How To Reduce Under Eye Bags Over 50 – 7 Treatments To Consider

Learn how to reduce under eye bags over 50 with these 7 practical treatments. The first signs of age usually present themselves under the eyes in the form of eye bags. The production of sebaceous oils that keep our skin balanced and fresh slowly declines as we age, particularly in the delicate skin around our eyes. For us, this means heavier eye bags and sagging skin with seemingly little to no help from your traditional moisturiser.

Another side effect of the ageing process on the eyes is greater fluid retention, which further increases the look of ‘puffiness’ under the eyes. Smoking, lack of sleep and allergies are also factors to consider here.

Simply be including a few of these treatments into your daily routine, you will notice a reduction in your puffy under eye area and you really can see the difference.

How To Reduce Under Eye Bags


One of the easiest and most natural ways to get rid of eye bags and reduce the signs of ageing is with exercise. By increasing blood flow, our bodies are better able to carry vital nutrients and oxygen around the body, improving cell health. Exercise also helps our bodies flush cellular waste, cleansing our bodies from the inside out. This stimulated blood flow will also help flush fluid buildup around the body, including the face.

If you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re a pro, I think you’ll really enjoy this HIIT workout which is really going to get the blood pumping.


As we have discussed, natural collagen production in the skin decreases as we age. Collagen helps support healthy skin function and keeps our skin firm and supple, so a lack of collagen means sagging skin, wrinkles and dullness. To help rejuvenate our dermis, a collagen supplement is a must.

This is the collagen supplement that I love using because it is sourced from all grass fed bovine, it’s free of GMO’s and hormones plus it’s gluten free and tasteless so you can easily add it to any beverage.

Reduce Under Eye Bags Over 50


The use of pearl powder is an effective treatment for baggy eyes. Pearl powder is rich in amino acids that play an important role to delay the aging process. Used to stimulate wound healing, the amino acids also help spur on collagen production which in turn can make wrinkle appear less prominent.

Pearl powder can also help in easing skin irritations, calm redness, and soothe inflammation.


Retinol creams are helpful for combating several skin issues, especially aging skin. All retinols are a derivative of vitamin A, which acts to boost skin cell turnover, meaning you have newer skin sooner. This leads to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and can help flatten out hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone. A retinoid can make the skin quite sensitive though, so if you notice irritation, stop use immediately.

There are so many different types of retinol it can be difficult to know just where to get started. I personally use .05% retinol cream called SteviA which does require a prescription, so if you are looking for something a little stronger, make sure you have a chat with your dermatologist. For a less invasive and vitamin A treatment, I think you’ll really enjoy The Ordinary’s Retinol in Squalane which is much gentler but still very effective! For even more on The Ordinary’s products, you may enjoy this blog post where I discuss my morning and night-time skin routine using The Ordinary products


There are some foods we can include in our diet that may have an effect on the bags under our eyes. Parsley, for example, aids our kidneys in flushing out excess fluids from our body. Try adding some as a garnish or to a salad for your next meal!

Other foods to watch out for are cucumber and watermelon, both of which are high in nutrients like silica which can help improve collagen production and each is rich in moisture which will aid in rehydration.

Blueberries should also be considered here for their antioxidants which will help boost skin cell helath.


When we see ourselves with dark circles or bags under our eyes, the first though is usually “I didn’t get enough sleep last night.” The reason our lack of sleep can be so telling is because our blood vessels dilate when we don’t get enough sleep. Because of this dilation, the thin, delicate skin under our eyes allows the blood to be more noticeable, showing you and the rest of the world that last night was not the best in terms of sleep. The remedy for this is simple enough in theory; get more sleep. However, in practice, this is not always the case. Practicing stress relieving activities such as meditation at night can help quite the mind and put us into a better state to get to sleep.

On top of that, while we sleep our bodies go into full-on repair mode. This repair accounts for a daily peak of skin cell regeneration, collagen production and melatonin production

How To Reduce Eye Bags


If an eye mask is not already part of your topical skincare routine, you may want to consider adding a twice weekly session. Eye masks are specifically created to target skin conditions associated with the eye area such as dark circles and puffiness by injecting a host of actives proven to improve these conditions straight to the problem area. For an all natural soultion, you may have heard about placing cold cucumber on the eyes to reduce puffiness, and this technique actually works very well. If you would like to try an eye mask loaded with moisture and cooling ingredients, you will love the effect of using of hyaluronic acid for boosted moisture which will help fill out fine lines and wrinkles, and caffeine which can reduce puffiness. Best of all, the time you spend masking is totally you time, so make a cup of tea, sit back and relax. Click the link to try the deluxe feeling eye mask that I use, totally worth the reasonable price tag!


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