How To Repurpose Old Jewelry | DIY


Recycle an old ring or and turn it into a modern choker and transform an old piece of chain jewlery and repurpose it into something that is modern and new again. Learn how to make a choker as I take my Mum’s old wedding ring and an old chain that I no longer use and repurpose both pieces so I can wear them again after sitting in the bottom of the drawer for many years.

DIY project for home using jewlery you already have.

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Here are my top tips…

  • Repurpose same old jewelry and make it to modern DIY style.
  •  Dress up your vintage jewelry and transform it to be stunning gem.
  • Take that old vintage jewelry or brooch and dress up your otherwise boring belts.
  •  You can also turn old jewelry into bejeweled bookmarks.
  •  Bead on the strands that you can sew on your sandals.

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