Choose the Right Colours For Your Skin Tone | Warm or Cool? LOOK BETTER FAST!


Learn how to choose the right colours for your skin tone…Are you warm or cool? Plus learn a how to use colours to get a free day off work!

LOOK Better Fast with these simple tips!

This is a must see video for all women over 50 to demonstrate the difference between warm and cool skin tones. If you have been unable to work out if your warm or cool…This video will give you clarity… And next time your styling an outfit, you will know exactly what to choose! Style over 50 made easy!


Here are my top tips…

  • Check if your veins are green or blue. Green veins will indicate you have a warm skin undertone and blue veins blue to purple will mean you’ve got a cool undertone. And if you’re greeny blue that means youre neutral.
  • Neutral category means you can wear a variety of all of the colors and they’ll make you look good.

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