6 Reasons You Will Want to Do Planking Every Day Over 50

Reasons You Will Want to Do Planking Every Day Over 50

Your golden years can in fact be your best years, especially if you combine them with a rewarding and effective fitness routine. 

Women over 50 have a quiet elegance and strength that have not been used yet, waiting to be unleased. Planking, which is one of the best exercises, turns out to be a great helper on this journey.

Have you ever considered planking?

As a woman over 50, I know the health and fitness challenges we face. I have been there, battling with body pains and the fear of age-related illnesses. Then I found out how great planking was.

Yes, planking is a simple exercise that requires nothing but your body and some determination. 

Now, let us look at some reasons why planking every day can help you live a stronger, healthier, and more resilient life after 50.

1. Strengthen Your Core 

As people get older, it can be hard to keep their muscles toned. But imagine a workout that is so effective but not too hard that it makes every muscle in your body stronger. That is how a plank works.

Each workout makes the muscles stronger and more responsive.

Daily planking changed my life in ways I never imagined. At first, I could only hold a plank for a few seconds before trembling and falling. But I didn’t give up. I told myself, “If you can’t do it today, you will do it tomorrow.”

Every day, I saw improvements. My core became stronger, my posture improved, and those stubborn pounds started to melt away.

But the most significant change I noticed was in my energy levels. I found myself more active during the day, more eager to participate in activities I used to avoid because of my physical limitations. 

For stability, strong core muscles are a must. While you are on a plank, your core is working hard to strengthen your middle.

It is more than just exercise; it is an art form that uses your body as a canvas to show off your strength and stability.

2. Become Mentally Well

Within the still, strong hold of a plank is a place of safety and peace. It is a place where every breath eases stress and peace rules.

The active woman over 50 who is figuring out life after 50 sees each plank session not as a workout but as a spiritual journey into peaceful realms.

Planking has not only helped me physically but mentally too. The mental toughness required to hold a plank position even when your body is screaming at you to stop is incredible.

It taught me resilience, patience, and the power of perseverance.

When you hold a plank, you can clear your mind like the sun coming up for the first time. It lights up the mind and makes it easier to concentrate and focus.

Each session cleans your mind, getting you ready for a day of accuracy and productivity. 

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3. Become Flexible and Improve Your Balance

Reasons You Will Want to Do Planking Every Day Over 50

Every time you hold and stretch, planking brings life to your joints. As you work out, your body gets more flexible.

With each stretch, you can move more quickly and gracefully without any pain or stiffness getting in the way.

Planking is a way to get to a place where every step is quick and every move shows that you can coordinate your body better.

Every hold and stretch is a step toward a life without getting stiff with age.

5. Increase Your Bone Density

Healthy bones are an important part of being healthy after age 50.

Every plank is a promise of stronger bones, a sneaky way to fight osteoporosis, and a promise that the golden years will be strong instead of weak.

Imagine a workout plan that not only makes your muscles stronger but also your bones stronger. That is what planking literally means.

Every session is like putting money into a future where every bone is strong, stable, and unbreakable.

6. Improve Your Holistic Well-being

The great thing about planking is that it can work out both the body and the mind.

Planking is a great way for women over 50 to improve their overall health because it helps them look and feel better.

It is a story about being healthy, with strong bodies, clear minds, and balanced emotions.

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Closing Thoughts

That is what makes planking so powerful—a daily habit that turns every dawn into a chance. It’s an opportunity to tone the body, brighten the mind, and enter a world where age is not a limit but a sign of a full life.

Planking is a way to embrace a healthier, more vibrant you. Through every hold and stretch, the story moves us closer to a world where people do not just try to be healthy; they live it all the time.

Today, planking is a non-negotiable part of my daily routine. It’s not just an exercise for me anymore; it’s a way of life. And if it has worked for me, it can certainly work for other women over 50 too.

It might seem challenging initially, but trust me, the results are worth it. 

♡ Love ♡,


Frequently Asked Questions On Planking

Q: Why is planking beneficial for women over 50?

A: Planking enhances core strength, stability, and overall fitness, contributing to better posture and a healthier body.

Q: When should women over 50 start adding daily planking to their routine?

A: It’s advisable to start planking in your 50s or even earlier to reap the maximum benefits for strength, balance, and joint health.

Q: How long should women over 50 plank each day?

A: Beginners can start with shorter durations and gradually increase. Aim for at least 1-2 minutes daily to experience improvements in strength and endurance.

Q: Can women over 50 with existing health conditions do daily planking?

A: Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise routine, including planking, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions.

Q: Can daily planking help with weight management for women over 50?

A: Yes, planking engages multiple muscle groups, contributing to calorie burn and supporting weight management when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Q: How soon can women over 50 expect to see results from daily planking?

A: Results vary, but improvements in core strength, balance, and muscle tone can be noticeable within a few weeks of consistent daily planking.

Q: Are there variations of planking suitable for women over 50 with joint issues?

A: Yes, modified planking variations exist to accommodate joint concerns. Always prioritize proper form and listen to your body to avoid strain. Check out my latest planking workout video on YouTube.

Q: Can daily planking improve posture for women over 50?

A: Absolutely. Planking engages core muscles, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of back pain, common concerns for women over 50.

Q: Is it recommended for women over 50 to do planking every day?

A: Daily planking is beneficial, but individual fitness levels and health conditions should be considered. Consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider for personalized advice.

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Schellea Fowler

Schellea Fowler

Schellea Fowler, founder of Fabulous50s, has amassed over three decades of excellence in small business leadership and expertise. Beyond her personal achievements, Schellea’s legacy is enriched by her role as a mentor, guiding emerging entrepreneurs with best practices from her experience. Post-2016, (after retiring at 50) her commitment to growth led her to further qualifications, all while maintaining her vision to empower and inspire women to feel excited about the stage of life they are in, and to and embrace and celebrate the aging process.

Recently, Schellea decided to expand her knowledge base. She’s currently immersed in the Clean Health Master Personal Trainer program.

Her additional qualifications include: Fashion Styling from the Australian Style Institute, Advanced Personal Colour Analysis from AOPI,  and Meditation Teacher Training from Yoga Coach.

Above all, Schellea’s mission is simple yet profound: to support women in embracing the aging process with confidence and grace.

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About Author

Schellea Fowler

Schellea Fowler

Schellea Fowler, the visionary founder of Fabulous50s, brings over three decades of small business leadership and expertise to her legacy. Not only has she excelled personally, but she has also become a mentor, generously sharing her wealth of experience with emerging entrepreneurs.

After retiring at 50 in 2016, Schellea’s commitment to continuous growth led her to pursue additional qualifications. A qualified fitness instructor, she is presently continuing her master trainer program, specializing in exercise for older adults. Through Fabulous50s, Schellea remains devoted to her vision of empowering and inspiring women to embrace and celebrate their current stage of life.

Her additional qualifications include: Fashion Styling from the Australian Style Institute, Advanced Personal Colour Analysis from AOPI,  and Meditation Teacher Training from Yoga Coach.

Above all, Schellea’s mission is simple yet profound: to support women in embracing the aging process with confidence and grace.

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