Coming Out To Parents Story

Coming Out To Parents Story

Its a Very Unusual experience when your child “Comes Out”….So in this video I talk about ..How I felt when my Son, Luke Came Out and share an honest and candid account of my experience, as a Mum… processing the news that my Son is Gay. Now I’m a parent of a Gay Son and I think its a gift….

My son and I share our story of what it was like for our family and I talk about how I had never even asked myself “is my child Gay” so the news was completely unexpected for me…and from Luke’s perspective – what its like to come out to your parents!

The video is edited by Luke so its a little different to my others but I think he has captured the essence of our relationship, which is something I cherish and am grateful for every day.

I think as a Mum, it is a challenge to find out that your child is gay, mainly because you worry that they will be OK and be accepted in society – as well as fearing the harsh judgement from the people around you.

LOVE IS LOVE and I hope that all people can embrace the LGBT community and just focus on loving people for who they are and not what “we think” their differences are.

I hope you enjoy this “Coming Out to Parents Story”. Thank you for watching!

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