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Style Tip. Make Your Eyes Stand Out – Choose a colour opposite to your own eye colour using the colour wheel.

I would love to share with you a tips to look younger or a little magic trick that I’ve learned for anti-aging. And it’s about using colors. Through colors in a combination in a certain way that makes you look younger and what it does is you enhance your eyes with a certain color and then wear clothes of a different color and it will make your eyes pop. Your overall look is more glowy, more youthful, more vital, more better.


blue eyes

If you’ve ever used a color wheel before, that you can get from the internet or at a news agency. What I do is I go for my eye color, which is blue and then opposite is like at 6 oclock so the opposite of blue is orange.

That’s the color I put in my eyes. I’ve got an eyeshadow base that is sort of warm golden colors. I’m just using the Nars palette and it can be anything in the orange family bronze and golds and neutrals. I’m using it in my base and then I do my eyeliner. This is the Most beautiful eyeliner ever, Stilla Waterproof stays on forever, even when you’re swimming. But they discontinued this color. This color is my favorite of all time because it’s got like an Orangey Brown and it really intensifies blue eyes. I am still on search that as good as Stilla Waterproof or better.

Line your eyes with Stilla Waterproof, then because orange is the opposite color to my eye color, which is blue, I put a line of orange above the eyeshadow. So it’s like brown and then orange. Just a subtle orange line. What it does? Just pops the color of your eyes. So they’re more blue. That’s when you can make your eyes look more beautiful, your whole face lights up.


After I’ve done my eyeshadow, I will go back to wheel color. Since I’ve got blue and orange, the opposite ends of the color wheel. Then I go to three oçlock and wear that color, in my clothes somehow. Or you could wear it in your earrings, neck lace. But somehow, if you include the color at three oçlock, it all just works and  it makes you pop. So it’s a thing. Give it a try. If you’ve got blue eyes, keep in mind the colors that you wear, if you have warm skin, wear warm colors. And If you’ve got cool skin, wear the cooler colors. Because if you get that wrong, that is just wrong. You got to match the tone of your skin with the colors that you choose. Orange in your blue eyes and then three oçlock with clothes. It’s a great little fun trick that you can try at home with a whole different combination of colors.

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green eyes

If you’ve got green eyes, it’s the same principle. The opposite color or the six oçlock color is purple. A shade of purple on green eyes, it looks amazing.

I have a friend with green eyes and you can’t stop staring at their eyes when they have purple eyeshadow. It looks amazing. Then three oçlock color is blue. They would wear a tone of blue that matched in with the tone of their warm or cool other colors that they’re using and you’d get the same effect.


Blue on the eyeshadow with eyeliner. Add some blue up If you’ve got brown eyes, you would put to intensify the color of the brown. Then the three oçlock color to that would be green.

It’s really fun playing with this stuff and it does actually make a big difference to how you look during the day. It de-ages you really quickly.

Products and Links mentioned…

Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass

There’s a really great book called Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass. Rae has a whole section on eye colors.

She talks about every eye color, Aqua Brown, Blue Green, Cool Green, Warm Green. If you’ve got cool green eyes for example, the purple will make them pop. You will just be staring at the green eyes with purple eyeshadow all day because it’s just amazing. Great book to buy. I love it. It’s got heaps of beautiful makeup tips in it. A really fun thing to try. I think it makes a big difference. You will feel better.

Stilla Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner

Nars Palette

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