Perfect Eye Makeup For Mature Eyes


We have been using colour to express ourselves since time immemorial.

It’s in our dress, coating the walls of our homes and filling the canvases lining galleries the world over.

As with most things, we have developed a curiosity into all things colour and nailed down to a science the precise formula for how and why certain colours match and why others don’t.

The most basic and useful representation of this is in the colour wheel of colour theory. Colour theory explains how we interpret colour and also visually presents how colours match. On a colour wheel, colours are organised into their three main categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. The colours are also displayed against their inverse colour. This inverse colour also happens to be the most harmonious pairing for that colour.

As a helpful guide, I have paced a colour wheel below.


So, now we know how colour pairings work, we can apply this to our eye makeup to make mature eyes pop! On the colour wheel, you can see that the highlighted blue segment is directly opposite the highlighted orange segment. Colour theory states that these two colours when placed next to each other will be the most visually pleasing pairing. I have marked out the blue that closest represents my eye colour, so yours may be slightly different. Once you have found your eye colour, follow along to the direct opposite colour, in this case orange.

Once you have found the opposite colour, a good rule of thumb is to keep the eyeliner colour matched to the colour in the outer circle (darker) and the eyeshadow colour matched to a colour closer towards the centre (lighter). These pastel colours look much better on the eyelid as they don’t overpower the look. Using a darker colour to highlight mature eyes rather than cover is much more effective.

We can apply this rule to our eye makeup for the most effective combinations of colours to enhance mature eyes.

For green eyes, I have marked out on the colour wheel below what you should ideally be aiming for.

Our green eyes are going to match up perfectly with a violet or purple colour.

For brown eyes, aqua or light blues will be the perfect place to start.

For hazel eyes, we want to be aiming for a deep, royal blue that is almost purple.

As a rule, we use the colours  closer to the edge of the colour wheel as contrasting colours (eye liner) while colours you should use on your eye lid will be closer to the centre (lid colours)


Getting our eye makeup colours right doesn’t have to be a guessing game. using a colour wheel is a quick and easy ways for you to determine what colours to use on your eyes that will compliment you best. I hope you have fun experimenting and I would love to hear your how you go!




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  1. I love your videos and life advice! You have motivated me to treat myself better and have given me great advice! I am about to try the broccoli sprouts. I have cancer and need all the good stuff in my body I can get! Thanks With all my heart!
    With love Audrey Miles

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