30 Minute FAT BURNING HIIT Workout | No Equipment Full Body Cardio!

30 Minute FAT BURNING HIIT Workout | No Equipment Full Body Cardio!

30 Minute FAT BURNING HIIT Workout | No Equipment full body cardio All Standing workout. A low impact beginner workout and a high impact workout This 30 min HIIT workout can be done with friends and family, or mother & daughter workouts where you can follow a high intensity workout at the same time as a low intensity workout. Every fitness level is covered and you can happily do this workout with a friend with a different fitness level to you.

I’m joined by my beautiful daughter in-law Andressa, and together we created a workout that can be a shared experience for people with different fitness levels. Follow along with me for a low impact/high intensity workout, and follow along with Andressa for a high impact/high intensity workout.

🙌 For more high impact workouts, check out Andressa’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/andressavenancio

You can do this workout with your mother, daughter, partner, friend, auntie, nice, work colleges or family, and everyone will be able to find their pace…And if you are doing the workout on your own, Andressa and I choose YOU to be in our group of 3! Stronger together and so much fun 🙌

A great idea is to set up a zoom call with a workout buddy and press play at the same time and go…Encourage each other to keep going when you feel like a rest, and just have some fun 💪

I’m so excited for you to try this 30 minute HIIT … Let’s get started!!!

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