Contour | Blush | Highlight For Mature Cheeks Over 50!

Highlight For Mature Cheeks Over 50
Blush For Mature Cheeks Over 50


Putting on makeup is a routine that we don’t usually mess around with. Once we find a look that we love, we stick with it. 

Sometimes we experiment when something new comes along, like an improved product or an easier way of applying makeup. But more often than not, we stick with what works for us. Why fix it, if it ain’t broke, right? But as we grow older, everything changes, and that includes our face shape. What you may be doing in the past worked well then. However, as our cheeks mature, we need to apply makeup differently to retain that youthful glow. Let me show you the proper way to contour, apply highlight and blush on mature cheeks.

Contour For Mature Cheeks Over 50


The purpose of contour is to create the illusion of a shadow. By receding under the cheekbone with a darker colour, we bring the cheek forward creating a more youthful look.

Highlight For Mature Cheeks


Apply highlight on top of your cheek bone and choose a formula that gives a gentle and luminous sheen as opposed to a glittery and sparkly formula. Remember to keep highlight away from wrinkles.

Blush For Mature Cheeks


Apply blush directly on the cheek bone and blend out so there are no noticeable lines. Choose a blush that has a gentle sheen as a flat matte blush will flatten your cheek and create an aging effect.

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