The Surprising Anti-Aging Benefits of Collagen for Women Over 50


The Surprising Anti-Aging Benefits of Collagen for Women Over 50

As we age, we begin to notice many changes to our bodies. Collagen is one of the best supplements for women over 50, and as well as targeting wrinkles, you’ll find there are so many great benefits of adding this to your daily routine. Let’s take a look at some of the more surprising benefits you’ll notice when you start taking a daily collagen supplement.

Strengthen Your Skin and Reduce Wrinkles

Collagen works to strengthen your skin, but as we begin to age, our body naturally produces less collagen than it did in the past. This leads to wrinkles forming and dry skin, as collagen also helps with hydration and elasticity. For women over 50, taking collagen each day can help to reduce the signs of aging and slow down this process. Within a couple of months, you’ll find that your body might automatically start to produce more collagen as well, helping you to feel more confident in your own skin.

The Surprising Anti-Aging Benefits of Collagen for Women Over 50

Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite is something that all women will experience at some point in their life, and collagen can help to reduce its appearance. If you want smooth, toned legs without cellulite, collagen along with exercise, lymphatic drainage plus a healthy diet can help you achieve this. This works by supporting the muscles in your body, which reduces the strain on your skin. Within a couple of months you may find that cellulite has started to fade. While this works to take care of existing cellulite, collagen can also prevent it from forming in the first place by protecting your muscles and skin cells against damage.

You may also like to check out this 20 Minute Rebounder Workout For Weight Loss to help reduce cellulite and speed up the process.

Increase Muscle Mass

Collagen makes up between one and ten per cent of your muscle tissue. Women over 50 need strong muscles to function properly, but later on in life, we often begin to lose some of our muscle mass. While exercise is a huge part of this process, we recommend adding collagen into the mix to help boost your progress. It’s known to encourage the synthesis of muscle proteins and will also boost muscle growth following your training sessions. This means you’ll develop more muscle in a short space of time, building up your strength and allowing you to move more freely.

This Toned Arm Workout with Dumbbell Weights will also help increase your muscle mass.

Increased Energy Levels and Improve Overall Health

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As we get older, our body’s ability to repair itself starts to slow down, leading us to experience a drop in energy levels over time. With collagen in your diet every day, you can help to reverse this process and increase your energy levels by up to 20% within a few months. This means you’ll be able to get more done during the day, without experiencing that mid-afternoon slump. It goes beyond just boosting your energy levels though, collagen can also encourage your body to absorb more nutrients from your food, helping to keep you in tip-top shape.This is mainly due to its ability to lower blood glucose levels and improve the function of both the liver and pancreas, which helps release glutathione, which is linked with cellular health and longevity.

For an instant energy boost try this 15 Minute Fat Burning Indoor Walking Workout.

Increase Bone Strength

Osteoporosis is another illness that can affect women over 50. Collagen works to support your bone health by encouraging the production of collagen cells, which strengthens your bones and allows for them to remain healthy. As well as this, it will also encourage muscles growth in your body, reducing strain on your bones and helping you to maintain strong, healthy bones for longer.

Gain More Energy and Improve Your Mood

When we reach a certain age, it’s not just our physical health that starts to decline. Many women over 50 will experience problems with their mental health too, leading to things like anxiety and depression. Collagen can help in this area by boosting your energy levels and improving your mood. When your mood is better, you’ll feel less anxious and depressed, which will help to improve your mental health over time. This has a knock-on effect of benefiting your physical health as well.

Collagen Can Ease Stress and Improve Sleep

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If you have been experiencing sleep problems lately, collagen can help to improve this area too. By taking a daily supplement, you’ll find that you fall asleep easier and enjoy a deeper sleep. This can reduce stress levels and leave you feeling more refreshed the next day. It works because collagen contains amino acids that will help to produce serotonin in your body, which is what regulates your mood and feelings throughout the day.

Gut Health Benefits

Each serving of collagen contains a large amount of the amino acids glutamine, proline, and glycine. These can benefit the intestinal tract and stomach, which will help to improve your overall gut health. Collagen soothes and strengthens the gut lining, improving the tight junctions and reducing the chance of gut barrier dysfunction. On top of that, it can help to improve your digestion and increase nutrient absorption. Instead of escaping through the intestinal lining, your body will benefit from the healthy diet you follow more once you add collagen to your diet.

Stronger Nails

While women over 50 often focus on taking collagen to reduce wrinkles, there are some other great benefits to your overall appearance once you add this supplement to your daily routine. Collagen can boost both your nail growth and appearance, minimising the chance of experiencing constant splitting nails. You’ll also find your fingernails grow stronger and longer, making you feel more confident about your hands (healthy nails become the focus of your hands and outshine the age spots and wrinkles!) Many women over 50 start to notice their nails split and break more often, but collagen will help prevent the brittleness that so many of us experience.

The Secret to Great Hair

Collagen works wonders on your skin, but it can also help you to feel more confident about your hair as you enter your 50s and beyond. Research suggests that collagen can help to keep those early grey hairs away for longer due to its antioxidant-rich composition. It works to fight cell damage, which is often linked to grey hair.

The amino acids in collagen help to build keratin, which is the protein your hair is primarily made up of. If you are looking for a way to keep your hair healthier for longer, this is a great tool to use alongside regular cuts and treatments. It’s also known for preventing hair thinning, which is something we see more of in women over 50. We know how much this can impact your confidence, but by improving the health of your scalp, you’ll find that hair thinning is reduced over time.

In my personal experience, collagen has helped reduce the amount of hair fall I experience daily. It is natural to loose strands of hair each day, but my hair fall after the birth of my third son was extreme! As soon as I started supplementing I noticed less hair on my brush and that can be a good test for you too – it’s great to read about it, but by doing your own experiment will know for sure.

Read more about this in my blog post Female Hair Loss – What is  it and how can we stop it.

Reduce Joint Pain

Women over 50 often start to notice regular joint pain. At this time our your life, there’s also an increased chance of experiencing degenerative joint disorders due to the reduced collagen levels in your body. Collagen works to protect the joints, as it assists with maintaining the cartilage in all of your joints. By adding a collagen supplement each day, joint pain will likely reduce over time. You’ll find it easier to enjoy the activities you love, such as walking or exercising, and maintain an improved quality of life for longer.

How to Include Collagen in Your Diet

There are a few different ways you can make sure you’re getting enough collagen in your diet. One way is to take a supplement in the form of a powder or a capsule. These are typically made from hydrolyzed collagen, which is collagen that has been broken down into smaller pieces so that it’s easy for your body to absorb.

The capsules can be used as directed. The powder form (which is my preferred way) can easily be added to your food and drinks since it is very soluble. Add it to your smoothies, stir it in your tea or coffee and you can use it in cooking such as stews, soups and sauces. There are so many ways to get collagen into your diet so that you can start reaping the benefits.

My favorite way to get my Collagen is in my healthy sugar free chocolate recipe. It’s super easy and you can see how you can make it here… Healthy Sugar Free Anti-Aging Chocolate Recipe.

In Conclusion

As you can see, collagen isn’t just used to treat wrinkles in women over 50. There are so many great benefits of adding this supplement to your diet on a daily basis. While our bodies do naturally produce collagen, as we age, this is greatly reduced. Instead, women over 50 can benefit from a daily supplement that works to boost overall appearance and well being. It’s a powerful anti-aging tool that you should consider including in your diet today. By adding more collagen into your diet, you’ll notice you look and feel better in your body, allowing you to continue doing the things you love for longer.

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