Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone!

Color for your skin tone

Choose the Right Color for Your Skin Tone

The way we dress tends to change. However, the stereotype is that the older a woman gets, the less fashionable she becomes. I want to challenge this stereotype! Fashion over 50 is possible- and it’s all about wearing the right colors and styles that suit your body type. Today, I’m going to talk about the difference between warm and cool skin undertones and what that means for your wardrobe.

Learning about skin undertones is absolutely crucial because it has a bearing on which colours look best on you. Dressing according to your skin tone can make the difference between looking energetic and youthful versus dull and lifeless. When you wear the right colours for your skin undertones, it can have incredible anti-aging effects!


If you’re unsure of which skin undertone you have, don’t worry. It’s so easy to find out! I have written a full post on how to work out your skin tone here. One method to check your skin undertones is to identify whether your veins are blue or green. Green veins indicate a warmer undertone, while blue or purple veins mean that you have a cooler undertone. If your veins are in between green and blue, it means you have a neutral undertone- just like me! Those with neutral skin undertones can get away with wearing a wide variety of colours.


Second Method 👚👚👚

The second method to check the colour of your skin undertones is to use metallic fabric or jewelry. Stand in front of a mirror (in natural light!) with no makeup on and hold up a piece of gold or silver fabric or jewelry under your chin. Those with yellow undertones will notice that the gold colour makes their faces light up, while those with pink or blue undertones will look best next to the silver colour.

The last way to check the colour of your skin undertones is to use a true white. By holding up a piece of white fabric or paper to your neck, your skin will either appear yellow or pinky-blue. If it appears yellow next to the paper, it means that you have warm undertones. If your skin appears pink or blue, it means that your skin undertones are cool. While skin undertones are important factors to help you decide which colors to wear, so is contrast. If you want anti-aging wardrobe tips, contrast is key!

Because I have neutral skin with yellow undertones, blonde hair, and light blue eyes, I am medium contrast. However, someone with pale skin and dark hair would be considered high contrast. With that in mind, I have a powerful trick to tell you that will completely transform how you dress! Something that I’ve learned is that when you know how to do the “right” thing, you also know how to do the “wrong” thing.


Here's The Trick 👗👗👗

Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

So here’s the trick: by dressing the wrong way according to your skin undertones and contrast, you can appear ill. This is the same trick they use in the movies to make someone look unattractive or old. It has the opposite of an anti-aging effect! If you ever want to skip work or get out of a commitment, all you need to do is use this trick the day before and no one will think twice! If you have warm skin undertones and medium contrast, you should wear a cool colour with a very high contrast. Some colours you could wear are hot pink, bright red, dark grey, and bright purple. Alternatively, someone with cool undertones and high contrast could make themselves look sickly by wearing warm pale colours. If you have cool undertones and low contrast, try wearing deep, warm, earthy tones. Dressing in this way will have an aging effect that will also make you look sickly.

I hope this guide to finding your skin undertones has been helpful! If you’re interested in fashion over 50, knowing your skin undertones and contrast is crucial. Try some of the tricks that I mentioned and let me know what you think. 


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