5 Minute Butt And Thigh Workout For Women Over 50 | Get Results In Just 7 Days | Fabulous50s!

5 minute butt and thigh workout for women over 50 and get results in just 7 days using these easy to follow at home exercises, fabulous50s! In just 5 minutes we are going to build and strengthen our whole body to give you noticeable results in just 7 days….

5 minutes- seven days in a row and then three days a week thereafter, because doing daily squats is probably the most beneficial exercise for women over 50.

It’s the best way for us to maintain our mobility and keep our knees, back, legs and ankles strong so that we can stay younger for longer!

Here are my top tips…

  • Sumo Squats is a great lower-body strength exercise that emphasizes the muscles of the inner thigh, as well as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves.
  • Side Step Squats activate several muscle groups simultaneously, working the legs, glutes and core.
  • Jump Squats have a variety of health benefits. For a start, they help build and tone the calves, glutes, hamstrings, core, and quadriceps.
  • Squat Pulses are a great variation of the squat that can serve as a great ‘finisher’ move to really make sure you’ve worked your butt muscles hard.
  • Squat Holds with Twist are considered a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the lower body muscles as well as developing core strength.

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