How To Dress For Your Body Type | HOURGLASS!

How to dress for your body type if you’re an hourglass body type woman! Learn how to dress and what style suits your hourglass body shape the best. The hourglass body shape is is considered to be the most feminine and the most in proportion body shape of a woman. She has a small waist and equally proportioned hips and shoulders…. She comes in many sizes, yet the proportions stay the same…. Her body type is considered, warm, playful and juicy and all the body types are trying to emulate have proportions… the most famous body type is marlyn munroe….and she was said to bbe a size 16 woman with the measurements of 35” -24”-35. The difference between a hourglass and a pear body shape is the shoulders and bust size.


When I’m shopping with an hourglass lady, 98% of the time she will tell me then nothing ever fits properly, so I’m going to show you some examples today, of cuts and styles that really suit the hourglass body shape, in fact everybody shape including the pair, inverted triangle and rectangle all use the hourglass body shape as the template for proportions and body harmony.

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  1. Terryanne Gloria Marsh February 23, 2021
  2. Terryanne Gloria Marsh February 23, 2021

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