Famous Women Over 50 Who Have Still “GOT IT” – fabulous50s

Famous Women Over 50 Who Have Still "GOT IT" - fabulous50s

FAMOUS WOMEN OVER 50 INCLUDE – Elle McPherson, Christie Brinkley, Juliane Moore, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Olivia Newton John, Goldie Hawn, Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch and Betty White! 

They are all Fabulous and show us that we have still guts “lots of living to do yet!”

Although many of them have had “work done” they all seem young in spirit and flexible in thought (especially Betty White!) SO, the end goal as we grow older, is not to look younger, its to be youthful in spirit with a huge zest for life, because that’s what makes older women so attractive, interesting and magnetic to be around. 

Just like the celebrities, with the right lighting, hair and makeup we can all look more glamorous than we do first thing in the morning…Right? thats easy… 

BUT…. to go the distance and remain ageless into our 90s, it takes the discipline of daily exercise, clean foods, creative outlets, lots of laughter, giving back, trying new things, continual learning, connection with others, flexible thinking and surrounding ourselves with things that we love. 

I hope you enjoy the video xx

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