NEW HOUSE REVEAL // Full House Tour Day 1!

NEW HOUSE REVEAL // Full House Tour Day 1!

Fabulous 50s New House reveal full house tour on the first day after moving in.

I have moved to a small country town in the Byron Bay hinterland in Northern NSW Australia. It’s a farm, and Im really looking forward to exploring interior design ideas, farm life and simplifying my lifestyle.

Join me on my journey to renovate and get to know this beautiful piece of land. I will keep you updated on my progress ❤️

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80 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your home. Since I see you every day when I work out, I feel like I know you. ???? so it’s fun to see where you live. it looks like a beautiful place and you’ll have a lot of fun fixing it up. I live in USA so it’s much different here. Looking forward to seeing new videos from your new home. Congratulations. Thanks for making your videos. They inspire me and make me feel good. Plus you are getting me in shape!

  2. How fabulous!
    My sister is in Bangalow well Binna Burra actually, it’s such a gorgeous gorgeous place.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the place, good luck. X

  3. House looks amazing , I’m sure You, Chris and the fowler clan will be very happy here. Loved the house by the ocean too. Xx

  4. What a gorgeous place! Great natural surroundings for meditation, exercise and well being. Enjoy making the farm your own. Would love to watch the progress!

  5. Hello – beautiful place to be, love it! It will be so much fun making it yours. Thank you for all your wonderful video, you have helped me so much!

  6. Goodmorning!! You are the sweetest lady!! I love your posts and am so happy to hav you on my FB. I’m not so great with Technology will hav to figure out how to subscribe?? Ok so 1st of all your videos are very inspiring!! And thank you for that!!! I absolutely LOVE your new home!! It’s soooo perfect cannot wait to see your Changes and Decorating! So modern and peaceful????looking forward to more Videos! And want to move there & be your neighbor!! Ha! lol!! Cheers to your new Home!????????

  7. Please show us your continued progress! My husband and I just bought lake property In retirement and are slowly renovating. Have you looked at sliding barn doors? For doors and closets? Can be modern or rustic. Used a lot in the USA. So appreciate you! Jill Hess from Michigan, USA

  8. Congratulations! Your new home is lovely and your view is stunning! I hope you will do some work out videos outside so we can enjoy the landscape too.

  9. Hello again Schellea!????just had another cup of coffee and as I said above you totally inspire me! I hav a few ideas for your home… I hope you will like! I love your idea of outdoor bath, there’s nothing more lovely than to sit in a bubble bath and watch the blue sky and clouds floating by…. So here I’m thinking if your standing in your kitchen looking out … u hav dining area then couch and lounge and all those beautiful windows, the Best place for your fireplace would be the left corner where Tv is now . I imagine a see thru fireplace ! With outdoor paver patio on other side between home and pool .. Then unfortunately (something that I normally don’t like is Tv above fireplace . But there’s really no other place bcuz of windows… and it is ur gathering spot! To sit on lounge and hav a fire is so relaxing… Then that would free up huge wall across from Dining table for a large piece of Art!!! May I also suggest you look up a favorite artist of mine…(her home is very modern too) (“Keri Rosenthal “) she’s from the Hamptons”! Your gonna love her .. I can see a Gigantic Heart on that wall very colorful or just black and white !! Check her out!! (You could get black chairs to match.. anyway I can only afford her T-shirt’s lol!! Ok so a million words later … sorry soo lengthy! Hope you get inspired!! Have a awesome day!!❣️

    1. Hi Laura,
      Wow I love your suggestions!
      You are so right about the fireplace that is the perfect corner I will look into your idea. In fact all of your ideas are great and I’m going to write them down in my book.
      I’m just about to check out your favorite artist and you never know you may see one of her works on my wall one day, and if you do it’s all because of you.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with me xxx

  10. I live in Yukon Canada! Loved the virtual
    Visit to your property it is absolutely stunning! Looking forward to watching the transformation!

  11. Greetings fro the UK.So lovely,it would make a fantastic retreat.I am sure in the coming months it will be so beautiful.I loved hearing the sounds of the birds.
    I will love seeing the progress you make with this beautiful place.x

  12. Wow Schellea! What a stunning location. How lovely to hear the birdsong during your house tour. It will be very exciting to see the changes as your renovation progresses. Thank you for sharing this xx

  13. Thank you for sharing day one it is a beautiful property.
    Congratulations! Love your style and for sharing your
    new home. I know when you are done it will be beautiful
    and we will all enjoy it in future videos.

  14. So AWESOME Shellea 🙂 Congratulations on your FABULOUS FIND! I Absolutely!! LOVE your new home and I believe it is true. That “it looks like the right thing to do!” 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us! So wonderful to see such beauty and any video you make is worth listening and/or joining in with 🙂

  15. Congratulations!!! Yes please show us your renovations, it’s so beautiful there! The quiet, except for the birds is so peaceful. You have been an inspiration to me. I exercise with you everyday and the beauty videos are useful too. Enjoy! Your fan from the U.S.A.

  16. I love the tour! It was so fun to see! Lovely place! I would love to see your progress as you fix it until! And the tropics is a treat to see as we are getting snow right now????

  17. Welcome to NSW I watch you everyday have lost a bit of weight already have been going through breast cancer and this has helped me so much in everyway your excises are so simple for me through this journey my age is 68, Thankyou I’m so glad I found you.

  18. Hi Schellea. You have a beautiful home. It looks like a paradise. Thanks for sharing, and please keep us posted on renovations. God bless you and your family.

  19. Congratulations to your family on acquiring this gorgeous property! I would love to see any updates as you work on your beautiful home and gardens! I own many books to identify trees and lands, but there is also some apps that will identify them for you, and describe the care they require! I have been to many arboretums and lovely gardens, and they have beautiful small signs that identify them too. Enjoy as you make your new home what you dream!

  20. Congratulations Shellea & what a fabulous place. Thank you for posting & sharing your vision for your new home & all the projects ahead.
    So inspiring, & looking forward to seeing it all unfold – yes please to future posts!

  21. Shellea, I have been following you for over two years and absolutely love all your videos.
    I went on the tour with you and saw your peice of paradise…its so beautiful.
    Your life there will be amazing, waking up each day to this WOW.

  22. Your new home is beautiful! I do hope you rescued the frog. We get them in our pool often. They get tired while trying to get out. I love your workouts and informational videos! Thank you for all you do! ❤️

  23. Congratulations on your new family farm and thank you for sharing with us. I love your fitness videos and they have done so much for me. You are an inspiration and you are so real with us. Thank you for ALL your videos.

  24. Congratulations on your beautiful new property & thanks for sharing!!! Yes, I would love to watch the process as you transform it. Don’t think it’s boring at all. Just recently discovered your videos and I love watching them all. Thank you for helping us be fabulous as we mature.

  25. Love your new home, Schellea! It’s stunning!! I loved the sea view at your old home but this looks (and sounds) so tranquil. I’d love to see updated videos of your renovations as work progresses. Also, agree with another comment in that you might need to add a frog ladder or two in your pool, lol. Hope you soon feel settled. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. Congratulations on your new home, it is beautiful, the scenery is breath taking for sure. Thank you for sharing your new home with us and thank you for being so kind. May God Bless you always and enjoy your marvelous home with your family.

  27. Thanks for sharing your beautiful new home! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. May you and your family find much joy and love in your new home. You have been such a wonderful inspiration! I’ve followed you for a year, have lost 22 lbs. and at 59 I feel amazing. I tell everyone I can about you! Love and look forward to working out! You are a beautiful person and should feel good about what you have done for so many!!

  28. What a beautiful and serene property. Those views are pure magic. Looking forward to seeing the changes in the coming months. Cheers Anna????????

  29. Hi Schellea,
    Thanks very nuch for sharing your new house. Is so beautiful. I love plants, flowers, and your view is simply amazing. I know that in the new project you will put all your love, effort and time to make your space like a heaven. Good luck and all the best for you and your family. I love you

  30. Congratulations on your new farmhouse Schellea! What a peaceful & beautiful spot to enjoy & appreciate life! My husband & I also recently moved onto a nice piece of land, built a home & are beginning to farm. I see you have solar – great choice! We are also living off grid. Experiencing farm life for the first time brings great joy to me and I’m sure it will for you and Chris as well. Grow your own food. Have some sweet animals to interact with. Let the sounds of nature be your music. I look forward to seeing how you renovate & decorate your new home. I also appreciate your encouraging exercise videos! xo

  31. Beyond Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! I can’t wait to see the end result! It looks so peaceful here. I love seeing a part of your life and also catching glimpses of your beautiful family. Love the videos with your children. Huge Congrats to you and your family!????????????

  32. Fabulous house! I love the beautiful scenery. The ice bath and hot tubs are breathe taking. I always loved that part of going to the fitness center way back in the 70s I would enjoy seeing more of the herb garden growing. For me, I am growing strawberries this spring and my favorite herbs too although apartment living is not the best environment to grow herbs but I like trying.

  33. What a beautiful home! I love before and after videos so I’m looking forward to the after! I love your energy and workouts are just perfect for me. I really have seen a change in me since finding you last summer. Please keep us updated on the progress. I love the idea of lightening the structures and your different spas in the back. One question…what kind of water pitcher is that on the kitchen counter? I’m looking into some kind of filter system and I’m not sure what to get. We drink soooo much water and I want it to be clean, safe water.
    Thank you!

  34. Schellea, thank you for providing the update regarding your move and your beautiful new home. I look forward to seeing your progress. Over the past months I’ve done your workout videos and completed the Challenges…recently we’ve been looking to purchase a condo in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We are in escrow now and hope to close on the property the first of March. We will use this as a second home and short term rental property . It’s is exciting to plan how we will update, furnish, and decorate the property to suit our tastes,. I look forward to seeing all you will do with your “farm” it’s a lovely property!

  35. Loved the tour Schellea, I’m nearbye in Mullumbimby. I think your tree is a pink tibouchina, you’ll see lots of the purple around. I also think your “lavender” looked suspiciously like rosemary. The property is beautiful…keep your eyes out for brown snakes!

    1. Thanks so much Dianne ???? I’m glad you enjoyed the post and appreciate you taking the time to comment ❤❤

  36. Lovely place. Frogs & others like that cannot get out of pools because of the smooth tiled sides & eventually drown so you need to scoop the poor creature out with pool net & keep a look out daily for others stuck in the pool!!!

    1. Thanks so much ???? I’m glad you enjoyed the post and appreciate you taking the time to comment ❤❤

  37. Oh my gosh! Schellea your new home is beautiful. I live in the Northeast region of USA where it is cold and snowing right now, so it is so interesting to see all of the different types of plants and beautiful scenery where you are. Thank you so much for the virtual tour. Good luck and wishes for lots of happiness to you and your family.

  38. Loved seeing your new home Schellea. I grew up in Bangalow and am familiar with Byron Bay and the surrounding areas – all beautiful pockets of countryside. You are going to love living in the area. and no matter what you do with your renovations I’m sure it will be relaxing and comfortable. I’m now on the Gold Coast so not too far away for a visit there sometimes. Enjoy your new abode!

  39. Scheallea,

    i adore your home tour! Its a fabulous place to live so scernen with birds! Please keep making these home videos!

    Stephany Goodpasture

  40. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. I do hope you will update us as you complete each, tub, ice bath, etc. This is so exciting. Congratulations!

  41. Hi the house is stunning, lots of work but will be amazing when you put your ideas in place, you are very lucky living in a house that gorgeous. . I am lucky too I live in Spain and have wonderful views and sunshine. I would love to follow your journey . I hope you got the frog out of the pool the chlorine kills them I think , we had a toad and did not see him soon enough.
    Good luck on you new adventure ,xx

  42. Just love your new home and really hope to see updates on how it’s progressing! You have beautiful taste in your previous home so am sure this new venture will be lovely too! Looking forward to new videos for your fabulous workouts, I see you every morning when working out and you lift me even though I know what you are going to say! Your little fur baby is cute too! Hope to see your videos on home soon xxx

    1. I’m so happy you are enjoying the workouts Chris and thank you for your kind words. Stay strong and fabulous! ????❤️

  43. Beautiful house and location , look forward to seeing all the changes , it will be amazing ????! Please help the little frogs in your pool as they can’t get out ????X

  44. What a beautiful property! You are truly blessed.
    Thank you for all you do for us ladies that follow your advice and workouts!
    May God continue to bless you and your family ❤️

  45. Hi Schellea
    I just wanted to message you to let you know I live at an Over 55s Retirement Village Mid North Coast and I have started an exercise class for us residents female and male who are in the later age bracket in life ..
    With your beautiful exercises from You Tube .. everyone loves going along with you on the screen and it is so enjoyable ..
    You are amazing and we find you very calming and you have inspired us all to get fit and healthy and live to a ripe old age ????
    I must say I am new and it’s a bit of a challenge for me on setting up this class of fun but I think I’m doing quite well with mix of exercises from you ..
    We all say wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet you in person .. how lucky we would be .. anyway we will continue to see you on screen
    Thank You Schellea
    You are amazing and we all Love you
    Kind Regards
    Heather Self and the Fabulous 50s group
    ( 70 years old )

    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful comment Heather. Every single day that you’re showing up, know that you’re doing something to make a difference for yourself. ​And take a moment to thank yourself for all the hard work you are putting in (in more ways than one)???? Keep up the fabulous work! ????????

  46. Thank You for your reply to my comment ..
    Please can you just send a small message on here for me to one of our residents Gary .. I know it would make his day .. he turns up to every exercise class and he says you are amazing ..
    Thank You

  47. Heather July 18, 2022
    Thank You for your reply to my comment ..
    Please can you just send a small message on here for me to one of our residents Gary .. I know it would make his day .. he turns up to every exercise class and he says you are amazing ..
    Thank You

  48. Heather July 18, 2022
    Thank You for your reply to my comment from July 11th 2022
    Please can you just send a small message on here for me to one of our residents Gary .. I know it would make his day .. he turns up to every exercise class and he says you are amazing .and our eldest amazing lady Ann aged 83 turns up for exercise class and she inspires us all ..
    Thank You Schellea you are our sunshine
    Kind Regards
    Halliday Shores Fabulous Over 50s
    Exercise Group

  49. I want to do farm life but where to go and work in one that’s nice looking and have lots of animals to work with n feed. And enjoy nature

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