How To Minimise A Bigger Bust

How To Minimise A Bigger Bust

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I’m going to show you something that you can’t un see, and once you understand this styling principle you will always know this unique styling tip to minimise a large bust.

Putting together the perfect outfit is a task fraught with confusion. Add to that the need to include items that are flattering for a bigger bust and you have a thoroughly intimidating task on your hands.

For most of us, our first instinct when dressing for a bigger bust is to just throw as much fabric at it as we can get away with, however this can make us look larger than we are and swallow up our natural shape to create an ill-defined silhouette. In this post I’m going to show you how to use jewellery to minimise your bust, and again, once you understand this minimising styling tip, you’ll remember it forever.

The key to creating the perfect outfit for a bigger bust lies in illusion dressing, specifically using strategically placed items around the neckline that are bigger than the bust. To better demonstrate what I am talking about, take look at the below images.

When comparing these two images side by side, can you tell which inner circle is bigger?

The answer surprisingly is that both inner circles are exactly the same size! In these images, the outer circles create the illusion that the inner circle is either bigger or smaller by how big they are in comparison to the inner circle. On the right, the outer circles are much bigger, creating the illusion that the inner circle is smaller than it is. On the right, the opposite is true. So, how does this rule apply to styling?

By including items that are ‘larger’ around the bust area as opposed to finer, more dainty items, we can create the same effect on our bodies as in the example above.


The inclusion of jewellery in your daily fit has the power to either make our break your ensemble. When dressing for a bigger bust, the first thing we should keep an eye out for is jewellery that is chunkier and larger in size. Beads, stones and ornaments are a perfect choice here, as opposed to finer chains and delicate straps. Again, smaller items make the bust appear bigger while larger items create the illusion of diminishing the bust.

The next thing to keep in mind here is that larger jewellery should be worn from the collar bone down to the top of the cleavage for maximum effect. Try to avoid items that dip lower than the bust as these will act to draw more attention to that area focus the eye on the wherever the jewellery is sitting. Placement really does make all the difference!


Another thing to keep in mind is to include jewellery with negative space. What I mean by this is items with space between the larger elements like in the below example. The goal is to get the elements of your necklace to work in harmony with the elements of your body.


When seeking jewellery, keep an eye out for shapes that draw the eye downwards. Generally anything with a fine point (tear drop shapes, triangles etc) are a safe bet here. Elongated shapes just add another layer to the illusion of minimising the bust.

Furthermore, elongated shapes combined with negative space in jewellery creates the illusion of a soft, delicate and feminine look.


When picking out an outfit, look for plunging v-necklines which help to give the illusion of length and add interest and shape to your outfit. V-necklines draw the attention away from the bigger bust, lengthen our torso and add a slimming effect.

If you would like to do a little experiment, try wearing both a delicate piece around your neck and something similar to what is her and see if you can tell the difference. Once you see this illusion in practice for yourself, you will instantly get it!

If you’re looking to include some new pieces in your collection, check out the below pieces!

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