5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes On Mature Eyes


Makeup tips and tricks for mature eyes are the key to staying on trend and looking younger. As we age, our skin tends to sag slightly, causing a disconnect between our tried and true method of applying makeup: it just won’t sit properly! This doesn’t mean for one second that we are out for the count, all it means is we need to update our methods of application and maybe try a few new tricks.

I am so excited to share with you my tips for avoiding eye makeup mistakes on mature skin and getting your eye makeup perfect every single day! I have five tips to share with you today and each will address a different part of the eye area. If you would like to know how to give yourself an instant eyelift, how to get your colours in the right spot or are just looking for some new eye makeup tricks, then keep reading!



On application, our eye makeup can look flawless, though a couple hours in on mature skin, our eye makeup can crease slightly while resting in the natural folds in our skin. Using an eyeshadow primer will combat this by helping your makeup stay put all day long. A primer creates a layer of tackiness on the surface of the skin that our makeup sticks to like glue, making sure it won’t bend and crease throughout the day. A primer will also help intensify your eyeshadow colour, accentuating your eyes even more. In application, all you need is a very small amount applied to the eyelids. This is just a small thing that you can do every day that makes a massive difference. Say hello to an all-day long finish!

My favourite primer


In basic colour theory, dark colours reduce, and light colours expand. For example, if you wanted to make a small room appear larger, you would paint the room white. This rule can be applied to anything: fashion, design and for our purpose’s makeup.

One mistake that is very easy to make is applying dark colours in spots we should be accentuating and making bigger and inversely applying light colours in spots we should be drawing attention to.

Now, where should we be applying? The spot directly above our eyes (the eyelid) is some of the most important real estate for our eye makeup. Making this area appear bigger can help make us look more youthful and make our eyes pop. We should be applying a lighter colour here. Just above this where the eye lid folds into the bone is an area that can droop slightly as we get older. The skin here is generally less taught, so a darker colour should be used here to recede. In the example below, on the left-hand side I have applied my eye makeup the correct way and, on the right, I have applied incorrectly so you can see exactly what I am talking about.


The third biggest mistake we can make with our eye makeup on mature eyes is to follow our natural eye line when applying eyeliner. This seems counter intuitive, though as we get older, the skin around our eyes can drop downwards. When we were younger and our skin was tighter, following our natural line worked perfectly because there was a natural flick up. Now, we have to get a little creative to cater to mature skin.

When applying eyeliner, follow your natural line until the last lash. Once we get to the last lash, we give it a slight flick-up, as in the example below.

This helps to give our eyes an instant eye lift!

Another thing to keep in mind here is that our eyeliner will generally be a darker shade than our eye shadow. Sticking to colour theory, make sure your line is not too thick and dark as this will make the eyelid appear smaller and your eyes droopier.


Moving up slightly, the fourth biggest mistake we can make with our makeup on mature eyes is to follow our natural eyebrow shape. For many of us, our eyebrows are not perfectly symmetrical or perfectly full. To create the illusion that they are, we need to follow a simple tip that will make a huge difference.

To match our eyebrows up and get them into perfect proportion for our face, we need to rudimentarily measure out increments along our eyebrows. We can do this using an eyebrow pencil.

To make the first measurement, take your eyebrow pencil and rest it at the corner of your nose and the innermost corner of your eye. Make a small mark here on your eyebrow.

For the second measurement, place the eyebrow pencil at the corner of your nose and along the outermost corner of your eye. Place a dot here along your eyebrow line.

The third measurement is from the corner of your nose to the centre of your pupil. Mark the dot on your eyebrow and this will indicate the peak.

Where these three dots sit indicate the start and end points of where your eyebrows should be. There will be a defined start, middle and end point. Quite often these dots will not match up exactly with your eyebrow. This is OK! Fill in the gaps.

Make sure you don’t go too heavy with filling in your eyebrows here and aim to maintain a natural look.


The fifth and final tip for applying makeup to mature eyes may seem unnecessary, however it can make the world of difference.

For many women, curling your lashes seems redundant. It’s a lot of hassle for seemingly no payoff, though trust me when I say this is not the case. Curling your lashes acts to add further lift to mature eyes which is exactly what we are after. The more our eyes are lifted, the more youthful they will seem.

To curl your lashes, take your eyelash curler and clamp your top lash gently. What I like to do now is tilt the curler slightly in towards your nose and then very gently pump for 10 seconds. This will give your lashes the longest lasting curl.

Now, moving on to mascara. Applying in a downwards motion will make your lashes droop slightly and hang, drawing the eye downwards. What we should be aiming for is an upwards motion.

Take your mascara wand and apply from up and underneath the eyebrow. What I like to do is apply in a zig-zag motion which helps to add further lift to the lashes.


Mature skin makeup requires slightly different, makeup techniques.These new techniques don’t need to be radical changes, just small shifts that can ultimately improve your whole look!

I would love to hear how you go with these new techniques and if you have any questions at all.

Have a beautiful day xx


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