5 Minute KNEE Strengthening Routine To Fix Knee Pain In Mature Women | Fitness Over 50!

5 Minute Knee Strengthening Routine to fix knee pain in mature women | fitness over 50! If you are experiencing knee pain as you’re getting older, it can affect your whole quality of life… We are able to make our knees stronger by working the muscles in our hips, our thighs and our calves… all the muscles that connect to the knee… and if these muscles strong, they take the pressure off the knee joints so that the pain is reduced and your mobility is increased.

If you have knee pain, you are not alone… In fact two thirds of women over the age of 50 are experiencing some form of knee pain… Do this knee strengthening routine and knee stretches, five days a week to really help your knee pain, and when your knees are feeling better you can reduce the frequency to 2 times a week.

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