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"I found your channel a couple of months ago when it was too miserable to walk outside. I love it. I had a pituitary tumor 6 years ago and as a result, I have to take steroids forever. I gained over 100 pounds after that. The last 2 years I've been trying to take it off. I do intermittent fasting and then starting walking about 45 minutes a day. I had been losing but not as much as I hoped. Doing your workouts for 2 Months, I’ve lost about 3 inches around my waist and gotten rid of so much belly fat. I love your positive attitude and how fast the workouts seem to go. You are the best!"
Sherri Blome
"Hi Schellea! I am so excited to be part of the Fabulous 50. In my case, fabulous 60. I want to thank you for those exercise videos! For the first time in 40 years of marriage, my husband is enjoying me with your exercise! He is not an exercise person, and I am very grateful to you! Finally, he is moving his body! I suffer from very bad sciatica pain, and those exercises are helping! We love the way you count the minutes! Thanks again! With gratitude,"
"I love love love your workouts !! So glad I found you. You are the best instructor I have ever worked out with. I am 55 and have been up and down the past 10 years of my life with exercise and trying to find the right level to work out and the times frame to do it in. As a mom and I work as well it’s always hard to find balance for it all and as I have aged it has been even harder but I have found your videos to be very effective and easy to follow and you have the best motivational voice and say the most inspiring things to keep people going !! 10 stars I give you."
Margaret Radtke
"I started working out with you this past August! Thank you so much as I am getting better results now that in all of my gym days. I am 62 and feeling awesome! Sorry I missed your clothing sale. Will they be available to order in the States? Thank you from Sunny South Florida."
Renae Tracker
"Thanks so much not only for the simple short and absolutely doable exercise but mainly for the huge smile on my face that I am left with at the end of every video. If motivation had a face, it would be yours!!! THANK YOU!!! "
Sheila Clark
"I did 100 after finishing your beach arm workout! Thank you my arms are much stronger. I’m 59 and I had been falling at least weekly. I have been doing your videos for about 3-4 months. I haven’t fallen once! My balance has improved immensely!! I can't thank you enough!!"
“I have developed osteoarthritis, and your workouts allow me to exercise daily, and with your positivity skills that are in every session, it helps me develop a better version of myself. Thank you for being a beacon of life in this world.”
Liz Glass
“Just finished the 14-day challenge and my body has changed so much. Clothes fit better, lost a little weight and I smile more. "We don't have to be athletes anymore." Brilliant Sentiment.”
Lynn Ann Sutch
“Thanks, Schellea for another amazing workout. I do your workout everyday and I am pleased to let you know I am now fitter and stronger in my 50s (I am 59 on Tuesday) than I was in my 40s. You truly are an inspiration.”
Kim Hilliard
“Love your exercise videos! Thanks to you I am the fittest I have ever been - at 63 - especially toned upper body and strong core. Happy Christmas!”
Liz Townsend
“There is no one else who can make me feel so fabulous about being 55! I am so glad I found you and your channel. Thank you!”
Carolynn Spencer
“Thanks, Schellea! You opened up a new world of fitness for me. It's making me happy and fit, I can't stop recommending it to my friends! A hug from Mallorca, Spain.”
Mensi Sanhermelando
“Dear Schellea, I have no words to tell you how thankful I am for your training videos and for this one as well. You are my hero! Thank you so much for making me feel happy when I exercise with you! I forget everything when I exercise with you—all the miserable things that are happening now in my country. I just feel happy, so so happy, like in your song. I am 61 and discovered you 1.5 years ago. Since that time my best time is when I turn on your videos. It helped me through the depressive Corona period not to get totally crazy, it helps me now through the war. You are amazing! I like so much your female art to present yourself. When I see you, I want to be better, kinder, and more open to the world. Tell your sons that they have a wonderful mom if they forget it sometimes!!! “
Irina Heinz
“Hey Schellea you fab unicorn of a woman! I've been doing your workouts for over 2 years now as part of an overall health plan my GP gave me. This walking workout is one of the best yet! Loving the energy, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face the whole time In that 2 years (I'm now 55) my body and mind have transformed, I went on to lose 22kg and my strength is back big time! Your workouts and gentle but firm advice also helped save me from a close call with hypertension. I love how you say in this vid that "You know what future you looks like because you're making it happen now" (or words to that effect). It's so true! No need to suffer like my mum and aunties did. It's so powerful challenging the old adages of menopause. Thank you from the bottom of my strong and healthy.”
Kara Dair
"I am 68 years old. My friend came across your video and told me for a joke that this was for me. She couldn't exercise due to health issues. I hadn't moved much in the past 7 years due to illness and pain. I decided one day to look you up and I committed myself to do it as I find them uplifting and full of great tips. I know I have a long ways to go yet. I am seeing some results in just 4 months. My hips are no longer seized up and I can lift my arms right up to the sky. You make it so much fun to do. Love the dog in this one too. My own dog wants to get into the tv and play with your dog. I recently went to a sports injury chiropractor and he said, I am doing things right getting myself back into moving my body more. I started out at three days a week and now doing 4 to 5 days. Thank you for these videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques with the world. I'm sure there are many people benefitting from these. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have an awesome 2023."
Katherine Gillmor
“Hi Schellea, I had a complete hysterectomy a few years ago and have arthritis in my knee and elbow and my body aches everyday and find it hard to sleep, I'm 54 and have given up on myself. However, you then popped into my life on social media and already I've noticed the difference. I sweat but smile, I am in pain but do what I can and each day is getting easier. You are so bubbly and you are an angel sent to me from heaven. Thank you so much. Love and lots of sweat from Ireland.”
Ann Byrne
“Dear Schellea, I am so happy you are back with a new workout. I made it first thing today, it got me sweated, and happy and 10/10. Started your workouts two years ago at 50, after half life of no sports at all. You got me in love with workouts, never been so much in shape and energized and able to navigate really bad moments of life coming out of them stronger and happier. I truly and sincerely love you, as a lifetime friend. God bless you.”
Silvia Gai
“Wowee, Schellea!! I can hardly see, my glasses are fogged from this workout. Challenging, but do-able. I truly appreciate your efforts in creating these videos and sharing them with everyone. I know I have benefitted greatly from your generosity. I did your workouts throughout the hard part of the pandemic and am still doing them because they are the best. You are wonderful. Thank you so much. A cup of tea is coming your way.”
Paula Brown
“Fabulous workout. I am definitely sweating and feel 10/10. It is 12 months since I found your workouts and I have lost 12kg and feel fitter and stronger than I did a decade ago. Thank you so much for your fantastic workouts and encouraging a positive mindset.”
Cathryn G
Just to let you know appreciate your positive energy and smile. Always making fun the exercise time. Your simplicity and warmth are like an old friend we meet on a regular basis. Wishing you all the best for the new year. From Canada.”
Lorraine Tousignant
“And hello from BC Canada! After changing careers, 40 pounds snuck upon me, and since finding your channel, I've lost all but 5 of them! Thank you for your fun and doable workouts! You are amazing! Wish I could give you the biggest thank you bear hug!”
“You are helping me so much! I am 68 years old and want to strengthen myself all over. I love all your 10 min segments!! I'm not good at exercising, but I tell myself...only 10 minutes... then I usually do 10 more. I have just started. I am 5'4" and 130 lbs. I know the importance of keeping up muscle strength and balance to live a happy life. Thank you for helping me try to achieve this! You are an inspiration!"
Sally Lane
“Schellea, I found you at a low time in my life! I'm 54 and I had kind of just given up on myself. Then I ran across you on YouTube and thought, Why not try it? It made me feel so good to do something for myself and know I can do these exercises; they're not too hard due to my bad back. I started eating healthy and I'm down almost 20 lbs! And I feel so much better! THANK YOU! And thank you for cheering us along!”
Angela Pickering
“Dear Schellea, another big greeting from Belgrade (Serbia). I love your exercises, and I love the optimism you radiate. Your voice is extremely suggestive and I believe that every woman who exercises with you feels your sincerity. Your exercises give results, but what means the most to me, much more than just physical appearance, is the strength of my body and what it can do in these best years. Thanks for that!”
Tatjana Jankovic
“Dear Schellea, I just “stumbled” over your 30 min workouts a few weeks ago and just love them! Your sparkling and positive attitude really keeps me motivated and it is easy to just do a short workout. There is really no excuse to skip a day. They are always 30 minutes of time or at least 5 minutes of an arm workout. Thank you so much for your work and for being the person that you are: beautiful on the inside and the outside. Please keep going. And so will I! Happy greetings from Germany and all the best for you.”
“Hi Schellea, I had a complete hysterectomy a few years ago and have arthritis in my knee and elbow. My body aches everyday and I find it hard to sleep, I’m 54 and had given up on myself. HOWEVER, you then popped into my life on social media and already I’ve noticed the difference. I sweat but smile, in pain but do what I can and each day is getting easier. You are so bubbly and you are an angel sent to me from Heaven. Thank you so much. Love and lots of sweat from Ireland.”
Anne Byrne
“Home Run! Touchdown! Score! Schellea, You beautiful person, you did it again. This one ranks up with the one you did with Andressa. I especially love the "double down" you do in this one makes me think about doing it twice, which makes my brain happy and I'm also more conscious of the body movement with "double taps". As you've heard from so many - you've really changed my life and my outlook! (not to mention my 57year old, now fit body!) 🙂 Enjoy that Puppy and the Farm!”
Dy Swenning
“Thank you so much - you have literally saved my life....You have taken me, over the past 3 years, from hopeless to hopeful. I feel fit and healthy, happy and joyous. Your little buddy is gorgeous.”
Zainab Patti Hussain
“I am so happy to see your beautiful face Schellea you have been such a bright light for all of us.“ sending you so much love and appreciation for always helping me sweat and feel absolutely amazing!”
Kimberly Aurelio
“I’ve been working out with you for about a month and I’m LOVING it! For the first time in my life, at age 54, I not only enjoy working out, I crave it. Thank you for what you offer on YT.”
Lynn Elliott
“Hi Schellea, I really love these workouts. You are so engaging. I love it. When I started this challenge, I weighed 160; now I am 154. Thanks to you. This has really changed everything for me. I really can't thank you enough. Big hugs from Wisconsin.”
Nancy Sharapata
“I have to tell you that you have made an amazing and life-changing impact on me; your attitude toward life, amazing workouts and over 50s issues are all helping me to improve my overall well being - thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Debbie Baker
“Great after exercising... I'm going through my perimenopausal period and find these stretches great. Your exercises have changed my life!! I can't believe how fit I feel. I wouldn't have believed prior to lockdown. Thanks!!!”
Chy Joy
“I've been doing 1 hour of your videos every morning. I have lost 16 pounds and have so much less arthritis pain. You have been good for my physical health but it also helps my mental health especially during these times. Thank you from Illinois.”
Sharon Holder
“You say on this one that the more you do, the more you can experience. I walked on a coatal path for the first time since I was in my twenties this week. It was liberating. All because I feel fitter since doing your exercises.”
Max Tolley
“Your exercises are amazing! I've been doing different ones for almost two weeks. I feel so much energy, and I look forward to getting out of bed to start my day with your calming voice and relaxing music. Thank you; you have changed my life.”
Donna Chan
“I hate core exercises; most are super intense and hard to keep up with. I was surprised I even played this. But wow! I feel energized, engaged, and empowered. These were the perfect core sets. I was even sad when it was over; I wanted more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Brandi Glidden
“Hi Schellea, I just wanted to let you know I'm in my mid-40s but I have scoliosis so I find your low-impact workouts perfect for me and you keep me inspired to want to keep getting stronger for later life. I'm also finding your makeup tips really useful. Big thanks for sharing your passion.”
“I have been following this and another video for 5 days. I have toned up and lost 3 lbs and 1/2 inch off each thigh. I have had a double hip replacement and the exercises are the best thing for me—much better than all the physio. Thank you so much.”
Stephanie Fossitt
“I'm so happy I found you - you make people feel successful no matter their abilities, and I finish feeling accomplished, strong, and less stressed. Your enthusiasm, positivity, and encouragement keep me coming back! The music is perfect! God bless you.”
Rhonda Cave
“I will turn 70 next month and your exercises are perfect for me. Relaxing yet energizing! Everything's wonderful: the music, the setting, your calm voice. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed movement more! Thank you...”
Paula Eaton
“You made me feel that I was in such a non-judgemental place and safe from self-criticism that I actually did my first jumping jack in 29 years!! This is the best I have felt since Covid started. Your joy is contagious. A million thank yous!”
blessedqueen 1
“I love this workout! I've been repeating the 14 day challenge to get a good daily workout and I need to tell you, I feel SO MUCH stronger! You made a difference in my life. “Thank you for making these wonderful workout videos. They are kind, encouraging, and life-changing. Before I started them months ago, I was having issues with my hips, my back—you name it - from inactivity. These have me feeling younger and I can honestly say I look forward to working out every day!”
“Just a quick hi to say THANKS for such a great website and youtube channel. I just love everything, from the makeup tutorials, all your great tips, skincare routine and the videos are the best! I love your enthusiasm and yes, I am smiling during as well as afterwards! You make a walking workout the best fun and they are easy enough to do them daily, I look forward to them. Thanks again for starting Fab50s.”
“Good morning, fabulous ladies and Schellea. This is a lot of fun; the music is excellent and the workout is so good. I've been with you, Schellea, since last January and I feel really great. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED for the workout. VERY HAPPY I FOUND YOU! Tomorrow I'm turning 70 years old and very proud of myself. I'm very healthy physically and mentally and I'm very happy with where my life has brought me. Have a fantastic day.”
Diane Ferraro
“I just want to tell you I found these videos the last of March. Doing these in combination with eating clean, I have lost 25 lbs, was able to get off insulin, and look great. I love the arm videos too. My Endo dr is impressed. A1C down from 9 to 6 just last week! Your messages are so encouraging as well.”
Joanna Miller
“Great work out! Drenched!! This would be good twice a week amongst the 30 second interval workouts to up the effects. Thank you for taking the time to make this awesome work out. I appreciate all you do to encourage women’s health of mind and body. I've gone down 2 dress sizes since I started these in lockdown 2020.”
Vicki Schlupp
“I love everything about this video! The music is super and the moves are fantastic! I have been doing your exercises for 3 years and you never disappoint. While I’m at it, I want to say that I love that you give reminders about proper form like sucking in your stomach, keeping your arms strong, and the like. Kudos!”
Ife Grady
“I love your videos! My co-worker and I work out 3 times a week with your videos. I’ve been able to lose and keep 30+ pounds off! I love how much stronger and better I feel! Thank you for all you do! God bless you!”
“I did 100 after finishing your beach arm workout! Thank to you my arms are much stronger. I’m 59 and I had been falling at least weekly. I have been doing your videos for about 3-4 months I haven't fallen once! My balance has improved immensely!! I can’t thank you enough!”
“Schellea, you have completely and totally helped improve my health and well-being. You are a beautiful and special soul inside and out. A total gift! My Best to You Always and Thank You!”

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