Read This If You Have Trouble Meditating – The Power Of Mindfulness

I’m so excited to share the Fabulous50s 30 day mindfulness challenge!! 

Mindfulness seems to be a missing element in many of our lives. With work, family, constant distractions and life-altering world events, it’s easy to become caught up in our negative thoughts and allow them to spill over and begin dominating our day-to-day.

The future is merely the continuation of the present moment…

We have no control over the past and future, but we do have control over the present moment. So, the goal of the challenge is to help you notice and connect with the present moment.

Mindfulness is about the present moment. It’s not necessarily about clearing your mind of all thoughts, but more about being aware of what is going on around you and inside you without judgement. Mindfulness is different, then, from the practice of mediation which is more about going from thinking to no-thought, whereas mindfulness practice is more about focussing on one point. It’s this difference that makes mindfulness a practice we shouldn’t shy away from because it doesn’t take years of practice to master.

Daily mindfulness practice is a tool we can use to help stabilise, reducing anxiety, stress and depression. By taking a beat, being still, listening, feeling and seeing all without judgement we empower ourselves to do more and ultimately change our lives for the better.

We already have everything within us now to thrive and succeed, though sometimes we can forget. Mindfulness helps us to remember.

The mindfulness challenge has been designed to give you one activity every day to bring you back to a state of positivity and mindfulness.

To begin the 30 day challenge, we’re going to tap in to our subtle body so that we can be present in the now. This technique helps to take us away from the past and the wild, meandering thoughts that may distract us and into the present.

The physical body is the density of our body, the weight of the day-to-day, the action and movement, the work… and our subtle body is everything that’s going on inside our body…blood flow, breath, cell regeneration, the things that happen without us even acknowledging them…when we can learn to recognise the subtle body, we can instantly calm down and regulate our nervous system.

These are just some of the benefits of daily mindfulness practice.


The Power Of Mindfulness

Have you ever replayed an argument over and over in your head or practiced a theoretical argument about something that hasn’t even happened? The feelings associated with these inner duologues are oftentimes negative and focus primarily on a pain point. It does our mind no good to dwell on matters that are out of our control, such as the way another person reacts to a situation and before you know it these negative feelings grow and begin to take over our thoughts. Mindfulness practice takes us out of our thoughts and into the now, away from judgement and hurt. Daily practice will help us to move through these emotions more easily and spend less time in our heads dwelling on all the possible negative outcomes.


Power Of Mindfulness

By eliminating outside distraction, our focus intensifies and so too does our memory retention. Studies have shown that mindfulness practice increases the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain linked to memory, problem solving and comprehension.



Mindfulness practice has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. By focussing our attention on the present, we subtly alter our ability to regulate emotion by choosing to experience the good over the bad whilst in a state of mindfulness. Like any skill, with practice our ability to choose our emotional state becomes stronger.


The Power Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help illuminate the dark corners of our mind where we keep past hurts hidden. With mindfulness practice, the stories we tell ourselves and the limiting beliefs we prescribe to all bubble to the surface of our consciousness ready to be faced. An important part of mindfulness practice is being kind and gentle with yourself throughout the entire process. Allow yourself to feel without judgement as you begin to deepen your self-awareness.


Mindfulness is a like a muscle that needs to be worked at every day to become stronger. The 30 day mindfulness challenge has been developed to give you a guided introduction to mindfulness and give you some valuable tools to help you in your mindfulness journey!

To sign up for the challenge now, click here!

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