Could This Be The Magic Pill For Anti-Ageing?

Could This Be The Magic Pill For Anti-Ageing?

Triphala is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine that has withstood the test of time, now readily available for our consumption in virtually every modern drug store. As its name implies, Triphala is the combination of three organic substances: the Indian gooseberry, Black Myrobalan and Beleric Myrobalan (both a kind of seed). Further to this, Triphala was designed to target and balance the three doshas (or energies in Ayurvedic) that make up the human body. In Ayurvedic, this would imply that Triphala is capable of improving our overall strength, stability and wellness.

Modern medicine is, as always, decidedly inconclusive on the actual benefits of Triphala, however many report, myself included, an improvement in regularity and gut health, skin and hair health and strength.

I have been taking Triphala now for several months under the instruction of Ben Greenfield, a biohacker and expert in longevity. Ben Greenfield discusses the benefits of triphala in his book ‘Boundless’, which is an amazing read, but not for the faint hearted! For dosage, ben recommends taking two capsules of triphala ta bedtime with 1000mg of magnesium for improved sleep.

One of the most exciting prospects of Triphala is its proposed anti-ageing benefits. Packed full of free radical fighting antioxidants, Triphala is an excellent supplement to combat the signs of oxidative stress on the body, which as we’ve discussed is catalyst for speeding up of the ageing process. Along with this, here are some of the top proposed anti-ageing health benefits of Triphala.

The Magic Pill For Anti-Ageing


A healthy tummy makes for a healthy body, and as we age the ‘unhealthy’ gut bacteria that cause inflammation become more present, and the ‘healthy’, beneficial gut bacteria become less present.

This can lead to a whole host of complications and even chronic conditions such as indigestion and bowel disease. Triphala essentially eliminates the toxic build up, helping us to become regular by acting as a mild laxative. Additionally to this, Triphala helps to regulate our gut microbiome by reintroducing healthy gut bacteria. 

The Magic Pill


Thanks to its high number of fatty acids, Triphala is an effective supplement to take for bolstering hair health and growth. The fatty acids in Triphala, primarily Omega3, help to provide the proteins needed to rebuild and strengthen the hair follicle. Additionally, these fatty acids help promote blood circulation in the scalp which is essential for hair to thrive.

If you are looking for even more ways to improve your hair health, you may like this video where I discuss my secrets to healthy hair!

The Magic Pill For Anti-Ageing


Packed with vitamin C, Triphala can help increase the potency of our white blood cells in staving off disease. Vitamin C deficiency has also been attributed to weight gain and a slower metabolism, which as we age has a tendency to slow all on its own anyway. Not a great combination! Keeping our vitamin C levels up with Triphala will ensure our bodies are able to more readily fight infection, stay strong and healthy and has the added bonus of regulating our metabolism, which can lead to greater weight loss potential.


Free radicals can wreak havoc in the body given the chance to thrive, leading to a whole host of diseases by literally breaking down healthy cells, which further contributes to the ageing process. The ageing process is essentially just the breakdown of cells over time due to the oxidative stress of free radicals. Skin, hair, our internal health is all affected. While there is no miracle pill that can reverse this process, taking active steps with supplements such as Triphala can help to reverse some of the damage

Magic Pill For Anti-Ageing

While there is no conclusive evidence to suggest the exact benefits Triphala presents for anti-ageing (and our health in general!) I have seen the benefits first hand after taking the supplement, specifically with the improvement of my stomach health.

If you are considering adding Triphala to your daily intake, make sure you check in with your healthcare professional to see if it’s right for you.

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