Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50

best swimsuits for women over 50 fabulous 50s

Best Swimsuits For Women Over 50

Summertime is here for so many of us around the world, and it’s time to shed your sweats and sweaters for something much more beach or poolside appropriate. If you are planning a trip to somewhere warm and will be in a bathing suit this season, or you want to find the best swimsuit for your summer shenanigans this year, I am here to help.

Finding the right swimsuit can feel intimidating, especially if you don’t feel confident about certain parts of your body (which, trust meโ€”it’s totally normal not to feel confident about parts of your body!). However, I’m here to give you a few different options of bathing suit styles that can suit different body shapes. Whether you want to cover up your arms (bat wings anyone?), minimise that belly fat, make sure you don’t show too much cleavage, or just feel comfortable in the outfit you’re wearing, you’ll be able to find a swimsuit type on this list that suits your summertime needs.

The Square-Cut One Piece

square-cut one-piece swimsuit

The square-cut one-piece is like a typical one-piece swimsuit with one important change: it has a square neckline, rather than a v- or rounded neck. The square neckline is more than an interesting design detail that will make your swimwear different from everyone else’s on the beach. It’s also a good choice if you have a big bust and want to make sure that you feel secure in what you’re wearing while you’re swimming in the pool, splashing in the surf, or sunning on the sand. The reason a square cut is perfect for a big bust is the deep anglur neckline allows for the right amount of skin to show which lengthens the neck and chest area, giving the optical illusion of being taller and slimmer than you actually are!

The straight-line cut of the square-cut one piece naturally covers your bust and minimizes it by not revealing too much of your cleavage. But it also exposes plenty of the top of your chest, including your collar bones, so you won’t feel like you’re covering up too much, especially in the summertime heat.

The square-cut one-piece is both a high-fashion choice for 2022 and a way to keep your body comfortable this summer.

The Classic Tankini

The sporty tankini has been around for years, and there’s a good reason that it’s not going anywhere this year. The tankini is a classic that takes the traditional bikini look and extends the top into a tank top that covers most of the midriff. The tankini is an especially great choice for women over 50 looking for the right swimsuit because it provides coverage of the stomach and abdomenโ€”a spot many women feel uncomfortable exposing to the world.

Despite the coverage it offers, however, the tankini still allows for a little skin exposure, and it has a break between the top and bottom of the swimsuit. It’s a fun way of wearing a 2 peace bikini and more age appropriate for us lovely ladies over 50. This means that when you get in the water, you can easily cool down your middle section without your bathing suit clinging to you. The tankini is a good compromise between a one-piece and a two-piece swimsuit when you can’t decide this season.

Two-Piece Ruffled-Top Bikini

When you have an apple-shaped body, you don’t want to choose any swimsuit that brings extra attention to your belly or abdomen and less attention to your chest. One way to balance out your upper and lower halves with an apple body shape is by wearing a ruffled-top bikini.

In a ruffled bikini, you wear a regular-sized two-piece bottom as the bottom half of your bikini, and that’s perfect for you, because your legs are the part you are happy to show off! The top half of your two-piece swimsuit will look more like a feminine, ruffled tank top that billows out and hangs down over your midriff and the top of your bikini bottom. You will find an extra minimising effect if your top “arrows” downย because the eye is directed towards your legs!

The ruffled bikini top isn’t just a way to provide your body with great coverage. It’s also an incredibly feminine, girly look that dresses up your bathing suit quite a bit. So, choosing a two-piece ruffled-top bikini is an excellent balance between comfort and coverage. It’s a strong choice for style and fashion in the upcoming summer 2022 season.

Halter Top Swimsuit

Sometimes, it can feel like you just can’t find the swimsuit that was meant for you. If you find that no matter what bathing suit you try on you just can’t find the right piece, then consider trying either a one-piece or a two-piece that has a halter top tie at the back.

A halter top swimsuit will enhance a big bust or small bust, and it narrows a wide shoulder…It’s kind of perfect for most women over 50! The style allows you to control the tightness or looseness of the fastening at the back. You can allow for a certain amount of room for the bust or make the top of the swimsuit smaller if you want it to fit more tightly.

A halter top swimsuit gives you more control over what you’re wearing, and it’s a great choice if you feel like you want to have some say over the amount of coverage your suit gives you. You can find all sorts of halter top swimsuits in all sorts of cuts. If you’re choosing a halter top bathing suit, you can pick a bikini, a tankini, a one-piece, and even a bathing suit with a swim skirt at the bottom for ample coverage.

Find All the Right Wardrobe Pieces (Including the Best Swimsuits) This Summer

swimsuits for summer

One of the best ways to feel great about yourself, no matter the season, is honing in on your personal style and dressing in a way that makes you feel confident. Whatever you do…DONT compare yourself with anyone else! If you feel happy and confident in this glorious body you have, others will see you through this image. There are no rules about how you can dress after 50. The only rule is that you should feel comfortable and beautiful in what you wear.

Studies show it can actually be very hard to determine what your own body shape is based on a guess. For some help, check out our guide to finding out what your body type is. If you want some further ideas on what the best choices of outfit for your body type are, consider reading my previous blog on how to pick the right sleeve length for each body type.

How do you like to dress by the pool or on the beach during the summer? What’s your favorite swimsuit cut now that you’re over 50? I want to hear all of your ideas in the comments below.

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