Healthy & Sugar Free Chocolate Recipe | Anti Ageing | Tastes Amazing | Ready In 5 Minutes!

Sugar Free Chocolate Recipe

You must try this healthy, anti Ageing – Hormone Balancing – Guilt Free – sugar free chocolate recipe! It really does taste Amazing and its so easy to make – it will starve off your sugar cravings and provide a ton of health benefits. You will think its too good to be true! And….it only takes 5 minutes to prepare 🙂 

This fat bomb recipe was given to me by Neville, the owner of my Local Go Vita Health Food Store in Coffs Harbour. And with a little tweak to the original recipe, this has become my go to – guilt free sweet treat…and if your are considering quitting sugar…this is a great place to start! 

Its so easy to make, if you have a nutri bullet, wherever you are, you can whip it together in 5 minutes flat. Zero fuss 🙂 

You’ll see in the video, the health benefits of each ingredient and explain why they are so beneficial to women in their 50s. 

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