Absolute Beginners Toned BUTT Workout | No Equipment | Watch This First!

Watch this TONED BUTT workout for absolute beginners first, before you start doing any kind of butt toning or lifting workouts…Because if your glutes are not active, your booty will not benefit from all the hard work you put into butt toning routine.

Take the Glute Test first and you will be able to tell in seconds if your butt is active or asleep and if its asleep, no worries, I will show you how to wake it up.

This video will show how to test if your glutes are active and show you 2 easy exercises to help build, tone and strengthen your butt.

Take The Glute Test

  1. Stand hip width apart with feet parallel and squeeze your glutes.
  2. Stand hip width apart with feet at 45 degrees squeeze your glutes.
  3. Relax your abs and legs so you can feel the contractions.


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