10 Minute Booty Burn Workout For Women Over 50

10 Minute Booty Burn Workout For Women Over 50

Low impact glute workout at home: 10 Minute Booty Burn Workout For Women Over 50 | No Equipment! suitable for beginners and seniors. Each exercise in this 10 minute booty workout targets the glute muscles to build strength and work towards a round butt and ultimate lifting and firming.

We need strong glutes for so many things like our posture, proper weight distribution and for vanity reasons, they help lift our butt. If your glutes are weak….. they can cause other problems like back pain, decreased mobility, and knee problems.They are an important group of muscles but its easy to forget about them.

Before you get started on any butt firming exercise routine, you first need to make sure your butt is engaged…So if you would like to see if your glues are engaged or disengaged I have a test you can do: Click here to take the test.

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I hope you enjoy this Booty Burn Workout xx

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