How To Stay Young Over 50!

How To Stay Young Over 50!

How to stay young over 50…Ask your self “Do I act old for my age?” If the answer was Yes…keep watching…Practical tips to look and feel 10 years younger over 50.

Many women remain youthful and vital way into their 80s and in Betty White’s case…90s…but others act old in their 30s! So what is it that keeps us young? How can you tell if your perceived by others as old?…And…What you can do about it!

Please enjoy the video xx

I’m so excited to share the Fabulous50s 30-day Mindfulness Challenge!!

Over the next month, you will be engaging in one activity every day designed to bring you back to a state of positivity and mindfulness.


To begin our 30-day challenge, we’re going to tap in to our subtle body so that we can be present in the now. This technique helps to take us away from the past and the wild, meandering thoughts that may distract us and into the present.

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