The Best Hairstyle Trends You Must Try In Your 50s

The Best Hairstyle Trends You Must Try In Your 50s

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The Best Hairstyle Trends You Must Try In Your 50s

As we start a new year, the desire for a fresh look becomes increasingly irresistible. One of the most exciting ways to change is to get a stylish haircut. The internet saw a wide range of hair cuts in 2023, which set the stage for how hairstyle trends in your 50s would change in 2024.

This new year, the hairstyle trends in your 50s are all about celebrating ourselves, having confidence and enjoying the beautiful look that comes with getting older.

I do not know about you, but I have noticed that hair care is seeing a lot of new ideas. The goal is to make our hair healthier. With wash-and-go styles or colors that are placed in more striking ways, I love that we are now embracing our natural textures.

This is really a good trend to start the year with. If you’re thinking of a new year makeover this year (along with my Fabulous50s 14-Day GlowUp Fitness challenge), these are the hairstyle trends in your 50s.

These hairstyle trends in your 50s feature colors, cuts and a wide range of styling methods that you will love. Basically, the 2024 hairstyles are taking classic styles and giving them a completely new look.

1. Embracing Natural Gray Hair

Celebrating natural gray hair is one of the big trends this year. Women will choose to show off their silver strands, enjoying the beauty that comes with getting older. As a way to bring out each woman’s natural beauty, stylists will be creating custom gray blends.

As a woman in her 50s, I think every hair color should make you feel good about yourself and let you be creative. If you have gray hair, you should be proud of it this year. 

There are also many hair products you can use to treat and take care of your gray hair, whether you want to bring out the grays that are already there or add tone and color for a perfectly gray look.

2. Cute Bobs

This year, the classic bob is changing in a lovely way, with twists that give this classic style a touch of modern style. In 2023, the bob style was one of the most popular hairstyles. It has not really gone out of style. This adaptability, which offers many versions to suit different tastes, makes it popular. 

One of the best things about the bob resurgence is the variety. Whether you like playful curls, chic cropped styles with butterfly layers, or the ‘French’ or ‘Italian’ bob, there is a style for every fashionista.

The classic bob remains a popular hairstyle. We’ll see a modern twist on this classic in 2024. Traditional bobs are made more relaxed and playful with asymmetrical cuts and textured finishes.In all its forms, the bob lets wearers express themselves and present their tastes.

Long “LOB” bobs are versatile. The long bob works with straight or wavy hair. For chic and versatile women over 50, its delicate face framing makes it a timeless choice.

Keeping your bob healthy requires care. Always let your bob reflect your style and personality.

3. Short and Chic

Short hairstyles are making a significant comeback in 2024. From pixie cuts to cropped styles, these chic and easy-to-maintain options are perfect for the busy yet stylish woman over 50. Short hair exudes confidence and a modern flair.

Pixie cuts will make waves in 2024, offering a bold and trendy option for women over 50. These short, daring styles are confident and great for carefree living.

“Mixi” is a new option for people who want a totally cool short hair cut. The hair is cut short on top and long at the back of the neck for a mixi cut, which is a mix of a pixie cut and a mullet.

One great thing about the “mixi” is that you can style it in a lot of different ways. It looks great with all hair types. The style has a mod feel to it, but the cut is more modern. You can use a flat iron or just let your hair stay straight. But a natural curl can easily make this style more lovely.

4. Elegant Updos

Classic updos are always a good choice for formal events or just to look classy every day. These styles add a touch of glitz and show off the poise and grace that come with being an adult.

When it comes to hairstyles for women over 50, updos are a great way to show off your style and keep your hair clean. In fact, 2024 will see lots of modern hairstyles for updos, including the chignon, the half-up, and even the low bun. 

I’ll love to see updo hairstyles that are both perfect and somewhat unusual. I know for sure that women over 50 will look beautiful with a braided chignon. This style does require a little longer hair.

You can show off your beautiful hair while keeping it out of your face with half-up and half-down styles. You could do a cool half-upstyle with twists, a simple half-up bun, or just pin up the top half of your hair.

The knot bun will also be another classic hair trend in 2024. You can make a bun in a lot of different ways besides the traditional wraparound. Cut your hair in half and tie it in a bunch to achieve this look. You will need a lot of pins to keep this style in place if your hair is long or thick. Don’t forget to leave out a few layers that frame the face.

5. Timeless Curls

Women over 50 are loving curls in 2024, showing that they will never go out of style. Soft, loose curls can add a touch of romance and fun to your look, making you look younger overall.

Short perms, medium-length natural curls, and different kinds of curly bob cuts are some of the curly hairstyle trends in your 50s in 2024, and they will definitely look great on you. 

Curls are a great style for women over 50, and you can do a lot of different things with them. When you get older, there is no rule that says you have to cut your hair short. So don’t be afraid to go longer in 2024. 

For mid-length hair, let your natural curls do their thing and use big rollers to make curls that are loose and flowy. The curly style will always look good, and your gray hair will make it stand out even more. 

You can make your curly hair look more interesting by adding highlights and bangs. These will give your style a fun, flirty vibe. 

Do you want to know how to get these lovely, well-kept curls? Keep your hair moist! Your naturally curly hair can appear freshly styled by a professional if you use the right hair care product.

6. Braided Beauty

Braids are not just for young women; they can also look good on women over 50. With braids, you can add a touch of bohemian elegance to your hair in a variety of ways, from simple accents to complex styles.

We often picture schoolgirls with pigtails when we hear the word “braids.” But if you do them right, braids are a great way to style your hair for free, even for women like me who are over 50. 

Braids look great on everyone and never go out of style. From braided pigtails and plaited crowns to cowgirl braids, you can wear them all day to protect your hair and easily tuck it away. 

You can use matching extensions to make beautiful salt-and-pepper cornrow braids that will make you feel great about your gray hair. Wear the knits loose or by bunging them up on top of your head. You can also make it look fancy by adding some shiny hair cuffs.

For my beautiful mixed-race women over 50, box braids are a great way to keep your hair short. Wearing medium-sized braids is another way to get a long hairstyle. 

Dutch braids on the sides that are wrapped into a simple low bun in the back are also a favorite.

7. Stylish Shags

Shags are making a comeback with a modern twist in 2024. A shag haircut is popular with women who want to look stylish and not worry about taking care of their hair. The layers and texture give it a young, carefree look.

Shags are all about long layers and ends that are not straight. That is why your stylist can sometimes give your hair depth where it looks too flat, give it volume where it needs it, and keep it from breaking. 

If you decide to color your hair with lowlights that are a couple of shades darker than your natural color, short, shaggy hairstyles can make you look younger and more stylish. If you want to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes, get a haircut with bangs and short backburns with feathers.

Slightly shaggy hairstyles for women over 50 always have a lot of thin layers. So add long sideburns and a modern tapered neckline to this shaggy cut for a youthful, trendy look.

If you want to go from a short bob or pixie cut to a longer style, a shag haircut can help. The longer style makes your face and neck look elongated, which makes you look more stately and elegant. Make the top a little messier to add a little extra height.

8. Accessorizing with Headbands

Hairbands are unsung accessories that improve hairstyles. These versatile accessories can easily transform any look, allowing you to express your personality and style. Headbands, from classic to bohemian, let you express your inner diva.

This year, women over 50 are wearing headbands for their style and functionality. Headbands hold hair in place and add style. For a formal event or a casual outing, the right headband can complete your hairstyle.

The versatility of headbands is their beauty. Choose from embellished bands for a sophisticated look, boho-chic patterns for a comfortable vibe, or sleek and minimalistic bands for a classic look. You can easily match your headband to your outfit and style with so many options.

You can express yourself confidently with headbands. Explore different styles to find your fit. If you are a trendsetter or prefer classic elegance, a headband can enhance your individuality and make a statement.

9. Low Maintenance Hairstyles

In 2024, the trend is all about simplifying your routine while still exuding elegance. For style and practicality, women over 50 are choosing low-maintenance styles in the hustle and bustle of daily life. These hairstyles are easy to style, so you look chic without much effort.

You can still look stylish in low-maintenance styles. These hairstyles often outlast trends. From short, sassy cuts to easy-to-manage medium lengths, find a style that suits your lifestyle and natural texture.

Slow-maintenance styles free up time. You can focus on more important things by choosing a low-maintenance hairstyle. Low-maintenance styles let you prioritize personal goals, family, and self-care.

No one should be too old to look and feel great. Women over 50 can achieve effortless beauty with low-maintenance styles. Try a hairstyle that matches your personality, enhances your features, and gives you confidence without effort.

10. Confidence-Boosting Hairstyles

The way you style your hair reflects your inner strength and resilience. Beyond appearance, confidence-boosting hairstyles reflect an empowered woman. 

In 2024, women are choosing styles that not only look good but also serve as a powerful expression of self-assurance.

A good hairstyle can reveal a lot about you. With a bold pixie cut, flowing long bob, or chic shag, your hairstyle conveys confidence, grace, and readiness to face the world. Wear a style that boosts your confidence.

When you spend time choosing a hairstyle, you are affirming your worth and acknowledging how it can boost your confidence.

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Hairstyling Tips and Tricks for Women Over 50

Hairstyling is an art, and there are many tricks and tips that can help you get the look you want. Put your money into good hair products made just for women over 50. These products are made to meet the specific needs of hair that is getting older, like being dry and thinning. 

Try out different hair styling tools, like a straightener or curling iron, to get different looks. You can make your hair look fuller and younger by curling or waving it. 

Do not be afraid to get help from a professional. Your hairstylist can tell you what style will look best on your face shape and hair type, and they can also show you how to do it yourself.

It is important to take care of your hair and wear it in the right way to keep it healthy and looking young. For gentle hair care, use a shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type. If you can, stay away from harsh chemicals and choose natural and organic products. 

Heat styling your hair too much can damage it and make it look dull and lifeless. If you use heat tools to style your hair, make sure to spray heat protectant on it first. 

Finally, take care of your hair from the inside out by eating well and drinking enough water. Your hair will thank you for it.

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Closing Thoughts 

There will be numerous hairstyle trends in your 50s in 2024. You can find a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful and confident, whether you like classic styles or want to try something new and trendy. 

Moreover, choosing a hairstyle that fits your face shape, lifestyle, and hair type can help you look more beautiful and delay the aging process. 

Have fun and love your natural beauty, no matter what hairstyle you choose—a classic bob, a trendy pixie cut, or a glamorous long hairstyle. You can feel and look beautiful, confident, and young with the right hairstyle. 

Try out one of these hairstyle trends in your 50s in 2024 and be proud of your own style. 

So go ahead, book an appointment with your hairstylist and get ready to rock your new look!

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