How To Lose Arm Fat and Tone Your Upper Arms Over 50

Interested to know how to lose arm fat now that you’re over 50? This content is for you!

If you’re a woman over 50, you’ve probably noticed that your muscles just aren’t as taut as they used to be as you age. This isn’t just your imagination! Studies show that our muscle tone naturally declines and the amount of fat we store on our body increases once we reach middle age. This is just a result of hormonal changes in your body. It can also be the result of behavioral choices you make as you settle into a job that has you sedentary at your desk. Or, if your kids leave home and you find you are doing less running and moving around and having more time to simply sit and be.

There’s something beautiful and magical about the way our days become our own once we turn 50, but the result is also that we have to find more ways to incorporate movement and strength work into our routine.

There are likely different places on your body where you’ve noticed your muscle tone decreasing. You may see it on your stomach, where you used to have flat-toned abs, or in your thighs that more easily touch when you’re walking or running. However, one more common place to see a decrease in muscle tone once you’ve turned 50 is in your upper arms. 

Lose Arm Fat

How to Lose Arm Fat Fitness Tips

Many women over 50 complain that their upper arms are “flabby” or they have “more skin” than they’d like. Think about it, the muscle tone is gone! Where did it go? The answer for most of us is:

  • We simply stopped using and feeding our muscles
  • spent very little time thinking about muscle health and rejuvenation
  • and kind-of gave up!

While so much of this change in your arm shape is natural, there are actually many exercises you can start to incorporate into your daily routine that can help you tighten up your arms and make them stronger. Because muscle is the largest organ in our body, the goal is to build and maintain muscle through exercise and food (quality protein). The stronger our muscles are, the easier it is for our bodies to shed excess fat. 

While spot-reducing fat is impossible (you won’t just be able to work out and get rid of fat specifically from your arms!)—there are tips for reducing fat all over your body (which will pull from your arms) and also for building more muscles in your arms so that the area looks tighter and more toned.

Here are the best fitness tips I have so you can love your arms more and feel confident showing them off in tank tops and sleeveless shirts all year round.

Dumbbell Workout for Upper Arms

These dumbbell workouts target the triceps, biceps and shoulders and, if done consistently, will produce results within weeks. The reality is you’ll be building muscle and tightening up the look of your arms, so you can experience younger, slimmer-looking arms without needing to do tons of cardio or interval training to burn fat.

Using weights in your workout (safely of course) is your best way to lose weight and keep it off.

To do the workout, all you’ll need is a set of dumbbells suited to your strength level. I like to start at 1- or 2-pound dumbbells for people who have never worked out before, then move up to 5 or 10 pounds if you’re someone that is used to lifting weights.


Use a weight that is challenging after 10 reps. If you find it too easy, you will need to increase the weight to gain maximum benefit. If it is way too hard for you, stop and reduce.

Play Video about front raises toned arm dumbbell weight workout
  • Front Arm Raises: hold your dumbbells in your hands, palms down, dumbbells at your thighs. Then, one at a time, raise each dumbbell until it is parallel to your shoulder. Repeat with the other arm. Do 20 of these on each side, and then take a break. Repeat this pattern 3 times for each side.
Play Video about front raises toned arm dumbbell weight workout
  • Shoulder Presses: Hold the dumbbells in your hands with your elbows bent and the dumbbells up at your shoulders. Turn the dumbbells so they are perpendicular to your shoulders. Then at the same time, press each dumbbell up to the sky and strengthen your arms. Gently and carefully lower the dumbbells back to the starting position. Repeat these lifts 20 times, then rest for 30 seconds. Try to do this cycle 3 times. You’ll get in a tricep workout and a shoulder workout at the same time.
Play Video

Overhead tricep extension:

Slowly bend your elbows and lower the weight behind your head. Remember to keep your body upright and your core engaged. The weight should follow the path of your spine.

Then, at the lowest point, straighten your elbows and extend the weight back overhead. Hold the fully extended position for a moment, then repeat. Keep the movement slow and controlled.

Fat Reducing Workout

In addition to building the muscles in your arms, to get rid of upper arm fat, you can work on reducing body fat overall. Scientists know that the best way to do this isn’t steady-state cardio workouts but high-intensity intervals (or HIIT). For a HIIT workout, check out several of the HIIT I’ve demonstrated on the site. 

Is Protein the key to fat loss!

Is protein the key to fat loss? Well more and more scientific research coming out today says YES!

Studies have found that high protein diets are a successful strategy to achieve fat loss. Great news, and it’s because of the effect of protein on appetite control, energy intake and metabolism.  You may have already discovered this yourself without really understanding how it ties in with fat loss…If you have ever eaten all the protein on your plate first, you will less likely feel hungry and overeat the entire plate. Makes sense doesn’t it? once you have eaten a whole chicken breast, you’re feeling pretty full (and bored!)

Proteins are made up of building blocks, called amino acids. The body requires a continual intake of protein to supply a steady source of amino acids, which support the growth and conservation of cells and tissues.

The exact amount of protein required daily is still up for debate, but for the older woman who has longevity and weight loss as a goal, it is recommended 1 gram of protein per pound of weight. It is certainly worth you taking the time to experiment. I encourage you to increase your protein intake and workout regime to include weight training for the next 2 weeks, and track your progress.


high protein food.

How to easily add more protein into your diet – quick and easy!

  • Whey protein is the best on the market for absorption and efficiency, however always make sure that you buy a clean source with one to three ingredients…All the rest is bad for you, and if you prefer sweetness, you are better to add yourself at home.
  • Hydrolysed collagen is perfect to add to your tea or coffee during the day as it is tasteless and stirs in clear.
  • Its a great idea to take a protein bar with you when you’re out and about to snack on instead of bread and sugar.

Schellea’s Top Picks for Protein:

I have gathered lots of tried and true fitness tips that can help tighten up parts of you that you feel you want to work on, from your legs to your abs to your glutes and thighs

If you really want to get motivated to get fit and burn fat off of your body this year (so you can enjoy smaller triceps, belly, and more), consider completing my 14-day fitness challenge — to get your body ready for summer.

By committing to yourself and your wellness for 2 weeks, you can make a significant change in your energy levels and fitness capabilities, and prove to yourself that you are worth putting in the time and effort, day after day.

What’s your favourite way to get moving? I’d love to hear about your favourite arm workouts or overall tone-up routines in the comment below!




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