How Many Steps A Day For Weight Loss

10000 steps seems to be the magic number when calculating the optimal steps we need to take in a day to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Whether or not this number is actually magic remains up for debate, however getting our bodies moving is absolutely necessary, and 10000 steps is a tidy goal to hit.

While seemingly a big number, 10000 steps is very achievable when you take into account not only your workouts but your day to day activities that require you to get up and moving: walking the dog, moving around the house and running errands all count in the tally!

Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to all sorts of health-related issues, and simply by getting up and taking it one step at a time we can reverse some of these negative health impacts.

Studies show that just 20 minutes of walking can reduce inflammation in the body and improve our resting metabolism, leading to increased calorie burn over the day.

Getting our 10000 steps in should be complimentary to our workouts as well. If we’re working out for 10% of our day and sitting (at our desk or on the couch) for the remaining 90%, then all that hard work can be squandered. Actively moving our bodies, even for a light walk, helps pump blood to all of our muscles to assist in recovery time and delivers essential nutrients around the body more effectively.

How do you reach 10000 steps?

For most of us, 2,000 steps will make up a mile, meaning you would have to walk 5 miles on average to reach 10000 steps. If we walk a mile in 20 minutes, that’s almost 2 hours of walking a day. With the state of the world as it is, our opportunities to head outside have narrowed slightly and we may not be needing to get up quite as much to head out. If your step count has taken a setback, these workouts will help you stay on track.

Walk steps for weight loss

10,000 Step Workout

For each of these workouts, on average, we will be getting to around 3,500 steps over the 30-minute block. Completing all three will get you over 10000 steps! If you don’t have the time to complete each workout in a row, a great way to complete these is to break them up over the day. That way, you will be getting up and moving at times you may be sitting still and giving your body some rest to recover.


7,000 Step Workout

For this workout, all you need is a 1-hour block and while you won’t be getting to 10000 steps, it will get you very close. These workouts are also more vigorous than your typical walk, so we will be burning more calories; almost double the calories burned than a regular walk!


Closing Thoughts

One thing is absolutely certain: exercise is essential for healthy ageing. It helps us remain fit and able, both physically and mentally. Having a clearly defined goal, like reaching 10,000 steps a day, will help you remain focussed better guide you in your workouts. While 10,000 steps may not be the magic number, it certainly is a fantastic place to start.

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17 Responses

  1. I truly enjoy doing the workouts. I feel much better when I complete the step workout. Even when I am totally out of breath after the workout. Fabulous 50 workouts are fantastic and easy to follow.

  2. Since I got a rebounder I found you have a rebounding workout. Although there are a few of them on you tube you have a nice style and motivation.
    Hula hooping, which you also have a video about, is a great way to get your step count up.

  3. The difficulty for me is doing all of this in one day, plus trying to fit in stretches, weights 2-3 times/week, balance, abs, and all your other wonderful workouts. Telling us that we should REALLY try and get in those 10,000 steps a day is what deters many to even get started, because it is a daunting number and pretty hard to achieve if you work at least part time!

  4. I bought a inexpensive pedometer from Amazon. Statred using it on monday. I used the 10000 call and yesterday i got to 9541
    Not 10000 but close, i have increased my steps each may be the day i will get 10000. Im in competition with myself,thats what keeps me going. You can do it just start.

  5. Hi Shellea,
    I am hoping, hoping that you make a complete 10,000 step workout for us to follow. Honestly, for me, the worst part is clicking on that second and third video!
    Ruth (comment above) is spot on. Committing to 90 minutes a day is huge, then what do we do about our arms, legs and stretches, which I find so valuable at my age?
    Your videos are the only ones I’ve had success with. The gym is closed and outdoors is always questionable. Since following you, I’ve felt wonderful. (Broccoli sprouts are my new favorite food).
    So keep up the great work, and all I can do is guarantee you I will give you an hour and I will remain a faithful reader.


  6. Schellea,
    I’m such a fan! As soon as I start to think “eh I can skip today”, at 5am I get some message from you! Today- the “how to get to 10,000” pops up just as I was thinking of rolling over – ugh the guilt. It’s like disappointing you if I’m so lame I don’t just get up. We’ll I’m doing the first of your videos. (And today I’ll finish the other two- but if I don’t, I’m glad you got me up for at least one 30 min session) Your messages are keeping me healthy in spite of myself. It’s awesome! And it lets me continue on my path to reach my goal before years end. Thank you for always keeping it new, fresh, relevant, fun and easy to just do it! Thx so much!!
    And my advice for people that don’t feel like they can finish all the workouts or fit in all the stretches and weights… I say forgive yourself, and be proud of anything you do. Once you start to exercise somehow extra minutes seem to appear because you feel so good. But don’t keep yourself from doing even a five minute workout… Even that is better than dismissing it all.
    Every time I eat a cookie, that I feel like I deserve every once in a while because I’ve been off sugar for so long… I say to myself “Jenny says forgive yourself“. That’s a 1980s phrase from the Jenny Craig craze. So listen to Jenny – forgive yourself, and move on…or just move it like Schellea says!! Any time moving is time well spent. Be proud, be forgiving, be healthier. Best wishes to all!
    . Robin

  7. Dear Schellea,
    I’m one of your over-70 fans (77) & I get a great kick when I hear you asking your over-60 fans to give us older ones a high-five. I love your new 5-minute walking exercise with yoga block. I often do it twice. Some more of my favourites are your 5-minute morning stretch routine, 6-minute abs workout, 10-minute arms workout with dumbells, 5-minute toned-arm workout, no equipment, 10-minute HIIT workout, 15-minute fat burning indoor walking exercise & I just love your 5-minute cooldown routine. when I am literally breathless & sweaty (TMI)!!! You are so positive & encouraging, your voice is so soothing & I just love your Australian accent. I am so, so glad I discovered you on Youtube in July. I feel so much better & livelier from exercising & my body is now so much trimmer than it has been for 30 years or more. I feel so proud of myself & it is all due to you. Thank you Schellea. You are inspirational.
    Warm regards from Fran, Limerick, Ireland.

  8. Dear Schellea,
    Thank you for these wonderful workouts. I look forward to doing one every morning, sometimes evenings too! Suffering from arthritis, I was limited in my choice of exercise and nothing seemed to suit my needs. I find your routines so easy to follow, not hard on my joints and leave me feeling energized without being exhausted and sore.
    I love your encouragement, energy and enthusiasm which keep me focused and coming back every day for more. Thank you so much!! From Rae, Melbourne

  9. Dear Schellea ,
    As a 78 year old I do need to work out I felt really bad when I could not do the programs I found anymore,but then I found your excercises and you said we do not have to be atheletes on our age! Hooray!, love working out with you. Started on the 7 day challenge once again but cannot find the new one in which you do the fast walk in the middle,that is the one I really enjoy,could you plse tell me how to find that 7 day challenge?
    Thank you so so much for the wonderful work you do and all the encouragements it keeps me moving!
    Love from a big fan Maud

  10. Hi Schellea,
    Ive been following you and doing your aerobic videos. I LOVE them and lost 1st so far which is a massive achievement. I used to flog my body at an hour a go three times a week, most of it in pain unable to move after having strained some part of my body. With you exercising is a joy and so are you inspirational chats during your exercises. I had a rather damaged ego and confidence had been battered by work mostly, however you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you and long may your videos continue.
    I’m only on day 2 of your 14 Day Challenge so please don’t take this down yet.
    Many thanks again.
    Kind regards,

  11. Hola Schellea!!!
    Desde Uruguay te envío mis saludos y agradecerte tu dedicación en estos ejercicio Fabulosos !!
    Me han resultado excelentes y entretenidos y aún más en estos momentos que nos tenemos que cuidar y no podemos ir al gimnasio.( lo que más me gusta es que en la mayoría de tus ejercicios no es necesario tirarse al piso!)
    I’m Silvana and I’m so happy to know your videos
    Thanks and bye for everybody!,,

    I’m happy to know you, t

  12. Schellea, so happy I found your videos. I’ll be 70 years young November 14th and 3 exercise is a major part of my life. Prior Covid I worked out at a gym 3 or 4 days a week, treadmill and weights, when Covid hit I started doing a HIIT program for a year very happy with the results but found I had developed muscle tone but still had a layer of fat I couldn’t get rid of. About 2 months ago I found you, since then I’ve lose 8 lbs and working on 10 more to lose. I realized from you I wasn’t getting enough carbio or stretching and flexibility. I look forward to working out with you everyday You are some positive and encouraging and 5hat is something we all need in our life’s.

  13. Love your exercise videos. Found your program three months ago and have been working out with you since. I feel great and look forward to my daily workout. Thank you.

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