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How to follow and experience this meditation?​
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Fitness Gear and Clothes

Start your workouts with a weight that feels comfortable to you and reassess as you move through your workout. You can always go up or down later.

I previously offered my own collection https://fabulous50s.com/my-activewear-2nd-collection/ . However, it was only for a limited time and unfortunately no longer available. You can still check my favorite workout clothes from my Fabulous50s favorite products on Amazon here.

The workout can be done barefoot, but I would definitely recommend wearing shoes to help protect the knees and joints.

Health and Nutrition

For a health boost, drink a bottle of aloe vera juice per day.

You can check Fabulous50’s blog where I share all the food I eat in a day including vitamins and supplements that help keep me feeling young, healthy, and vital.​

To get the most out of IF, only water is advised; nevertheless, black tea or coffee is acceptable and will provide almost all of the same advantages.

I would recommend avoiding taking this digestion tonic with any medication. If you have any medical concerns, definitely check in with your GP before taking.


Because lemon juice has calories (even a small amount), drinking this tonic will break your fast. I would recommend taking this during your eating window.

Beauty Products

Here are the links to the Derma Roller recommendations in the video. 

Koi Beauty 0.25mm

Koi Beauty 0.03mm

Twin Pack

Amazon Choice

Yes,  I have provided the links in the description under the video.


Yes! Take it at your own pace and if you find an exercise is difficult you can take a break. Remember, we don’t need to be athletes, but we do need some form of physical activity every day.

This routine focuses directly on targeting knee pain. I think you’re really going to enjoy it.