How many steps a day for weight loss

How Many Steps a Day for Weight Loss!

10000 steps seems to be the magic number when calculating the optimal steps we need to take in a day to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Whether or not this number is actually magic remains up for debate, however getting our bodies moving is absolutely necessary, and 10000 steps is a tidy goal to hit. While seemingly a big number, 10000 steps is very achievable when you take into account not only your workouts but your day to day activities that require you to get up and moving: walking the dog, moving around the house and running errands all count in the tally!

Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to all sorts of health-related issues, and simply by getting up and taking it one step at a time we can reverse some of these negative health impacts. Studies show that just 20 minutes of walking can reduce inflammation in the body and improve our resting metabolism, leading to increased calorie burn over the day.

Getting our 10000 steps in should be complimentary to our workouts as well. If we’re working out for 10% of our day and sitting (at our desk or on the couch) for the remaining 90%, then all that hard work can be squandered. Actively moving our bodies, even for a light walk, helps pump blood to all of our muscles to assist in recovery time and delivers essential nutrients around the body more effectively.

So, how do you reach 10000 steps? For most of us, 2,000 steps will make up a mile, meaning you would have to walk 5 miles on average to reach 10000 steps. If we walk a mile in 20 minutes, that’s almost 2 hours of walking a day. With the state of the world as it is, our opportunities to head outside have narrowed slightly and we may not be needing to get up quite as much to head out. If your step count has taken a setback, these workouts will help you stay on track.

Walk steps for weight loss


For each of these workouts, on average, we will be getting to around 3,500 steps over the 30-minute block. Completing all three will get you over 10000 steps! If you don’t have the time to complete each workout in a row, a great way to complete these is to break them up over the day. That way, you will be getting up and moving at times you may be sitting still and giving your body some rest to recover.



For this workout, all you need is a 1-hour block and while you won’t be getting to 10000 steps, it will get you very close. These workouts are also more vigorous than your typical walk, so we will be burning more calories; almost double the calories burned than a regular walk!



One thing is absolutely certain: exercise is essential for healthy ageing. It helps us remain fit and able, both physically and mentally. Having a clearly defined goal, like reaching 10,000 steps a day, will help you remain focussed better guide you in your workouts. While 10,000 steps may not be the magic number, it certainly is a fantastic place to start.


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