30 Min Weight Loss Walking Workout (Low-Impact Fat Burn At Home)

Walking is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an efficient and low-impact way to lose weight. It’s not only simple to incorporate into your daily routine, but it’s also a great way to increase your fitness and general well-being.

A weight-loss walking workout involves brisk walking at a pace that raises your heart rate and gets you sweating. You can burn more calories and lose weight more quickly by upping the intensity of your walking workouts.

Walking is great for your mental health in addition to its physical advantages. It can lower stress, improve mood, and even enhance cognitive performance.

Low-impact fat-burning weight loss walking workout

This 30-minute full-body, low-impact cardio fat-burning walking workout for weight loss will help you lose weight, burn calories, and improve fitness, especially for women over 50! 

So lace up your sneakers and let’s get started!

You can walk at home for 2 miles (3.8 km), burn up to 340 calories, and walk 3500 steps in this fast-paced indoor workout for all levels of fitness.

This is a full body workout suitable for beginners and can become your daily workout to increase your fitness level to burn fat and tone your whole body.

Walk at home and stay safe. There is no excuse to not exercise any more. 

Walking workout benefits

walking workout

If you are feeling stuck with your cardio training and struggling to find the motivation to continue, here are just a couple of reasons why it’s so beneficial to our overall health and some best practices to follow when setting out on your fitness journey.

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Weight loss

Walking is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose weight. Depending on your pace, the distance you cover, and your body weight, you can expect to burn between 100 and 300 calories every half hour while exercising by walking.

Cardiovascular health 

Walking is an aerobic exercise that can strengthen your heart and lungs while also enhancing your cardiovascular health. This can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular conditions.

Muscle strength and tone

Walking can help strengthen and tone your muscles, especially those in your lower body. Additionally, it can help with stability and balance.

Joint health

For those who experience joint pain or ailments like arthritis, walking is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints.

Mood and mental health

In addition to boosting mood and mental health, walking has been shown to lower stress, anxiety, and depression.

Improved sleep

Regular exercise, like walking, can help you sleep better, which is good for your health and well-being as a whole.

In conclusion, walking is easy to incorporate into your daily routine and is a simple yet effective way to enhance both your physical and mental health.

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  1. Shellea, this work out was FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for doing this one and for picking out better music with a better flow!! Loved it!

  2. Schellea, I got into a rut and haven’t worked out for 3 months. It was terrible for my emotional and physical health. I saw your new video and gave it a try today. I LOVED IT! It was just the incentive I needed to get back on track. Thanks for your encouragement! Also loving the new music and your cute workout buddy!

    1. You got this Shannon. The effort you’re putting in now is helping you in more ways than you can imagine.​ Keep up the fabulous work! ????????

  3. Hi Schellea. Thanks for the new 30 minute weight loss work out – I’m really enjoying it. It makes my muscles ache but it brings a smile to my face. Also loving the white background as it makes it easy to see exactly what your doing. Gorgeous puppy too!

  4. I liked the workout but not the music that accompanied the video. Sorry, the music makes me stick to the routine when I enjoy what I am listening to. Glad to see a new 30 minute workout.

  5. Great new workout — like the diversion and Buddy is just the cutest ! What type of breed is Buddy? Thanks for being such a great inspiration !

  6. Thanks so much for this new 30-minute workout. I couldn’t find your “shop your workout wear link below”. Where is it? I love your outfit.

  7. Definitely my favourite work out yet! Lots of fun but good work as well. And your little puppy was so entertaining. Thank you!

  8. This is highly informative I just learnt that Walking can help with stability, balance and also boost mental health

  9. My conclusion from this article is that regular exercise, like walking, can help you sleep better, which is good for your health

  10. Thank you for sharing this amazing low-impact fat-burning walking workout! As someone who wants to stay active and lose weight, I appreciate the fact that these workouts can be done at home without any equipment. <3

  11. Outstanding workout once again, my legs were becoming weak, and since I started the workout with your YouTube channel, I have been much more relieved.

  12. Walking for 30 minutes can burn 100-300 calories depending on pace, distance, and body weight, aiding weight loss.

  13. This 30-minute low-impact walking workout is perfect for anyone looking to burn fat and lose weight from the comfort of their own home. It’s great for those who are new to exercise or who have joint issues that make high-impact workouts difficult. I love how this workout is easy to follow along with and can be done without any equipment. Give it a try and feel the burn!

  14. Each and every day i watching your videos and get more knowledge about diets, excercises and nutrition. Really glad. Wish you best of luck❤️????

  15. Very effective, I had cholesterol level, did this workout for two weeks and everything become normal. Thank you

  16. Exercise has really been of great help to keep the body fit. This article is really informative and I have seen great improvements with my daily work out routine

  17. I’m not a fan of high-intensity workouts, so this walking workout is ideal for me. It’s a great way to get some exercise in without feeling like I’m pushing myself too hard.

  18. Hey Schellea, I love how you’ve highlighted its benefits for weight loss. I can’t wait to try out your workout and start seeing results. Thank you for sharing this.

  19. I love the fact that you include balance exercises. It’s so important in our age group. I always credit you with starting on my fitness journey. For that only I’ll be eternally grateful ????

  20. This is a motivating post, and it is very important to include the results of losing weight. I really like doing these exercises and want to do them regularly to see the results.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge..!!!!!

  21. The workout is great, but I tried walking for 2 miles and my legs were out! But I will keep trying till I get there.

  22. This is a fantastic work out, i really njoyed it and it also get releif joint pain, this is really helpfull

  23. Exercise has in fact been quite beneficial for maintaining physical fitness. It’s crucial for people our age. Everyday I start my day with these workouts thank to you.

  24. This 30 minutes workout is amazing. Now i can exercise in a simple way. It burns fat really fast. Definitely the best workout routine for me.

  25. It is indeed a simple and effective exercise that can be done indoors. I prefer not leaving my house by the way, so this is a nice workout for me.

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