Casual Sporty Style For Women Over 50!

Learn how to style a pair of 3 stripe Adidas track pants to create a number of casual, sporty style outfits that can be worn daytime or evening as well as summer or winter…For the woman over 50!

I will show you how to create lots of different outfits starting with a pair of Adidas track pants…

You can pair these pants with so many different items that you already own and they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you feel.

This look became very trendy a couple of years ago but its such a perfect outfit to style on Women over the age of 50. These pants are slimming, comfortable, hard wearing and don’t loose their shape…Kind of a perfect off duty casual outfit for us ladies over 50!


Here are my top tips…

  • Three Strip Pants is comfortable, stretchy elastic waist, slimming, lengthening, and can be worn dress up or dress down.
  •  Look trendy and perfectly suitable for our age group.
  •  You can also wear a denim or leather jacket over this look.


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