Style An Outfit To Look Taller & Slimmer Over 50 | Dress Skinny

Style an outfit to look Taller and Slimmer over 50! Use 3 simple tricks to dress skinny and create an optical illusion that will make you appear taller and thinner than you actually are!

These style tips are created for mature women over 50…

who enjoy experimenting with fashion to create new and interesting looks for themselves…Create a daily outfit over 50 easily and on purpose…

 Here are my top tips…
  • If you want to lengthen your look, you create an optical illusion in a few different places. The first optical illusion you can create is with something around your neck. Whether it be a collar, a button-up shirt, or a necklace or some piece of jewelry. So that the eye goes down.
  • Never stop a garment at the widest part of your body. For many of us who have got wide thighs and hips, if you’re going to wear a shirt that just sits on that part of your body that’s where the eyes going to go.
  •  If you’ve got the widest part of your leg, you’d never stop a pair of shorts on the widest part. Because the hem of the shorts is going to sit at the widest part of your leg and that’s what people will notice. To slim your leg you always stop your pants at the smallest part of your leg.
  •  If you have skinny ankles, that is the nice area to show off so you’d stop your pants. Just wear the slim part of your ankle is and it’s gonna make you look longer. Keep this in mind, don’t stop any garment where the widest part of your body is.
  •  Another thing is the zipper on the boots, it’s an optical illusion of a line. It looks like I’m longer and taller. Lines going down is great for slimming.
  •  Another thing you can do is to stop your jeans at the skinny part of your ankle. But if your jeans are not the right length for you, don’t roll them up. If you roll them up, it will sit at the wider part of your calf.
  •  I like to wear charcoal on top because it’s not as harsh as black but if I’m all black, going all the way down with some accessories, to break up the color I’m going to look slimmer than I really am and I’m going to look taller than I really am.
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