Top makeup tips for women over 50! Learn my top 10 beauty secrets for mature women over 50 and learn the small tweaks you can make to enhance your beauty as a mature woman and simple solutions to some of your beauty problems.

All my tips that I’m going to share with you have been taught to me by my teachers who are makeup artists and educators.

These are the tips professional makeup artists use on their clients, both celebrities and everyday women like us…. Rae Morris in particular does a lot of work with mature women and she is Renowned as one of the most influential Makeup Artists.

Welcome to fabulous50s! Here you will find content that relates to how to look younger, mature skincare, anti aging, wrinkles, how to dress over 50, style, fitness, health and beauty over 50. All the videos here have you, a mature Woman in mind and if you have any questions or video suggestions for mature Women, please feel free to leave your comment below.

Here are my top tips…

  • If you pull your hair to the top of your head, it will give you the lifted eye look. If you pull your hair to the back of your head, you may want to widen your face with your make up.
  • Dry, flaky and chapped lips? Dr Obagi’s Number 1 tip is to rub your lips with your finger to stimulate blood flow and exfoliate your lips. If your lips are cracked, it is usually a sign that you are very dehydrated.
  • Lancelol nipple cream for dry cracked lips. Transfer some cream into little pots to carry around in because you don’t want to pull out the entire jar when you’re out shopping. You may also share with your friends as there is enough for it to last forever.
  • If you curve your highlight, it draws the eye up instead of a straight line which drags the cheek down and creates an aging effect. The whole purpose of a highlighter is to show that our skin is glowing and if you can tell that you have too much product on, it defeats the whole purpose. The trick is to just apply enough non shimmer highlighter on your face so no one can tell if you are wearing any. Remember we look very different in the sunlight.
  • Contrasting color should be used on the eyes to make your eye color pop. You can learn more about this from one of my previous blog posts, How To Make Your Eyes Pop With Color.
  • Mascara tip for anti-aging. If you want to create a lifted eye, use lots of mascara on top lashes. If you want to create round eyes, apply to top and bottom. Keep in mind that a rounded under eye can be very aging.
  • Highlight the lower third of your brow to create a lifted and youthful look by using a 2–faced concealer or pencil. Again, only use enough product so that you can see it when your face turns in the light.
  • Mascara bleed occurs due to oily under and top eyelids; both from the natural oils in your skin plus the oils in your moisturizer, eye cream and foundation. The Mac blue mascara is the best one you can use to stop the black mascara bleeding on your eyes.
  • Lipstick is like wax, it heats up with your body. So, get a lipstick with a strong pigment and use less of it and it will stay on for much longer. Another tip is mahogany suits all skin tones because it’s a combination of warm and cool colors. When in doubt, choose a mahogany colored lipstick. Make Up For Ever, Wet n Wild, and Kryolan have great choices.
  • Red lipstick with no foundation only brings out the red in your skin. So, evening out your skintone should be the first and most important step, then add lip color.
  • BONUS TIP. Reapply during the day to freshen up using a 3 Pac container and a beauty blender in a case consisting of highlight, foundation, blush, and lips.



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