9 Top Tinted Moisturisers for Mature Skin for 2021

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect tinted moisturiser but seem to keep coming up short? One that’s lightweight enough and provides even coverage while also lasting the entire day and, on top of all that, makes the skin feel hydrated and nourished? It may seem like a pipe dream, however the perfect tinted moisturiser exists and best of all we’re really spoiled for choice. In this article, I’m going to break down the 9 absolute best tinted moisturisers for mature skin that you need to try today!

Before we dive into the products themselves, let’s briefly discuss why you need a moisturiser and the problems we may face with mature skin.

What Casues Skin to 'Mature'?

As we’ve discussed before, mature skin has a tendency to head south (not north, which would be much better!) Loss of natural collagen production in the skin is a prime culprit, however other environmental factors play a big role too. Over the course of our lives, we are hit with a barrage of environmental stressors such as air pollution and UV damage that all contribute to the deterioration of our skin defence. Left on its own, our skin will inevitably become less taught, and fine lines and wrinkles will pop up with increasing frequency. This is just a part of life, however, there are steps we can take to mitigate the signs of age.

What Can I Do About My Mature Skin?

A healthy diet, regular exercise and a diligent skincare routine (including supplements) can all help keep your skin in tip top shape. The inclusion of a tinted moisturiser in your routine can also help instantly transform your complexion. A tinted moisturiser can conceal age related spots and blemishes, smooth out an uneven skin tone, and diffuse redness. A good tinted moisturiser will come packed with antioxidants and an SPF count too so you can protect the skin from further damage!

So, what is a tinted moisturiser?

As the name suggests, a tinted moisturiser is a lightweight moisturising formula offering diffused radiance, hydration and a sheer coverage. A good tinted moisturiser serves a similar function as a foundation, giving a light no-makeup make-up look to even out your skin tone. So, a tinted moisturiser gives you the makeup and moisturiser in one product.

Why Do I Need A Tinted Moisturiser?

Now you may be wondering, do I need this?

Well, yes! For starters, a moisturiser is absolutely essential in your skincare routine and the added benefit of a light, tinted formula will ensure you avoid a heavy or cakey feel to your makeup. If you don’t enjoy the look and feel of a foundation, you’re going to love a tinted moisturiser!

Another tip is to use a tinted moisturiser underneath your foundation for a little more coverage and increased hydration.

If you’re ready to make the switch, I think you’re really going to love the Fabulous50s picks for the top nine top tinted moisturisers!

9 Top Tinted Moisturisers

Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat All-in-1 Glow Foundation
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For a glowy look with medium coverage, try the all-in-1 glow foundation from Yves Saint Laurent. It blurs imperfections, enhances the skin’s natural radiance and offers light reflecting particles, giving your skin a luminous glow.
The oil free formula will make sure you stay grease free during the day! Best of all, you will not experience a heavy or cakey feel due to its lightweight formula.

Why we love it:

Gorgeous luminous light finish
Good for dry weather
Suits oily skin

Very light and youthful formula

Moisturisers for Mature Skin

Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser
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You will love the feel of this tinted moisturiser on the skin! It is extremely light, and its texture is gel-like, which makes it effective at smoothing out fine lines, evening your tone, and plumping the skin. It’s a little more viscous than most tinted moisturisers, which might make you think it won’t blend. However, applying with your fingertips will get the job done no problem. It imparts a natural look, without any cakey texture or heavy feel. This moisturiser comes packed with actives too including vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, making it ideal for skin hydration and brightness.

Why We Love It
Medium coverage (more than just a tint)
Natural glow – Very moisturising


Feels very nice on the skin and gives the feeling of skin care


Tinted Moisturisers for Mature Skin for 2021

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost has a lightweight base that gives light to medium coverage, perfect for an everyday look. It is also fantastic at effectively concealing visible pores and scars, giving your skin a smooth finish. The water-gel formula moisturises deeply and prevents the skin from over-greasing. The non-comedogenic properties enhance natural finish. This hydrating tint provides you with an amazingly light coverage, and the sustained hydration keeps you fresher for longer.

Why we love it:
Great for dry skin
Gives a subtle tint

Poor oxidation (depending on skin type)
Beautiful Dewy finish

Tinted Moisturisers for Mature Skin for 2021

NXY Cosmetics Bare with Me Tinted Skin Veil

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If you’re tired of heavy foundations or extra creamy moisturizers, and are looking for something extra light, bright and easy, then this product is for you!
Super light and luxury feel, presenting you an alternative to CC and BB creams that leave your skin oily and cakey. This Tinted Veil from NXY Cosmetics gives you an even skin tone, smooth finish and a light base for your makeup.

Why we love it:
Very Affordable
Dewy finish

Not ideal for oily skin types

Tinted Moisturisers

Laura Mercier Sited Moisturizer Natural Skin

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This gorgeous product provides you with an excellent coverage that blurs all imperfections. Combining the best of skincare and makeup, this tinted moisturiser serves dually enrich the skin and provide an even coverage. Perfect for a no-makeup makeup look. This is the perfect cover for the gym or outdoor activities and it’s good to remember that when you are outdoors, your foundation is very noticeable if it is too heavy and instantly ages you.

Why we love it:
Perfect for dry mature skin
SPF 30
Vitamin C, E for antioxidants


Tinted Moisturisers for Mature Skin

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

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If you’re after a tinted moisturiser that will help restore the skin, you simply couldn’t find a better one than Nars Pure Radiant. Specifically formulated for mature skin, Nars Pure Radiant provides next level coverage without any caking or build up. I think this formula is very moisturising and seems to plump the skin making it look more youthful.

Why We Love It
Sun Protection
Multiple shades

Take Notes

Makes your skin dewy and youthful but doesn’t cover sun spots

Best Tinted Moisturisers

Your Skin but Better CC Cream

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This is a winner for me and perfect for the gym or outdoor activities. If you are looking to transition from foundation to tinted moisturiser, try this one first. Enhancing and smoothing your complexion, this cream covers spots, acne scars, redness, dark circles and pores. This cream is lightweight, hydrating and gives full coverage. Best of all, this tinted moisturiser has an SPF of 50+ !!! 

Why we love it:
SPF 50+

Covers uneven skin tones

Gives a dewy light weight finish
Good even for sensitive skin

Best Tinted Moisturisers for 2021

Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser

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Perfect for summer! The beautiful lightweight nude moisturizer has a brilliant tint and provides a luminous glow. Not only does this product blur the unevenness of your skin, but it also reduces redness, covers spots and gives a soft, radiant look.
Also, it promotes natural hydration on the skin for a longer time. The sustained hydration results in a fresh makeup look that portrays an effortless no-makeup makeup look.

Why we love it:
SPF 15
Plump finish

Dries off quickly so you need to work fast

Tinted Moisturisers for 2021

I would love to hear about your favourite Tinted moisturiser and why you love it xx


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