat especially at this time. Your personality is infectious and makes me want to exercise each day. Thank you thank you thank you.
Hello, I’m 66, retired in 2007 but started offering consulting services in 2010 on organization design and human resource management. I live in Wakefield, Quebec - Canada. I work out every day - I have been practicing Pilates for 9 years, I walk 30 minutes most days and am always looking for creative ways to exercise and improve my stamina. I must tell you that I absolutely love your tutorials, particularly because the are short segments. I feel blessed and privileged to have found your online exercise program. Have a great day and see you tomorrow. Lorraine🙏
Thanks Schellea, you've done it again! I'm going to tag this on after the 30 minute routine, it's just perfect. Unfortunately, I've been laid-up for the past week after over-doing it (went for a too-long walk). I have a chronic pelvic prob (pubic symph nerve damage) in addition to a neurological disease - get's v difficult to not "over-do" things when I get going. Swimming is the most tolerable thing for my body but all the swimming pools are closed, even our local sea pool and my home pool isn't big enough for a good long swim. Anyway, that's why I love your workouts because they're so doable for me. Hopefully I'll be right in another couple of days. All the best and thanks once again x
I can’t believe how wonderful I feel to finally have a routine and encouragement that fits me! I have a computer/ office job, so I’m sitting for 8 hrs a day. In this last year I my my efforts to get up and move and stretch are getting more and more painful. I have always known atrophying played a big role which is a double whammy when I’m trying to lose weight. This was fantastic and doable! And the best part is that you emphasize the fun factor, and You encourage to slow down and keep moving rather than “keep up” to achieve that enjoyable workout. You are wonderful and a true inspiration. See you again at my break time! 🥰
great workouts, and a good pace for an unfit keep trying person like me. Amazing ........
Love this lady! All of her videos are amazing. I love the workouts, I’m doing 2, 3 or even 4 of them a day. Her voice is so soft and encouraging. She truly loves helping women (men too) feel better about themselves. I’m 72 and am able to do all the exercises so I know you can too! 😍
Hi Schellea, you just reminded me how much fun the rebounder can be. I have a JumpSport fitness (one with elastics - bungees) wich I haven’t use in a while but I absolutely love it. I feel like a little girl having a blast hopping on it every time I have used it. It’s all about having fun the the process right ? Getting back to it today ! I’m always amazed by the great content you bring in every video. Keep up the great work ! I’m a 47 years old woman and I’m sooooooooo happy I found your channel. 🙂
You are like our best friend! Thank you for caring so much for others. I am 55 and feel confident in myself because you believe in us and show us that we can do this; you are proof this works!!Bless you and take care! 🧡💛💚💙💜
I've been following Fabulous 50's for a couple of weeks on Utube
and just realised there is a FB page. Thankyou for your 15 minute video..
I like the presenter, she helps to make it fun, and the walking workout is just what I need during the lockdown. Thankyou
I have found the videos easy to follow and doable 😀 I do several hoping to see the improvements, I have done something everyday through this isolation and will continue once we are allowed to be out and about again.
great workouts. enjoyable. achievable. positive.
I love your videos. Easy to do in my own living room.
Love the exercise programs and have been looking for something like Fabulous 50s ~ so glad I found it!
Great versatile workouts for all stages of fitness
Great workouts, loving it!
Her workouts and tips are great. And she is so positive - her workouts just fly by.
BRILLIANT workout. Finished it a good ten minutes ago and am still sweating profusely! Recommend to everyone as I'm definitely a beginner 👍🏻
OMG! i just found your YouTube and
Facebook pages! Love! Love! Love!
You are so easy to follow and the workouts
are easy to do and modify if we have any restrictions and can't bend like you do!
Thank you so very much! I have shared
with my sister-in-law as she is in her 60s with mobility issues. I think she will love then as much as I am! I'm in my 50s. ♡
I love ALL your workouts! The low impact in this workout really gets my heart rate up! I feel great! Shellea you are pretty Fabulous too🥰 You are a STAR🌟
Perfect timing Schellea! Your arm workout really made a difference! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. You are awesome and you are helping motivate me to keep my 56 year old body feeling like it's only 25. Bless you! Sending love and respect from Muskoka Ontario Canada. xo
Love your videos! Will definitely give this one a try! I've been doing your upper body workouts and I'm so happy with the outcome so I know this workout will for sure give me the results . I'm looking for. Thank you so much for being an advocate for women over 50!
Another huge fan from Israel! Thanx to u Schellea feel fantastic more toned and slimmed down than eva. Since lock down workout 6 times a week 1 - 2 hrs the "7" day clean my home for 5 hrs. Luv the new abs workout the best yet! Thank u special Lady
I can't reccomend this page enough!! I have been following her for a while... she's full of information on thriving !! I just finished one of her realistic exercise videos and feel exhilarated. I absolutely adore her vibrancy and love the Australian accent! I'm Going to be 55 May 13 and plan on living until I'm 120 her advice and attitude will help me to reach that goal!!
Finally found a workout that fits me..love it.....slow paced but sweat a lot and move all your body.....so grateful for this!
Allways a smile, great tips for anyone that wants a lift of their spirits,face, body and mind
I love these video workouts. They’re not too long and you can do several when you’re in the mood for more. I just completed the indoor fast walking, the 10 minute arms and the five minute arms and I feel great. I will keep doing these even when I can go back to the gym.
I subscribed to Fab 50’s around a year ago. I love the videos. Such great variety, working on every part of the body. During this lockdown I’ve found that it’s been a lifesaver. Thank you Schellea! You’re amazing 😃👍xx
Finally found fun challenging but not over the top exercises I can handle with my condition!
Oh wowser. I have tried endless videos. Now I've found You. Love your work outs. So enjoyable, just love them. Love the 30 seconds work out, then 30 seconds walking around the house. Half an hour just perfect. Hooked line & sinker. Well done. You are Fab u lous - Stay safy & thank you 🙏👌👍❤️ xx
I actually like both and you do not look ‘older’. However I am not a professional. I have oily skin and use Blinc mascara. It cannot smudge due to formulation and easy to remove . Good video as usual. Thanks 🙂​​
Hi Schellea great tip! It definitely can be aging, however you are right there is different variations for different people. I have absolutely invisible lower lashes and need some definition and balance especially as I wear eye glasses. I always use a little powder to line and mascara and it looks better for me. Have a wonderful weekend xo Jackie
I just have to say this. I was struggling SO badly with turning 50. I used to love my birthday but I haven't wanted anyone to even know for the last 2 years. I feel like an alien to myself and i had so many questions about what to wear and how to keep feeling good about myself. Thank you for sharing your heart and helping me see that 50 can be a good place.
Nice! I'm sharing on fb for my female friends over 50 who can't seem to get motivated! And for myself too❤ because I really enjoy working out on a daily basis at least 30 minutes a day...I'm soon to be 55 years old but I don't feel like it☺ I look at my other friends who are the same age as me and they look old for their age😒 thanks for the video, I'm going to utilize this in my workouts! Btw- u look beautiful
All your excersises are so enjoyable doable and definitely show positive results! Luv your plaits - u're looking amazing really beautiful. Thank u for another fabulous video!
So grateful, I was just finishing some of your other workouts when this popped up on my phone so added it onto my usual routine and enjoyed it. Lovely to see the beach and sea when we are in lockdown in the uk, thank you for helping to keep me fit and healthy Xx
Hi! Just wanted to thank you for all your awesome videos! Been wanting to get back into shape but I had some injuries that slowed me down (tennis elbow, shoulder, lower back.. ect) ..was walking everyday... but still felt stiff everywhere... your programme is perfect... cannot thank you enough! (used to play volley ball go to gym... yoga.. etc... but it was all gone) I do daily #1)stretching #2)15min Routine #3)arm #4)abs #5)leg/butt...not too long but yet so effective... duable like you say... Also I love your positive comments... you are bringing goodness in this world and I am very grateful for it🙏 I am 56...singke mum who meditate 20 min every morning... but your sharing makes my life way better now thanking you for your ❤ Francine 😊
You tube videos are awesome - Shellea pitches them just at the right level for ladies over 50!
You have transformed my mornings during this crisis Many thanks Claire from England
I started following your exercises on YouTube. love them and I have lost 1kg in the last couple of weeks
I just experience the 5 minute body stretching routine for beginners. The experience is a therapy session in the form of stretching. I was nearly in tears. Thank You.
I love Fabulous50s! The workouts are accessible and fun, and Schellea is very encouraging. It is so refreshing to have a whole area specifically for slightly more mature ladies. (My husband does join in the workouts sometimes - he also very much enjoys them!)
Great workouts. Nice pace with an easy going manner, not over the top music and I like the timer in the corner. Also, when an easier version of exercise is visible, it's encouraging!
So much great and positive Energy. I really Love her workout and attidude. I exercise every day and love it.
Tried two videos today. Excellent as not too hard so doesn’t put you off. Will keep doing them.
I started a week ago and I love it. just right for me. I am a rep for a health and wellbeing company and I have recommended it to all on our groups
great easy workouts and stretching
You are fabulous! I look forward to "our" workouts. It's amazing that I'm in California and you're in Australia. Thanks for always reminding us to hold in our core. I love your enthusiasm and the happy colors you wear. If you ever want to share your clothing links, I would appreciate that information. Thank you!
Hi Schellea. You did a brilliant job. I’ll do this tomorrow. One tip my yoga teacher gave me, is when you extend yr arms out sideways, engage your upper back muscles and shoulder blades and surrounding muscles, to help keep the arms up. Somehow, that seems to lessen the pain, and seems easier to keep them up longer. Hope you and yr family are safe and healthy. Have a beautiful weekend sister xxx🌞🌺💕
Hi Shellea!! LOVE this workout!! A month ago TODAY I did my last massages. Been sewing masks for a month now! I’ve been kinda concerned about my own strength and getting weak!! Did your workout and my arms BURNED!!! Great job!!!! I better do it multiple times A DAY!! Thanks for your sweet spirit!! 🙂
Yes these exercises are great for people over 50 years old. Just perfect!
Love it! Really great group. Thank you for letting me join.
I found what I like. Love the exercise shared on YouTube. 👍
Great video. I love the ease of movements. But I really loved how you said we need to increase our muscle mass. I have been trying to get my 88 yr old mom to get moving and exercise more. She’s extremely healthy, because of her diet, but she is reluctant to do any form of exercise (most people her age didn’t exercise in their youth). Although I’m so blessed to have her with us still, I wish she would pick up some weights with me and get to building muscle.
The two things that I LOVE about this particular video... I absolutely love how calm your voice is. I don't need a hyper excercise instructor....unless I'm doing something like a spin class. I also really appreciate and need both the positive and negative sides of the motivation. Jordan Peterson says( in a general paraphrase) that we need something to run to, as well as something to run from. Just the positive alone will not keep us motivated. Thanks so much for all of your hard work,Shellea!
You are a beautiful young lady! I'm 2 yrs away from big 5 0! I've been looking for an exercise that would be easy for me and not so hard on my back...which is bad and tends to go out if moving to fast or all the jumping around other exercises do. Thank you so much for taking g time out and caring enough to share your routine with me...and others. May God bless you with the desires of your heart, according to his perfect will. In Jesus name. Thanks again!
Love the exercise videos, they are a good workout and aren’t too hard, will have you coming back for more
Totally doable. Schellea is so supportive and motivating 😀
Love the work outs...and all the make up advice she offers
I am motivated by her videos. I have lost 100 lbs since June. I have been doing exercises since August and I have seen such a difference! I still have a lot of weight to lose but with Schella's videos I'm well on my way.
I recommend Fabulous50s because the exercise videos are very inspirational for women over 50. The exercises are simple but very effective in raising my mood for the day; besides giving me the kind of energy that every woman at my age needs. I never imagined that at my age I can look and feel this good. Thanks Schellea👍
Hi Schellea .. I just did my first walking video with you and loved it. I am morbidly obese, but got through the entire video without feeling depressed, overwhelmed and filled with self-hatred as I normally do. I also just did your 7-minute arm work out. I have bookmarked both videos and these will become part of my daily 'self-love routine'. THANK YOU for your positive and encouraging presence as you guide your viewers through your work outs. I will be looking for your other videos in order to add them to the file I have started. Warm hugs. Corinne
This was probably the best 13 minutes I have ever spent watching YouTube. Not only are you gorgeous physically, you are a wise woman who is an incredibly eloquent speaker. Thank you for passing some love around a female community that, as a group, can quite often be a really tough crowd!!! Much love❤️💕❣❤️💕
Thank you for this video. I clicked on it thinking it was going to be about makeup or clothes but I was pleasantly surprised. I love that you focused on inner beauty and how to treat others. I’ve just discovered your channel in the last few months and really enjoy the content. I’m 54 and I enjoy watching someone close in age because they can relate more to my life and experiences. Keep up the great work! 💕
I'm so glad I found you. Have you written a book on this and related advice? I have just turned 70 y.o., retired and divorced two years ago. Now I don't know what to do, what to wear, how to carry myself/ present myself. But you are teaching me everything, from makeup, importance of exercise, consider others first. A week ago I met a man while at the exercise club, I haven't been back since, he seemed "interested and interesting".......I panicked. Now I can go back feeling confident; your advice has empowered me and given me a place to start and enjoy my retirement. Thank You! You are special.
I’ve always been able to see that tops like this make me look bigger in exactly the ways you’ve described, but you helped me to understand why that is... and what I can do about it. This is brilliant. Thanks so much.
Hi gorgeous. Thank you again for your research and great tips. You make me want to age gracefully.This is probably the BEST demonstration of tips and tricks that we (sometimes) know instinctively but have never actually compared side-by-side. The improvement is remarkable. Thank you for filming this!
Hands down the best video I've seen all week! I still can't believe the difference the v-neck and curved hemline makes! She went from looking boxy to having an hourglass shape - just what all we big girls want. Thank-you so much.
I have severe asthma and have been stuck at home for two months. My doctor told me to start doing a few minutes of gentle exercise every day and I tried some different videos. They either make me feel elderly (I'm only 39!) or get a little too "woo-woo". So I tried your 5 minute stretch and its amazing. It gets me moving without raising my heart rate too much, and the pace is perfect for me to breathe properly. So I feel like I have the perfect morning routine now, and I can't thank you enough! Also, your living room is so lovely and calming- I've been wanting to paint my living room emerald green and gold so I'm feeling really inspired now! Thank you again, stay safe and well 🙂
Dear Schellea, I came across your YouTube blog for exercising the other day. I am so excited. Thank you for all your efforts in adding value to our lives.
Great post! Thanks for sharing that knowledge with us! I’ve been using Retin-A(Tretinoin)+Moisturizer 👍 for about 3 years now. So happy I found ‘GETRET365’ ❤️ and got retin-a a way cheaper. It is hands down the most effective anti-aging, anti-dark spot, ant-whatever skin flaw you may have. It’s also the only thing that has actually helped with my acne. People comment on my skin daily, and have for the past 3 years since I started using it.
Hello Schellea, you're the best ! Really like all your shorter workouts, but I absolutely love this 30 mins much better ! Please more 30 min ones. Thanks! Enjoyed the music as well. ♥️
Thank you for making a 30-minute workout! I've been linking your other videos together but now I have I the option of choosing just one! Stay well Schellea and fam 🌸🌹💕
So excited for this video! Don't have time to watch currently however, I added it to my at-home workout playlist and will catch it then!
You are amazing Shellea. Thanks for all you do, beautiful lady!
Love the videos and your ideas! My husband and I do your 15 min walking video together every day – we love it! Re the broccoli sprouts are these available from Amazon? We live in southern Spain 😊😎 Thank you xx
I dug out my bread maker after years of non-use and made your recipe. This bread is delicious! I didn’t change a thing and it turned out perfect. Thank you.
Loved your video regarding make up for over 50. I am not a makeup artist officially, but I do makeup for women 40 and older with myself being 59. There are a lot of very easy tricks to help with our aging skin, basically optical illusions. If you ever want to talk about them, I would be happy to share!! Love your channel. It is "da bomb"!!!​
Denice Wepasnick
Hello Schellea, You must get thousands of emails each day but I wonder how many of your followers are in Kenya. I was given an Apple Watch in April 2018, and discovered you about a year later. With this combination I now walk 8-10kms a day - office and at home - and do at least 2 of your10 to 15 minutes workouts and then 15 to 30 mins of yoga/stretches every single day. All this from the inspiration and encouragement from you and challenges from the watch. Thank you. I am that person that exercises every single day and I feel great.
I just want to thank you. I came across you on U tube. You have given me inspiration to embrace my 50's with hope and gratitude. I am now re-inventing myself to be the best version of myself . You are truly beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being You ????
Tracey Schroder
I just discovered you today and think you are AMAZING! So beautiful, so youthful, amazing inner spirit! So, here's my plea....I'm only 45 but suffered traumatic spinal injury 15 yrs ago. I work out every day despite my pain but need low impact so I workout to various indoor walking videos BUT yours are amazing, the best ever! I love your earthy setting, your encouraging spirit, and the way you combine 30 seconds of walk with 30 seconds of toning. I have used your 15 minute walk and tone you tube video and the walk and tone arms video. You are my favorite and I have already subscribed to you. Will you be coming out with anymore 15 minute walk and tone videos?? Please, please, please! Thanks so much! ​
Dina Collins
Schellea, You are such a blessing to me! I am a 62 year old grandma who recently retired after 40 years of teaching. Your videos have helped me learn about health, beauty, and exercise. I am so appreciative that I can do all your exercises without equipment in the privacy of my own home at my convenience. I use your short 5-7 minute exercises regularly. Every day I do the body stretch, and then 5 or 6 days a week I do an arm, leg, and ab work out for a total of 25 minutes. The variety you provide keeps it fresh and gives me options. Clean eating, a move to minimalism in my home and clothing, and daily exercise have helped me feel better than I have in decades. Thank you for helping women to embrace this time in our lives. Your dedication, thoughtful planning, and informative guidance makes a difference to countless women around the world.​
Blessings, Jill
I want to thank you Schellea for your exercise videos. I’ve been doing these for 9 weeks and I’ve lost all my cellulite and my flabby arms are getting so toned. I also love the core and leg exercises. I feel better than I have in a long time! Losing inches and watching my body as it’s toning. You’re the greatest Schellea and I just want to thank you for these exercises. I try to do these every day! Let me say what you say........”You’re FABULOUS!!!♥​
Boni Watkins
Boni Watkins
Yeah! You are so close to half million subscribers...I am so excited for you! Love this video 😘😘
Graita B
Graita B
Your knee exercises have helped me so much. 90% of the pain is gone. Now to work on my arms regularly too. Thank you, your videos are ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
That was awesome and very doable! Feeling accomplished!!! 👍🏻🤗
Cynthia Backer Proffitt
Cynthia Backer Proffitt
Great tips for a glow, healthy body, that is not easy to achieve at our age. Thanks so much sweet Shelley❤️​
Maria Christina Alvarez
Maria Christina Alvarez
Thanks I have noticed the sagging skin after losing weight. What has helped is exercising. Just because we age doesn't mean just wear long sleeves. Upper strength helps with energy and arthritis. Love your channel!
Schellea 🐝 you threw a curve ball ⚾ I began watching expecting an arm workout 💪 Nope!! You keep me on my toes 👣 T, I appreciate that a lot 🤗 great info 🍒
susan johnson
susan johnson
You are seriously wonderful & thankyou 🙏💕💜
Belinda Mihajlovic
Belinda Mihajlovic
Hello Shellea! Thank you so much for all your video's. I have been exercising with you every day now since two months for half n hour each morning and the result is amazing! I am glad to be working out again. You are helping me in so many ways! Thank you so much! Love and greetings from the Netherlands! 🙂
Oily Power
Oily Power
I feel the stretching part of any exercise routine is the most important!! It feels so good to get those muscles relaxed. Happy Friday. xo Laurie
Pride In Photos BEAUTY
Pride In Photos BEAUTY
A fabulous video:) you’re looking absolutely gorgeous and youthful 😊. I LOVE the CT Supermodel Body and all things Ordinary🥰 Thank you for sharing:) Happy weekend 💕 Tammy Roy 🇨🇦
Tammy Roy
Tammy Roy
Thanks for all the product info. Appreciate you doing all the hard work for us. Greetings from the UK.
Sandy Cockerell
Sandy Cockerell
Thank you so much for this informative video...who doesn't enjoy trying out new products?? Looking forward to your next video!
K Black
K Black
Thanks so much Schellea! This really helped me such a lot. Lots of pain post several work outs, hence knee pain which has made my life truly painful. This workout really helped me. All your workouts are so well designed, with nice music and hathayoga. Your voice is also so amazing soft and non intrusive. These 5 minute work outs are really well capsuled.
Wow, it's so fortuitous that this video was in my feed. I have severe osteoarthritis in my back and sciatica in my leg. Recently my knees have been really bad, especially when I squat down and rise up again. My Doctor today said I more likely than not have arthritis in my knees. So I'm definitely going to try your exercises. Thank you. Many blessings to you. 😊
Thank you so much I was scrolling through these videos knees all in pain I came across your video you are a lifesaver God bless you I don't know if this message will reach you but thank you so so so very much from the bottom of my heart these little exercises helped me so much I have no longer know knee pain thank you very much God bless you
Hi I just finished 6 months of Chemotherapy and my hair is starting to grow back “ Thank You God “ your advice sounds good 👍 so I will try it . Going shopping today and will pick up the products you suggested. Love your videos and your soft warm voice and beautiful hair you made my day better, I had beautiful long hair before chemo and I will again Thanks Karen
Very excited to try all of the tips but I’m afraid I got the “crappy hair gene” in my family!! My aunt and cousin received the wonderful hair gene BUT my mother and I got the skinny gene!! Moral of story is if you have curly hair, you’d rather have straight, the list goes on. As cliche as it sounds, a confident woman that loves her family and is kind to others is what’s attractive to me, like our sweet friend that brings us these wonderful videos. She really appears to have that peace within and it’s so contagious
Thank you Schellea for your tips, I would like to add that the choice of shampoo is very important. I only use shampoos without sulfate, silicone and paraben . Hair loss can be triggered by using the wrong shampoos...Also more we wash our hair more it becomes greasy so I do it only twice a week now and my hair feels much better. It helps not to blow dry the hair too much as it dries it. I also take multi vitamines everyday and vegan collagen as I am vegetarian. Scalp massage is a nice stimulant for the growth as well. My hair grows 1 cm a month at the moment...Lucky me! Thank you for all your videos!
Alzheimer’s is a vicious, terrifying disease. My heart goes out to you and your family. I am adding your suggestions to my daily life. As a result of all my recent surgeries and treatments for breast cancer I have lost a lot of brain cells. (For those who’ve had surgery, the effect of anesthesia can last for up to a year post-surgery. Multiple surgeries just increase this exponentially.) You need to build your brain back up. My healthcare team has given me the following tools that will create new synapsis connections within my brain. They are: -We’ve all had the experience of not remembering how we got home, or to work, etc. When you are going (driving, walking, biking) to a location that you go to all the time, take a different route. -Find something that makes you laugh at least once a day. -Stretch in bed before you get up, and in the shower/bathtub, everyday. This is when your body is warm. - If you aren’t writing your autobiography, jot down notes from your life. It’s good for those brains cells now and in the future. Them if you do get dementia or Alzheimer’s, or your memory just isn’t what it used to be, you can look back and relive those funny, beautiful, or even boring memories. Bonus, your family may enjoy them too. -Those hobbies you’ve let drop, start them again or add new ones. I very much enjoy your channel. Thank you for sharing your joy. Let’s all take care of each other.
I didn’t go to this immediately because I thought more beauty tips. Which aren’t a bad thing but I felt no hurry. The content was wonderful. Will definately use for myself (51) and even share with my aunt (76). Maybe the title should have mental or brain tips to keep you younger. The title doesn’t do the content justice. Thanks for sharing. ❤️
I just LOVE you!!! Every time i receive a message that you.put out content i rush to.open and then i just get mesmerized !!!! The content and this specific one is AWESOME!!!! so important. I am almost 49 and i just get sooooo much inspiration looking at you and hearing your excellent lifestyle advice. You make me want to love life and love myself love my family more than ever. You make me think what is really important in life. You are one of the most inspiring person on u tube!!!!!❤❤❤ By the way you look GORGEOUS!!!!💟💟💟💟💟 Thank you SO much!!!😙
The workout is fabulous and I like the music. Normally I don’t care for music in many of the exercise videos i do, and I just follow the exercise and play my own music but this one was very doable 😊
I’m addicted to body weight workouts! Most upper body use weights! This workout is awesome for the upper body! Thank you!
You’re amazing! Shellea, Thank you so much for this lovely routine! Thank you so much for your precious time encouraging us to be, look and feel good!
one of the best vids you've ever done, thank you so so much!! Out of necessity I live largely in my masculine and yet I'm one of the most inherently feminine women I've ever known. Life can be hard nowadays but you've got to tap into that feminine essence. Thanks once again!!
I love when you said “ when we are in our feminine energy, that is where the magic happen”❤️ I think feminine energy is beautiful, but also believe that we can have it, without wearing makeup or having our hair done. It is an internal energy, that is why the things you mentioned-meditation, exercise, connection with friends- are so powerful Thank you for this beautiful video
This does work I started this about 2 years ago started eating healthy and no one was with me but I did it for me losing 80 pounds 4 months ago started working out but you have to take time out for you I’m a much better person now so glad I did it because I was there for everyone love all of your videos you have a great day 😊💪🏻
This is the absolute best video I've ever found on dressing in my 50's (now 48...) I've EVER SEEN. I'm going to completely reset my closet this weekend based on your advice!!
It’s unfortunate, ladies our age should be aggressively marketed. We’re mostly financially stable, are comfortable in our own skin ( confident), and desire to look beautiful , because we are ladies. Great tips, I appreciate you as being an advocate for us, rocking it at every age.
I've learned so much from your videos! And I think you're right that our age group, late 40s to late 60s, is kind of underserved by marketers and retailers. It's very hard to find things that flatter my figure. But I've learned so many tips from you. Thank you so much for all you do!
I just found Schellea on YouTube and absolutely adore her and her videos! She is refreshing. I have so many favorites that I can’t make up my mind which ones to do first. I’m a fit senior of 70, and have been working out since the 80’s. Schellea’s routines are short, effective and fun. Her 10 minutes videos are perfect to mix and match and not get bored. She also provides useful information on life! Looking forward to the standing abs walking workout. You go girl!
Jean Anderson
I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed working out to this video. PLEASE make some more. It made my day and I've put it on my playlist as I intend to do it daily to give me a boost. Also love the walking workout - the music really helps. I'm very new to exercise, just started about a month ago (trying so hard to lose weight and increase my flexibility) and this video made me smile and dance all the way through. I also love your daily stretch exercises. Thank you so much for being such fun and an inspiration..
Mary Baumgardner
Great video! I take several of the products you mentioned but am definitely going to get the progest e oil! Thank you for sharing what has made a difference for you, it's very helpful. xoxo
You look amazing.. It's owerwhelmelming, I am 51 and feel like an alien 🤪 at the moment.. Not taking anything for the simple reason that it's costing so much and not knowing if it will work.. Would prefer the natural supplements. From your list 📃 what would you recommend firstly. Thank you for this upload and sharing it with us all. 🌸💗🙋
You're amazing, I like your beautiful hair. I'm on premanopause. I've been loss a lot of hairs and grew very thin hair. I wish my hair will grow thicker not growing fast.🙏 Thank you for video 🌹
You are absolutely amazing! I am 10 years away from the fabulous 50s and you are such an inspiration to me! You give me the hope that the next years to come would be even more exciting!
Hi Schellea. Thanks for another quick workout video.They are so easy to fit into a busy day and can be done several times a day if not so busy! My arms are really toned now thanks to your inspiration.
Love you SO much!!! ♡♡♡ I think you'll cause a commotion in Italy, beautiful Schellea!!! I really enjoy these workouts with you and have incorporated into my already workouts!!! Have a marvelous weekend! ♡♡♡ Love, Lydia XXXOOO ♡​
This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Menopause, Thyreoiditis and depression have caused my weight to literally double. I used to be athletic and fit, now..... not so much. Moving has turned into a painful chore. This exercise routine is not only fun, but also at a doable level of intensity. I just tried it out and it not only pushed my heart rate up, but it made me feel really good about having been able to keep up. Let's see what my muscles have to say tomorrow 🙂 Again, thank you SO much. I am really happy to have discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago. I have been binge watching ever since. <3
I love you!!! This was just great!!!! I am 48 and on a new path of losing weight healthy eating and exercising. I have decided that it is about time i start taking care of myself💖❤💖 And you are my TRUE INSPIRATION❤❤❤❤❤ THANK YOU😙😙😙😙😙
You are amazing and came into my life when I really needed it , been following your channel now for about three months , after a Very difficult time in my life which has left me with severe PTSD . You are a breath of fresh air all your videos are inspiring Motivating , calming and give me encouragement to learn to love myself again and that life can and will be good in the future God bless you . I’m trying this tomorrow 👍❤️
I really don't say this about anyone but damn, you are absolutely fabulous ! I enjoy your videos so much and you're funny too as when you talk about that "big tummy" etc, it strikes my funny bone how you say it! Your ideas are so creative and you have given me hope regarding being 53 and counting ! I went to the salvation store today due to my very small budget and I was able to use your concepts choosing basic items turning them into what looks like something purchased elsewhere and most importantly appropriate for my body type and age. It reinforced the notion of a few tweaks to a basic garment can go an astounding long way ! Thank you so much ! 😀❤️
thank you soo much! I'm so happy I found your channel! I am almost 59 now and i was blessed with a with a very slim body, even after giving birth to my children. 3 years ago my belly started to grow although the rest of my body nearly stayed as it was before. Like you, I still look younger and feel younger aswell. Your tips and tricks really are wonderful and I can't wait to see all of them and try them out. I signed your channel (and I apologize for my bad English). Love from Germany!
.... I am 5'2", and thank you for this great information.... I've been watching your channel for a while now, and you are just so grounded, real and " a breath of fresh air", amidst some of the other things going on , on You Tube, in regards to fashion and style. I am 64 years young and I've got pretty good style, but I believe that life is a lifelong learning process, and I have no doubt that so many woman appreciate you...!!
Your channel has helped me so much! I have memorized your night time stretching routine, and have done it every night for many months. Your whole attitude towards life is so uplifting and wonderful. Thank you for your positive message!😘
Thanks for the reminder to stretch! With all the gardening I've been doing lately, I come in late in the day so physically tired that I sometimes just crash but without stretching I end up paying for it the next day with lots of aches and pains. So important to stretch morning and night ....great video, thanks! 🙂
Schellea hi!!! I just love the content you put out on your channel. I will try these exercises. You are so awesome. You inspire me so much at 48 life is so dynamic i appreciate the moments i sit and get encouragement from you. Bless you, Love you💜💜💟💟💟💟💖💖💖😙😙😙😙
I actually like both and you do not look ‘older’. However I am not a professional. I have oily skin and use Blinc mascara. It cannot smudge due to formulation and easy to remove . Good video as usual. Thanks 🙂
Kimberly Welt-Fragomeni
Kimberly Welt-Fragomeni
Hi Schellea great tip! It definitely can be aging, however you are right there is different variations for different people. I have absolutely invisible lower lashes and need some definition and balance especially as I wear eye glasses. I always use a little powder to line and mascara and it looks better for me. Have a wonderful weekend xo Jackie
Timeless Beauties Studio by Jacqueline
Timeless Beauties Studio by Jacqueline
I agree, you do look better with just the top done. Lately I've found that this has become what I do as well. Thank you for the video!
Charlotte VB
Charlotte VB
I am so glad to have found your page. I am nearing 50 yrs of age, and I guess I am so pleased to see that beauty does not die at 50! I appreciate that you are sharing what you learned in class, thank you! Also, I appreciate the time you have taken to put the products that you use down below, and where to find them in different countries. I am in the United States. I am beginning to endure the hot flashes. I love glamorous looks! But I have realized my two best friends besides a fan, have been Retin A and moisturizer these days 😂. Kind Regards, I look forward to watching your channel.
Hi Sweet friend , love this vid and just shared it with a few friends.I recently bought the Tarte CC corrector in the small square box it comes in two colors and its a bit sticky but in the best way , it works perfectly for my blue/lavender under eye inner corner and tiny vein discoloations.I use a very small amount and the use my concealor over if i need it in other areas to brighten up.Thank you for sharing with all of us Schell....muha!!! Thought of you yesterday when i grabbed my lipgloss i won from one of your giveaways, my lips looked happy in the store! lol . Still praticing my inner body smile (O: your cute! Have a good day.
Good Day Sunshine! It was you who brought the triangle to me and I now use it every day. I have horrendous black circles under my eyes from many sleepless night with babies and general 50 years if intermittent stress. MAC makeup makes this sick incredible concealer called 24Hour Concealer. It is truly amazing. I set it with their fairly light powder and never touch it up all day. Try and see if you like as well. God bless! LA.
I believe that only God determines when our time is up on this earth. That being said, I do also believe it's our responsibility to take care of the body He's given us the best we can. Thank you for sharing the alternative information.
Heather Springer
Heather Springer
Good one Schellea! Great to see you can do it by the way!! I completely agree with what you said about the damage to one's morale if believing that ( if they can't do this ) that they will die younger. So damaging to those who may believe that. I agree that balance is very important (as all functional exercises)! Thank you for this video and most especially what you explained. 🙂 X
Viv Ann
Viv Ann
Thank you SO much for telling people HOW powerful our thoughts are!❤️
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Kristy Mason
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Living My Best Life - Over 50
Living My Best Life - Over 50
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Patti Johnson
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Liz Thompson
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Marta Laura Zayas
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Baerbel Born
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Liz Thompson
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Anita Rickey
Anita Rickey
Thank you Schellea for this beautiful message. You made me cry and feel better about myself. I never feel confident when walking in a room, yet I know I'm a good person. I never feel like I'm as good as everyone around me. You just taught me some techniques that I can use today. You are truly beautiful on the inside and out - thank
Tracy Price
Tracy Price
You are sooo beautiful in every way 💖 This was sooo uplifting !! And I was thinking how when I am at a party it is not the best looking man or woman that I find beautiful but the person with sparkling eyes, a genuine radiant smile and a warmth about them - that is soooo BEAUTIFUL and attractive 💖 The people that are only judging by looks are not worth the time - especially at this age. Thank you for a beautiful uplifting vid 💖💖💖💖💖
Happy angel
Happy angel
Ah I never seem to get mine right! Thanks for the tips😊
Maria In Her 50s
Maria In Her 50s
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Tina McCann
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Lisa Yarost
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brad and amy
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Mari Bostater
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Michaela Markou
Michaela Markou
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Robin Wamsley
Another great video!! Thank you for these wonderful tips!! Your hair looks gorgeous and so are you!! I have three sons too!!❤️🙂
Maggie Carranza
Maggie Carranza
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Beauty By Bridget D
Beauty By Bridget D
Excellent advice as usual. I have put to the test using the mascara like you And have discovered my lashes are much longer than I ever knew! Thank you I need to rewatch the video to recheck the other tips. I love your tutorials and your exercise videos.
Florence Victoire
Finally, a makeup tutorial that isn't completely irritating to watch. This lady has a pleasant voice and speaking manner. A friend recently gifted me an eyeshadow palette, so I'll try to learn how to use it.
Renee Dunn
Renee Dunn
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Diana May
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Kelly Hails
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Diana Khader
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Nova Norman
Nova Norman
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Lydia Glassman
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Michaela Markou
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Let's Unbox Y'all
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Melodie T
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Runa E
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Jeanette Jenkins
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Betty Marshall
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Wendy Isaac
Wendy Isaac
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I think this music is absolutely perfect for this 10 minute "LOW" impact workout. Especially for our age. It's so soothing to the soul. It reminds me and helps me..not to get lost in this crazy, fast pace, and busy life. You are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of fitness and encouraging others to love themselves as well as to love life. God Bless you... Life is simply amazing and our bodies are as well. 🧡
Totally did this with you❣️ Thank you 🐚 for your exercise routine indoors! I don’t always get outside...🤷🏻‍♀️ I will totally pass this on to my mother...she’s in her 70s 🤫! Love the music! Ode to the Addams family...😆 You kept me going with your great smile and energy! 🙏🏽💗💁🏻‍♀️ Mia
I just found your channel! I am 42 but just love love all your advice! Your energy is so positive and supporting💖 I have watched some ladies and it’s more “ about me”. You are very sincere and wow what wonderful tips! Thank you! 💕
This is wonderful. I just used orange eye shadow for the first time in my life to bring out my blue eyes. I'm 47 and loving your channel. Thanks.​
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I love your videos! This is an awesome idea! It looks so cool & comfortable & you look fabulous rocking it💃So glad i found your channel😊​
I used a scarf I already had in my wardrobe, followed your directions, and now I have a gorgeous white and silver flowy vest. This is fantastic!!!​
This is a wonderful idea! I am on a tight budget this year so this idea is sensational. You’ve got a new subbie💕​
WOW! The perfect application of highlighter THEN blush to look natural and beautiful!!! Can’t wait to do this-thank you for sharing this information!​
Love these tips, i went online and purchased chubby stick highlighter and the Napoleon Blush...which by the way was $50 and discounted to $30. Bargain. Hope it doesn’t mean its going out of stock. Cant wait to try this tip on my cheeks. I love your channel.​
Excellent advice on beauty products use for skin care!​
You are so inspiring..so youthful in your manner and style.
I agree 100%!! I'm not doing that good at applying it, but now that I watched this video I feel inspired. My 40s weren't that great and turning fifty last year didn't start off to hot either. I told myself that I was going to make my 50s and 60s as good as my 20s and 30s. I'm so glad to have found you because you are the motivation I need to make it happen. Please keep making new inspirational videos and have a beautiful day!!
Thank you so much for that wonderful video!!! I think I’ll watch it again and again when I’m feeling down. I’ve been looking for a positive role model - even if I am a few years older than you. Keep it up!
Exciting info, and loved hearing your casual conversation with your son. Great relationship!​
Good Morning Schellea & Nathan, this was an EXCELLENT video, thank you so much for taking the time to put this video together for us, I have learned so much!! Happy New Year my sweet friend from Aussieland!! Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo
Good Morning Schellea & Nathan, this was an EXCELLENT video, thank you so much for taking the time to put this video together for us, I have learned so much!! Happy New Year my sweet friend from Aussieland!! Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo
Hi fern here from Canada.....I really enjoyed your video.im 58 and I'm always looking for older ladies on you tube that still own their personal style and wear it with class! I've already subscribed....nice chatting with you.​
Really great to discover you & WONDERFUL to hear an accent aside from the many US ones on YT ! I 'm going to trawl through all your vids & hope there are some on make-up too.....I will sub so that I don't miss you. Best wishes from UK/ France.​
I live in black! I’m also a hairstylist so it’s also practical. Love these tips!! Thank you💕
I'm watching your channel for the first time and I'm hooked!! I'm 47 so I'm not far from the club lol. You look amazing sister!!! I'm just thrilled I found you and your videos are are great!! Thank you so much!!!
I’m a hair stylist and yes your hair won’t grow if you get it cut every 6 weeks. Hair grows 1/2” a month—if you get it cut every 6 weeks, you are mostly cutting all you’ve grown! I tell my long haired clients that want to grow their hair longer—to get 1/2” off once every 3 months! This is only if your hair is good to start with! If you start with 3” of raggedy split ends, you have to get those cut off before your hair will grow!! Damaged ends will just keep breaking off and never look any longer!! Thanks for the video—I’ve never tried collagen!
just found your channel and started your bum workout and ordered the booty bands..cant wait to try them.. I will be 62 on Tuesday but feel 42!! Love this channel!! Thank you so much for the info.​
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Just found your channel, I am 58 and love those lashes and I do wear glasses! New subby.💝​
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Dear Schellea.....this was a great bunch of advice so many of us can use!...with a fun twist of creativity.....noone in the stores when we shop for clothes would offer this type of advice and they really should!..women would love that...you are doing such a woderful job with these segments......it makes me happy to see a new upload from you..always something new....thank
Excellent tips Schellea, really enjoyed this. I need all the help I can get to make me look taller and slimmer lol! Love your wrist cuff. Can I ask where you got it from? Cheers, Toula xx​
I have way too much makeup around here. Thank you for sharing this. Hugs and love!​
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I would love to see you apply the makeup after it has dried. Very informative. I am going to try this tomorrow! Thanks Schellea!
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Hi! I just found your channel and subscribed! I love all of the different topics you cover. This video was really interesting and it made me google 'Bitcoin' to try to learn even more. I'm already hooked, lol - Thank you so much for making me aware of crypto currencies. I had of course heard of Bitcoin etc. but never thought "this was for me". Now I'm going to set up an account and invest a smaller amount, just because it will be super fun to check in on and see how it goes! And I agree, it's so much better to buy into Bitcoin/crypto currencies than to buy lottery tickets. I wish you a lovely week! Greetings from Norway. xx
I'm getting all these random emails about Bitcoin! Thanks for clearing up the mystery and I might actually buy some thanks😁​
Every time I read your latest idea, no matter if it's for clothing, make up or just encouraging women to be beautiful at any age, I just feel better. Your such a lovely person and quickly moving to the top of my very selective personal list of favorite people on YouTube--people that make you have positive upbeat day every time you encounter them. you are a welcoming, genuine person. I am excited to see how this idea works out. Keep smiling. Your making a difference.​
Hi Shellea! New subbie! Love your channel and I could listen to your accent all day! This is such a great idea and I look forward to seeing all these fabulous ladies! Going to binge watch your videos! Have a great day. Hugs from Ireland.xoxo Daphne.💖💖
Fantastic Channel ;).​
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Shellea you are so beautiful and make me feel beautiful, too! You are my new mentor. I spend my Saturday's watching your videos. I am 52!​
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This is pure genius! Love it. I'm 52 and so glad I've found your channel! Xx​
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I would enjoy them almost as much as I enjoy your tips and advice 💕 Thank you Warm hugs from Michigan.​
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