The benefits of a seated workout for women over 50 – Lose belly fat sitting down!


Is a seated workout only suitable for seniors? A quick Google search would have you believe so.

We all lead busy lives and finding the time to exercise can sometimes be difficult. To add to this, we aren’t necessarily being active throughout our busy days. The average American is seated for up to 8 hours a day, be it at work, in meetings, watching T.V or at the table. That’s a lot of inactivity.

If you’re struggling to find the time in the day to fit in your exercise, why not add your workout into your regularly scheduled day? There’s no need to travel to the gym or run down to the park, you can work out from the comfort of your chair and still see the same benefits as a standing workout.

Seated workouts are generally created for seniors, but they are actually the perfect workout for anyone who wants to protect their hips, knees, back and neck in a safe and effective way. Seated workouts help us to isolate and target areas in our body more efficiently, particularly the abs, and tone and strengthen our muscles in a safe way. Combining high intensity training in a low impact setting really intensifies the results and adds variety to your workout routine

A seated workout is also perfect for those with limited mobility as its low impact and requires no standing. If a seated workout sounds like something you’d like to try, read on.


Any workout, seated or otherwise, has manifold benefits for our overall health. As we age, our risk increases for a multitude of health impacts including heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. It’s critical that we take steps towards mitigating these impacts and exercise is perhaps the most beneficial thing we can do for ourselves. Even a half hour a day has shown to greatly decrease our risk of heart disease and provide an overall improvement to quality of life.

The huge benefit of a seated workout as opposed to a standing workout is that it can be performed anywhere, at any time that suits you. A seated workout provides a low impact alternative that will specifically target our posture and spine health and helps us to isolate separate muscle groups more effectively for greater targeting.

Low impact does not equate to no effect. Despite the title, low impact workouts are fantastic for assisting in weight loss and helping us maintain muscle mass and tone, without some of the associated risk of high impact workouts such as running.

We often think of a seated workout for an elderly person, but a seated workout can be as effective as a standing workout, with high intensity components included. We’ve created a high intensity, low impact seated workout to really challenge your body in a very doable an entertaining format which you can check out below!


Any form of exercise you are able to manage, is going to be wildly beneficial for your overall health. The value in a seated workout lies in its versatility: you can be working out while you’re at work, or at the end of the day while watching T.V. Working out doesn’t have to disrupt your routine and can be easily slotted in.

A seated workout also expands your options vastly if your mobility is limited, offering many alternatives to other standing workouts.

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