Dress For Your Body Type | SLEEVES!

How to dress for your body type focusing on sleeves…If you have an apple body shape, pear body shape or plus size curvy girl shape…I have the perfect solution for you. Hi I’m Schellea and welcome to fabulous 50s! Choosing the correct sleeve on an outfit is one of the first things you can to do to make your body shape look superb. I mean slimmer, more feminine, and more put together…Many of us have a hard time trying to work out our body types ….are we a pear, an hourglass or an apple body type ….or something in the middle…it can be really hard to pin point…


My aim is to give you as many body shape examples as possible so that you get True understanding of the style principles I’m sharing with you…. 

In-fact I want you to know this so well that you can teach others. All the images today that I’m showing represent the average woman over 50s body size which is size 16, so if you’re smaller or larger than the images shown in the photos, the principles still remain the same…. but once you know these styling principles for your body type you will have the tools to shop with confidence.


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