10 Smart Home Design Tips for Healthy Aging

10 Smart Home Design Tips for Healthy Aging

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Smart Home Design Tips for Healthy Aging

Life after 50 is a beautiful journey of rediscovery. We’re wiser, stronger, and ready to create a home that reflects our vibrant selves. But as our needs evolve, so too should our living spaces. 

Luckily, smart home technology can help. It can make our homes not only look good but also safe and helpful as we get older. It makes aging in place more exciting. 

Aging in place means staying in your home as long as possible while staying safe, independent, and comfortable, no matter your age, income, or abilities. It helps women like us stay independent and improve our quality of life.

When I learned about smart home designs for the first time, I was interested in how I could make my home a healthier place to age in place. 

Here are 10 smart home design tips I discovered that can transform your home into a haven for healthy aging.

1. Lighten Up Your Life

Smart lighting is a game-changer for your home as you age.  It enhances visibility and sets the tone for various times of the day.

You can install smart bulbs, like Philips Hue smart bulbs or Kasa smart light bulbs, that connect to a hub or app. This allows you to control them remotely, set timers, and even adjust the brightness and color temperature. 

You can choose warmer tones for cozy evenings or cooler ones for focused work! For times when it might be hard to reach for a switch, some systems let you control them with your voice. 

Smart lighting is about preventing falls and creating a safe, comfortable environment.

2. Use Smart Assistants

There are now smart assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo that can make your life easier. With these cool gadgets, you can control lights and thermostats with your voice, play music, and even check the weather—all without using your hands.

You could settle into your favorite chair, ask for your favorite playlist on Spotify, and let the music fill the room. Or, you could easily adjust the Nest Thermostat while you’re busy cooking. With a simple voice command, it’s done! 

Smart assistants are a fantastic tool for anyone who wants a more convenient and comfortable home.

The great thing about these smart assistants is that they are always learning and evolving. You can even use apps like MyPillbox to remind you to take your medicine or schedule video calls with family and friends on sites like Zoom. It is like always having a helpful friend available.

3. Use Smart Doorbells and Security Systems

Feeling safe and secure in our homes is very important to us. Some smart doorbells, like the Ring Video Doorbell, have cameras built in so you can see who is at your door before unlocking it. This is a great feature that will make you feel safer, especially if you live alone. You can even talk back and forth with visitors from the comfort of your couch (or even from far away!). 

Smart security systems like SimpliSafe integrate various features like door and window sensors, motion detectors, and even smart locks. These systems can be monitored remotely through your smartphone, giving you complete control and peace of mind, no matter where you are.

4. Let Automation Work for You

Smart Home Design Tips for Healthy Aging

How will you feel living in a home that knows what you need before you even mention it? That’s what smart thermostats and appliances do! Smart thermostats, like Nest, learn what temperature you like best and change it on their own to make you feel the most comfortable and save the most energy. You don’t even need to fiddle with the dials, just set your desired temperature and the system will take care of the rest. 

Smart appliances are becoming increasingly popular. Imagine a coffee maker like the Alexa Smart Coffee machine that starts brewing your coffee pot just before you wake up, or an oven that preheats itself based on your recipe selection from a smart recipe app like Paprika Recipe Manager. These little touches make life easier and more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that while smart home automation is about convenience, it can also help you save money on energy bills. When buying smart appliances, always look for ones that have the Energy Star label to get the most out of their energy use. 

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5. Enjoy a Happy Bathroom Hour

Smart technology can make the bathroom a better place to take care of yourself. Smart showers like Kohler Anthem allow you to pre-set your desired water temperature, eliminating the shock of sudden cold or scalding hot water. As we get older, our sensitivity can change, so this is a great safety feature. With features like rainfall or pulsating massage, some models can even make your daily shower feel like a spa.

When it is cold in the morning, smart toilets with heated seats, like the Toto Neorest, can feel a little extra fancy. Some models even have automatic bidet functions to help you keep yourself cleaner. For added convenience, many of them have built-in night lights that give off a soft glow that will not wake you up during visits at night.

6. Get Connected Smartly

Smart Home Design Tips for Healthy Aging

With a smart plug, you can turn any regular appliance into a smart one. Popular options include Belkin WeMo and TP-Link Kasa. It is as easy as plugging in a lamp, coffee maker, or even a space heater. Then you can use your phone or voice commands to control them from afar.

Imagine being able to turn off that forgotten iron from anywhere in the house or set a timer for your holiday lights without having to get up. Smart plugs in your smart home design allow you to control any appliance remotely, adding convenience and security.

You can also use smart plugs to keep an eye on how much energy certain appliances use. This lets you find places where you might be able to cut back on your electricity costs. In addition, some models have surge protection built in, which keeps your valuable electronics safe from sudden changes in power.

7. Sleep Tight with Smart Sleep Technology

Getting enough sleep is important for your health and well-being as a whole. That is exactly what smart sleep technology can help you do. Smart beds, like the Sleep Number 360, can keep track of your heart rate, movement, and even the stages of sleep you go through. This information can identify sleep issues, and the app can provide personalized sleep improvement advice.

Smart bedroom gadgets, like Philips Wake-Up Light sunrise alarm clocks or Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant, can gently simulate a sunrise to help you wake up naturally. Smart noise machines, such as the LectroFan, can also make relaxing white noise or nature sounds, blocking out distracting sounds and making the room a better place to sleep.

8. Avoid Falls and Get Your Medical Reminders

Smart Home Design Tips for Healthy Aging

Keeping up with our health is even more important as we get older. Wearable tech like Fitbit fitness trackers and Apple Watches can keep an eye on your heart rate, activity level, and even sleep patterns. This data can be invaluable for tracking your overall health and fitness goals.

An example of a smart home system that can detect falls is the one that ADT Security System or SimpliSafe offers. These systems use wearable sensors or video monitoring to alert emergency services or a chosen person if someone is about to fall. This can give you and your family a lot of peace of mind.

Voice-controlled lighting in your smart home design is a game-changer for navigating at night.

Please keep in mind that smart home technology is not a replacement for medical advice from a doctor. It can, however, be a useful way to stay informed about your health and well-being.

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9. Keep in Touch and Entertain Yourself

Smart Home Design Tips for Healthy Aging

Connecting with loved ones and enjoying your hobbies are crucial to a healthy and happy life. Smart TVs let you watch movies, TV shows, and streaming services from your couch. Popular options include Roku, Amazon Fire TV , and Apple TV. Moreover, lots of models come with voice control features that make it easier to use menus and look for content.

Smart sounds and speakers, like Sonos, can play your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks all through your home. It is a great way to pass the time while you are relaxing, cooking, or cleaning. Check out audiobook services like Audible to find a huge selection of great books.

10. Keep Learning and Exploring

As you get older, your desire to learn and try new things does not go away. Virtual assistants that are built into smart displays can be a great way to keep learning as you age. Options include Google Nest Hub Max and Amazon Echo Show

Smart displays with virtual assistants in your smart home design can be a fantastic tool for lifelong learning and entertainment. With something like the Lenovo Smart Display, you could follow along with a cooking lesson on your kitchen counter or virtually visit the Louvre Museum in Paris from your living room. These gadgets can give you a lot of new ways to have fun and explore.

Smart displays can also be used for Zoom or FaceTime video calls with family and friends. This way, you can stay in touch with them, no matter how far away they are.

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few ways that smart home technology can make your home a healthy place to age. Remember that the important thing is to pick features that fit your needs and way of life. Be open to new ideas and create a smart home that shows your active and independent lifestyle!

You can build a smart home that improves your health and lets you live fully with a little planning and research.

Start exploring the possibilities of smart home design to create a space that reflects your vibrant and independent spirit!

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