10 Life Changing Tips For Women


I am so excited to share with you my 10 life tips for women that can be put to use daily. These super simple life hacks for women can completely alter how you do a certain task, and in other cases can be genuinely life changing tips  to help set you up both mentally and physically to live your best life!


This tip is one of my absolute favourite discoveries and I think you’re going to love it too. In your favourite music streaming app, search for ‘Billboard 19XX’ where the X’s stand for the year you turned 18. What you will be greeted with is a hotlist of all the most popular songs from that year. Music is a powerful tool for evoking emotion and memory, and this can be a really great way to tap into the past and remember all the feelings and thoughts you had from that time. The trick is to imagine all the things that scared you back then, and you will either congratulate yourself for overcoming that fear and creating positive change in your life, or you may find yourself still behaving in the same way that that is keeping you stuck in your life today…It’s all about asking yourself the questions that help you grow.


This next tip pertains to iPhone users primarily; however, I will include the android alternative below.you have trouble reading your phone screen at times and are constantly having to pinch to zoom in and out, then this handy built in feature of the iPhone is for you! In the settings section of your iPhone, go to accessibility. Once in the accessibility tab, open the zoom tab under VISION, and once inside the zoom tab, toggle the feature to on. Your screen should automatically zoom in. This is good! To zoom out, simply tap the screen twice with three fingers. To add zoom controls to your screen at all times, toggle the controller feature on (which is below). This will appear as a virtual button resembling a way finder and can be moved anywhere on your screen for optimal comfort.

BONUS TIP! This tip is similar to tip number 1, however this time we will be zooming in on things in the real world using the iPhone’s cameras. Still in the accessibility tab, click on the magnifier option. To use this feature, simply toggle it on and tap the side button (iPhone X and above) or the home button (iPhone’s previous to X) three times to activate. The world around you should become much clearer and closer and reading menus or ingredients lists will become much easier.


Did you know that it can be considered rude in this day and age to call people on the phone? I know, very, very strange. A lot of people are very busy, especially during the work week, and may be unable to commit to a conversation over the phone (especially your adult kids!). My tip for letting those in your life know that you’re thinking about them and love them is to send them a quick video message on your phone of exactly what you want to say. That way they can see you and hear you and reply when they have the time to do so.


Getting your mindset right is always step number one. When you wake up in the morning, particularly if you’re not going to work, don’t put your dressing gown or pyjamas on. Instead, put on your workout gear. This will tell your mind and body that you are ready for exercise. This little trick, though seemingly mundane is actually very powerful in setting your mindset. Getting ready to go to the gym or for a power walk is always the hardest part and this is a tool to help get you there faster.


If you are currently experiencing thinning hair, start parting your hair to the side. Female baldness presents itself as diffuse thinning from the crown out, so if you are parting your hair in the middle, it’s a lot more obvious. When you part your hair on the side, you don’t see as much scalp as you would if you parted it in the middle.


My next tip also involves hair. Adding some soft layers around your face will give your face texture and dimension, which is exactly what we need as we are getting older.

This tip follows on from the previous tip and is just something to keep in mind when adding layers. If your face is asymmetric, your look is enhanced with asymmetric lines i.e. a side sweeping fringe, choppy layers around the face and a combination of hi lites and lo lights to add definition,. Similarly, if you have a symmetric face, blunt and straight lines, hair pulled back off your face and angled fringe really suits you.

Most people will have a cow lick in the front of their hair, and this complicates things when going for a specific look. To tame the cow lick, blow dry your hair in the opposite direction to the way you want it to go first and when your hair is almost dry, blow dry it into the desired position, spray it and it will sit that way all day.


This next tip is another seemingly obvious thing, however it’s easy to forget. I want you to focus on fostering OQP which stands for “Only Quality People”. Who you surround yourself with plays a huge part in how you think and interact and if you’re constantly surrounded by people who don’t have your best interests at heart, you will not thrive. If you are constantly feeling bad while around one of your friends, it may be time to gently ease out of that relationship unless they are willing to step up. Quality people are positive, happy for you when you do well, kind, constantly learning and improving themselves, happy to share knowledge with you and most importantly…Hold you to a higher standard!


If you’re a woman over 50, I really want you to give this next tip a go. Pick a night or a couple of nights a week and don’t cook or clean. You’re officially on strike for this night and the cooking and cleaning and housework is up to somebody else. Use this time to focus on you with some self-care. You deserve a day, or seven, off.



A lot of us make the mistake of not doing anything with our eyebrows. Making sure our eyebrows are done will help shape the top of our face and keep us in perfect proportion. To do your eyebrows perfectly every time follow these easy steps.

Take your eyebrows in to where the corner of your eye and nose line up. This is the start

Next, along the line from where the corner of your nose and your pupil meet, this will be where your eyebrow should peak.

And finally, make a line from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye and where this meets your eyebrow is where you finish. See below this handy diagram if you get stuck.

TIP 10

Try this youthful lips trick…When applying lipstick, or lipliner, don’t apply all the way to the corners of your mouth…Instead taper the line in just short of your natural lip line. This will create a much softer, more feminine and youthful look. Women with mature skin and fine lines and wrinkles will find that this lipstick trick will solve the problem of lipstick side bleed once and for all. See the handy diagram below so you can follow along! I urge you to try this and let me know the results 🙂


hopefully these tips help you to make your life just a little bit easier. If you have some tips you would like to share, I would love to hear them!

For another 25 tips, clink on the link below!


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