Toned Abs Workout For Women | Burn Belly Fat Fast!

Learn How To Burn Belly Fat And Tone And Strengthen Your Abs. This at home, Toned Abs workout for Women shows you how to workout your abs so you can actually get real results fairly quickly…

You will find 7 ab exercises here that you can do 2 – 3 times per week to help you reduce your belly fat and strengthen your core which is super important as we are getting older.

Building a strong core assists our body to carry our weight, reduce back pain and improve our posture.

Once you learn how to do the ab 7 exercises, you can take a photo of all 7 ab exercises (on screen at 2:47) and continue doing this routine without having to re watch the video.

Here are my top tips…

  • When doing the routine, it should be 30 second set and 30 second rest that can be repeated 2 to 4 times.
  • Plank – to focus on your lower back and core.
  • Mountain Climber – to keep your core tight.
  • Plank Alternating Hip Drop – definition on the side/obliques.
  • Leg Raises – strengthen the abs.
  • Toe Taps  and Russian Twist for your obliques to give shape.



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