Tried And Tested Beauty Tips Every 50 Year Old Woman Should Know

Our 50s are truly the best years of our lives! As a 50-something-year-old woman myself, I’ve learnt a lot in my journey to self-love. I know how to accentuate beauty, reveal hidden potential, and help you love yourself again!

To get you started, here are some beauty tips that every 50-year-old woman should know.

#1 If You Smoke, Stop!

First and foremost; stop smoking! Besides the obvious health concerns, the biochemical changes caused by smoking actually age your skin prematurely! Smokers often experience leathery skin and deep wrinkles because of this. So, if you want to age gracefully, put that durry down for good!

#2 Natural Highlights To Hide The Greys

For any 50 year old woman, grey hairs are inevitable. The question is, to colour or not to colour! Getting a full, all-over colour may seem like a good choice at first – until you’re stuck with damaged hair and heaps of maintenance. You want to enhance your natural beauty, not hide it! So, try out natural-looking highlights instead. This way, you can blend away the grey and spend less time (and money!) in salons.

#3 Don't Neglect Your Neck

This is one of my favourite beauty tips – one that many 50-year-old women don’t do! So, I encourage women to use a neck cream daily. Rub your clean hands together with cream to warm it up, then apply it by sweeping up your neck. This technique will help to create lift. A cleansing and exfoliating device keep your neck looking smooth too!

#4 Conceal Dark Circles

With age, unfortunately, comes bags and dark circles under your eyes. It’s inevitable, but not unfixable. All you’ll need is good quality, hydrating under-eye primer and concealer. After using the primer, apply the concealer under your eyes in a triangle shape with the point side down. This will prevent that swipe look and cancel out your half-moon-shaped bags.

Using these tips will help you to look and feel 10 years younger! But, this list barely touches the vast amount of beauty tips every 50 year old woman should know. In my community, Fabulous50s, I share all kinds of tips for mature women to help them release their inner goddess.

Visit my blog and watch my videos to reveal yours!

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