Random Acts Of Kindness

A random act of kindness is a term you are more than likely familiar with. A subtle gesture of goodwill without expecting anything in return. It doesn’t have to be a grand, sweeping display. It can be little, and almost unnoticeable; a small but impactful exchange between you and the recipient. A kind word, a helping hand, a warm smile.

Kindness spreads like a flame and the energy of positivity radiates. Your act of kindness has the power to change your entire day, week or month and certainly affect the lives of those close to you. We never can be sure of the outcome of a random act of kindness, only that it will be positive.

Kindness carries with a set of proven positive benefits to your overall wellbeing too. If we break it down to a science, kindness releases a hormone known as oxytocin which is responsible for forming bonds and trust. Studies on kindness have also shown that we receive a hit of dopamine when we are kind, which is further positive reinforcement.

For this whole month, I would love for you to try this little experiment of being kind for no reason at all. Use it as a tool to connect with yourself and those around you and take note of how you feel throughout the entire month. Notice if there are any changes to physiology and temperament. Notice if you are finding yourself judge less and love more. Notice any change at all and keep track. This is just an experiment after all.

If you would like to give this a try, click here to download your free kindness journal which will help you keep track of the month.

10 Random Act Of Kindness Ideas

  • Make a cake or cookies and deliver them to a neighbour
  • Volunteer your time to share your expertise with someone who it could benefit (commit to one hour a week)
  • Write out a list of 10 things you like or love about someone and give it to them
  • Give your mum or an older woman a makeover
  • Invite an older person what it was like to be your current age now
  • Send a positive comment to a company you have received good service from
  • Go to your contacts list, choose three random people and send them a virtual hug and well wishes
  • Pay for the coffee for the person behind you
  • Use the money you would have spent on coffee for one a day a week and leave it somewhere for someone lucky to pick up.
  • Think of one person who you’ve wronged in the past and write them a kind note to say you’re sorry.

Leave you random act of kindness suggestions so we can all benefit. Xx

I will continue to add to this list using your suggestions!

I’m so excited to share the Fabulous50s 30-day Mindfulness Challenge!!

Over the next month, you will be engaging in one activity every day designed to bring you back to a state of positivity and mindfulness.

To begin our 30-day challenge, we’re going to tap in to our subtle body so that we can be present in the now. This technique helps to take us away from the past and the wild, meandering thoughts that may distract us and into the present.

To sign up for the challenge now, click here!

mindfulness challenge

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you Schellea! I’m doing everything I can to spread love right now. Things are very tense in America this week and I’m hoping we can all just be very chill for a few days. I will be doing my part all week.

  2. Merci vous faites beaucoup de bien autour de vous, je suis agée de 63 ans et c’est la premiere fois de ma vie que j’ai vraiment envie de m’entrainer. depuis maintenant 2 mois que je suis votre blog et que je m’entraine en regardant votre vidéo. Je vous trouve tres motivante et je me sens bien et rajeunie. Merci Merci Merci

  3. Great Idea! It is my usual approach to people but now I will start writing it down to lift a bit my own spirit…Valentina

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