30-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of everyday life? Are you having trouble focusing and finding joy because of stress and anxiety?
The 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge is the ultimate journey to inner transformation, tailored exclusively for vibrant women over 50

I understand the struggles you face and I’m here to guide you towards a life of greater peace, clarity, and joy

I have crafted some mindfulness exercises that will help you say goodbye to stress and hello to peace. Discover the secrets to controlling your instant state, improving your memory, and lowering your stress. Learn step-by-step techniques for immediate results.

This 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge is your pathway to a more serene and fulfilling life. You will learn mindfulness skills that will help you deal with stress and improve your overall health, memory and focus through daily guided practices and expert tips.

This carefully thought-out challenge is designed to fit perfectly with your busy life and take you to a world of peace and self-discovery.

You can find inner peace, improve your memory, and take charge of your instant state during this journey.

Did you know that stress and worry affect a significant portion of women over 50? An estimated 73 million mature women worldwide suffer a major depressive episode every year. 

These statistics paint a concerning picture of the mental health challenges faced by women in this age group.

However, there is hope. Our 30-day mindfulness challenge is a life-changing way for women to deal with stress and anxiety. The challenge gives women practical tools and daily practices to develop mindfulness and resilience. Through guided meditation, breathing exercises, and self-reflection, you can improve stress management, emotional well-being, and inner peace.

Join us to regain your mental health and live a joyful life.

Why is this Challenge Unparalleled?

Our 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge offers simple yet powerful techniques to help you feel calm, grounded, and centered, empowering you to start each day feeling truly revitalized.

Our 30-lesson, 30-day approach makes mindfulness easy to understand and incorporate into your daily routine. Within days, you will feel a huge difference.

Our program is designed to help you reduce and manage overthinking, stress, and anxiety effectively. You can manage your mental health and live a more balanced, fulfilling life with our practical tools and guidance.

Join our 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge today to find inner peace, clarity, and vitality. It’s time to prioritize your well-being and start feeling really good every single day!

What Our Community Says

Mindfulness seems to be a missing element in many of our lives.

The hustle and bustle of daily routines can make us lose touch with the present and ourselves. However, mindfulness can help us overcome this disconnection. Mindfulness helps us be more aware and present in every moment, which makes us feel more connected to ourselves and the world around us.

Join our 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge and rediscover how living mindfully can change your life.

Whats included

30 Lessons Over 30 Days

Lesson Summary Guide

Printable Affirmation Cards

Accountability Planner

Reflective Prompts

Certificate of Completion

Email Reminders

Private Facebook Group

Mindfulness is all about the present

It is not always about getting rid of all your thoughts; sometimes it is more about being aware of what is going on inside and around you without judging it. 

Mindfulness is not the same as meditation. Meditation is more about going from thinking to not thinking, while mindfulness is more about focusing on one thing at a time. 

It’s this difference that makes mindfulness a practice we shouldn’t shy away from, because it doesn’t take years of practice to master.

Just imagine what every day will look like without anxiety, stress and depression.

We can do more and make our lives better in the long run if we take a moment to be still, listen, feel, and see without judging others.

Here’s What You’ll Learn When you Join Our 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge

You will learn:

You’ll get a complete set of tips, tricks, and techniques that make feeling calm, grounded, and centred easier than ever! And if you’re short on time, you can still feel the results in as little as 5 minutes a day.

How do you instantly calm down with work, family, constant distraction and life-altering world events?

Sometimes, we get stuck in negative thoughts, and they can take over our days. But here’s the thing: the future is merely the continuation of the present moment. 

We can’t change the past or see into the future, but we can control what’s going on right now. That’s why our 30-day mindfulness challenge is all about helping you pay attention to and be present in the moment.

What Will
the next 30 days look like? 


A new video will become available each day outlining one new challenge


A booklet will contain any additional resources you may need and give you pages to take notes and journal your experience


Commit to doing each task in the challenge—no exceptions!

Schellea Fowler

”I want women to wake up and feel proud of the person they are, to not focus on the problems, but the things that they are GREAT at. To discover things that make them shine. To access their inner vitality”

Schellea Fowler, the visionary founder of Fabulous50s, brings over three decades of small business leadership and expertise to her legacy. Not only has she excelled personally, but she has also become a mentor, generously sharing her wealth of experience with emerging entrepreneurs.

After retiring at 50 in 2016, Schellea’s commitment to continuous growth led her to pursue additional qualifications. A qualified fitness instructor, she is presently continuing her master trainer program, specializing in exercise for older adults. Through Fabulous50s, Schellea remains devoted to her vision of empowering and inspiring women to embrace and celebrate their current stage of life.

Her additional qualifications include: Neuro Athletics Coaching Certificate (NACC) from Neuro Athletics, Meditation Teacher Training from Yoga Coach, Fashion Styling from the Australian Style Institute, and Advanced Personal Colour Analysis from AOPI.

Above all, Schellea’s mission is simple yet profound: to support women in embracing the aging process with confidence and grace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for beginners or those new to mindfulness?

Regardless of your previous experience or familiarity with mindfulness, this course will offer a welcoming and supportive environment for you to begin your mindfulness journey. You will receive guidance and instructions that are easy to follow, making it accessible to beginners.

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Yes, you can! You can join the exclusive Global Private Community. This is the perfect place to talk about your journey, ask questions and share your experience with all of the other fabulous ladies.

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Yes, once the 30-day Mindfulness course is completed, you will have continued access to the course material. This way, you can continue to reinforce your understanding and further integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

Please don’t worry if you’re unable to practice mindfulness on a specific day. The most important aspect of this course is not achieving perfection but rather cultivating a consistent mindfulness practice over time. If you miss a day, we encourage you to simply pick up where you left off and continue with the challenge. Consistency is key, but it’s also essential to approach mindfulness with kindness and self-compassion.

The time commitment for each day of the mindfulness course may vary slightly, but on average, we recommend setting aside about 15 to 30 minutes for your daily mindfulness practice. This timeframe allows for a meaningful and effective experience while being flexible enough to fit into your daily routine.

We are so confident that you’ll love the Fabulous 50s 30-Day Mindfulness Course that we’re offering a no-questions-asked, 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your results, simply contact support@fabulous50s.com for a full refund.


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