The No. 1 Breathwork Course for Women Over 50

Studies show correct breathing reduces anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD and menopause symptoms
Did you know 1 in 3 women over 50 experience chronic fatigue and nearly 50% suffer from insomnia? With 60% of women over 50 reporting high stress levels and 70% experiencing menopause-related mood fluctuations, we need natural, effective tools for wellness now more than ever. Our Pioneering Breathwork Course offers you the golden key to emotional balance, stress reduction, and a surge in vitality, while also boosting your inherent beauty.

Awaken your Inner Radiance with Every Breath

Keep in mind, when your breathing improves, so does your appearance

"I fell in love from the very first practice in such a short amount of time."

Everything in my mind has shifted to a new plane of existence. Not only did my busy thoughts become stiller, but my emotions also stabilised, and my body felt spacious. Mark delivers the content of this practice with such knowledge and enthusiasm it is hard not to become excited about every workshop. I recommend this course to anyone ready to take it to the next level.

Kristine Hearne

Who is this Course for?

Women Seeking Holistic Wellness

This course is perfect for women over 50 who are looking to enhance their overall well-being, both physically and mentally. If you're interested in natural and holistic approaches to health, or if you're seeking tools to manage stress, improve sleep, and maintain a vibrant and energetic lifestyle, then this course is definitely for you.

Beginners and Experienced Breathers

Whether you're new to the concept of breathwork or have been practicing for a while, our course is adaptable to all experience levels. Our comprehensive and progressive sessions ensure that beginners can comfortably step into the practice while those with experience can deepen and refine their techniques.

Active Age Defiers

If you're a woman over 50 who refuses to let age define her lifestyle and capabilities, this course is for you. It's ideal for those who want to stay active, youthful, and confident, enhancing their natural beauty from the inside out. It's for those who believe that age is just a number and that their best years are still ahead.

Experience and Engage with a Global Pioneer in Breathwork and Lifestyle Transformation

In this profoundly transformative course, we honor that everyone’s journey is unique. That’s why every practice is thoughtfully designed to build upon the last, and importantly, tailored to where you are right now. This means each step you take is balanced, safe, and beautifully suited to your individual growth.


Guided by an International Expert

We’re not just hopping on a trend here; you’ll be led by a global authority in breathwork and lifestyle practices. They’ve walked the walk and now they’re ready to guide you on your journey.


Daily Restorative Breath Practices

Every day, we’ll delve into breathwork practices that restore and rejuvenate. These aren’t just exercises – they’re a daily ritual of self-care and self-love.


Your Home, Your Sanctuary

No need to travel or step out of your comfort zone – literally. This challenge takes place in the comfort of your living space, turning it into a sanctuary where transformation happens.


A Track of Your Progress

It’s important to honor our journey, and part of that is seeing how far we’ve come. That’s why you’ll have a daily progress tracker – a tangible reflection of your growth and commitment.

Breathe Better, Look Better, Live Better

When we breathe better, we feel better, and that radiates outward. Breathwork is not just about what we do in practice; it’s about how it influences our entire lives. It’s about breathing better, looking better, and ultimately, living better.


Members Say

About this Course

“The course is so rich in
content and also delivered in
such a clear and helpful way.”

Mark is extremely knowledgeable. He is very approachable and helpful and feels genuine and open in his sharing and guidance. Mark has been on my radar for learning for years, and I know I’ve found a teacher I’ll return to again for more guidance. Thank you, Mark.

Osheani Rainbow

"So much gratitude for Mark's wisdom and expertise."

Lots to reflect on – LOVED the practices + insights + perspectives. If you have the opportunity to study with Mark, I highly recommend it – Mark is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge.

Rowena O’neil

“The practice is to keep going.”

Mark has the ability to simplify really complex concepts into a logical, grounded approach that works closely with the mind, body and spirit. He’s held a safe space for me to try, fail and try again – the practice is to keep going.

Lilian Khaw

“I feel truly blessed.”

Thank you for cementing a practice that works like medicine in my everyday. Still connected, feeling humble, focused, open and grounded in my personal practice…many tools yet to be drawn from this to share with my community. I feel truly blessed. Thanks, Mark!

Lisa Caroline Bina

The No. 1 Breathwork Course for Women Over 50

Unleash Your Inner Radiance: breathe in health, happiness, and inner radiance. This is a natural home remedy for stress and anxiety, self-awareness, love, and compassion!


$97 USD

What’s included? Here’s what you get!

a tailored restorative breathwork plan

Specifically designed for vibrant women over 50. It's a done-for-you roadmap, taking the guesswork out of your journey to rejuvenation.

restorative practice planner

A tool to keep you accountable and motivated. because we know the road to transformation is a marathon, not a sprint.enation.

video library of practices

Your passport to lifetime access to an extensive collection of restorative breathwork practices. each one handpicked and tailored for women over 50, to ensure a targeted and transformative experience.

illustrated "how-to" breakdowns

Detailed, step-by-step guides to make learning and practicing a breeze. it's like having me right there with you, showing you the ropes!

exclusive global private community

Your ticket to a supportive, empowering, global community of like-minded women. share your journey towards radiant health and ageless beauty, and be uplifted by others doing the same.

comprehensive theory

Dive deep into the 'why' and the 'what's in it for me' with our enlightening videos. everything you need to know about breathwork and the life-enhancing benefits it holds for you.

Now you’re probably wondering

How much it will cost?


VALUE $297



access to 6 hours of Q&A with mark and schellea

VALUE $600








$97 USD

Plus, access to bonus material!

6 hours of comprehensive Q&A with mark & schellea

Experience the ultimate breathwork course bonus: "Live Q&A with Mark & Schellea!" Immerse yourself in a transformative session where two health & wellness experts will answer your burning questions. Discover the power of conscious breathing and unlock your true potential. Reserve your spot now and join us for this life-changing opportunity.

14-day meal plans

This menopause support program is your secret weapon to deal with all of the changes our bodies go through at this time of our lives. It seems like one day you wake up and everything has changed...All of a sudden you experience your first hot flash, multiple mood swings and belly fat! It can feel like we are headed on a downhill spiral and that things will never be the same again...

how to read nutrition labels

In a world full of conflicting nutrition information and misleading marketing claims, it can be challenging to take control of your health. One brand may tout a product as healthy, while a study contradicts it. However, the key to making informed decisions lies in understanding how to read food labels. This guide aims to demystify the terminology and structure of food labels, equipping you with the knowledge to make the best choices for your body, free from sneaky trans fats and harmful chemicals.

Why Choose Breathwork Course

Welcome to a Journey of Discovery and Transformation!

I’ve poured my heart into this course to unravel the magic of breathwork, tailoring it to your unique needs. Each day, a fresh set of instructional videos and practices will be unlocked, providing you with a safe, confident progression path, starting from where you are right now.

While I encourage you to embrace the daily rhythm, remember that you have the freedom to journey at your own pace.

From Day 1 to Day 30, prepare to be uplifted, empowered, and transformed.
I can’t wait to see the incredible changes you’ll experience in your life!

Who is your guide on this breathwork adventure

Mark’s journey has spanned over four decades, and his passion for high-performance living is palpable. He’s ventured across the globe, absorbing the wisdom of renowned masters and exploring the profound, unseen aspects of the human experience that shape our lives in unimaginable ways.

From this rich tapestry of knowledge, Mark has woven together a mind-body coaching approach that is truly transformative. He’s a coach to elite athletes, Olympic gold medalists, and world champions, helping them harness their potential through the power of breath and mindfulness.

But Mark’s vision goes beyond the arena of sports. He’s crafted a program that beckons to all of us yearning for harmony and balance in our lives. His approach gently guides us back to our natural rhythms, restoring our body’s systems to their optimal state.

Embark on this journey with Mark, and experience the transformative power of restorative breathwork. It’s more than just breathing – it’s a path towards thriving, towards vitality, and towards a wholehearted life.

Ready for a new beginning?

Ready to embrace a fresh start? Challenge yourself today and unlock a world of new possibilities.

Before the challenge

After the challenge

What Our Community Says

Schellea Fowler

”I want women to wake up and feel proud of the person they are, to not focus on the problems, but the things that they are GREAT at. To discover things that make them shine. To access their inner vitality”

Schellea is a qualified fitness instructor specialising in exercise for older adults, currently immersed in the Clean Health Master Personal Trainer program.

Her additional qualifications include: Fashion Styling from the Australian Style Institute, Advanced Personal Colour Analysis from AOPI, and Meditation Teacher Training from Yoga Coach.

Above all, Schellea’s mission is simple yet profound: to support women in embracing the aging process with confidence and grace.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start the challenge?

You can start the challenge whenever you like after the 2nd of March 2023. You’ll have lifetime access to this program. It is always available at your fingertips, ready to be explored whenever you desire.

You can start the challenge whenever you like after the 2nd of March 2023. You’ll have lifetime access to this program. It is always available at your fingertips, ready to be explored whenever you desire.

You can start the challenge whenever you like after the 2nd of March 2023. You’ll have lifetime access to this program. It is always available at your fingertips, ready to be explored whenever you desire.

You can start the challenge whenever you like after the 2nd of March 2023. You’ll have lifetime access to this program. It is always available at your fingertips, ready to be explored whenever you desire.

You can start the challenge whenever you like after the 2nd of March 2023. You’ll have lifetime access to this program. It is always available at your fingertips, ready to be explored whenever you desire.


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