How To Lose Arm Fat For Women Over 50!

How to lose arm fat for women over 50 in this 5 minute arm workout using weights to tone and strengthen your arms. Lose your flabby arms and batwings by doing regular arm workouts with dumbbells. It is so beneficial as women to lift light weights a couple of times each week, to build and maintain our strength and muscle mass as we age.

If we stop using our body to build strength, we will slowly lose the ability to move with ease and experience continued pain in our joints. Please enjoy the 5 minute at home workout 🌞

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Here are my top tips…

  •  If you’re interested in losing your arm fat, we’ve got to put in the effort. We do need to do some form of physical exercise every single day.
  • Make our muscles warm before we start working out.
  • Side Lateral Raises is great shoulder exercise. It’s going to tone our shoulders beautifully.
  • Front Shoulder Raises. Do this movement very slowly and purposefully hold your core in tight slightly.
  • Cross Body Lateral is going to increase our motor skills and stop us from getting old.
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions. Do this exercise as were most of the arm fat are stored in triceps.

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