Skin Care Treatment For wrinkles | How To Look Younger Using Retin-A!

Skin Care Treatment for Wrinkles | How To Look Younger Using Retin-A!

Mature skin care – How to use retin-a (prescription [Rx] Vitamin A), a skin care treatment for wrinkles. How to look younger by softening your wrinkles with this anti aging skincare routine and how to avoid dry skin with peeling and irritation from your retin-a treatment… PLUS an advanced way to use retin-a skin care for mature long term users! Step by step guide using retin-a including what NOT to do as a retin-a user for 15 years.

I am joined by fellow Aussie YouTuber Dr. Davin Lim, Board Certified Dermatologist to explain the science behind this new method of combining a first generation Vitamin A with a third generation Vitamin A to achieve better results! 

In this video I share my 15 year journey using Prescription Vitamin A (also known as Retin A, Retinoic Acid & Tretinoin) I’ll share all the mistakes I made including using a 1% Retin as a first time user at age 35 and how I finally got it right by compounding my 0.5 Retin A with a medical grade barrier cream. 

The 6 essential steps to using prescription Vitamin A or retin-a

1. Thoroughly wash your face and remove all traces of makeup

2. Face must be completely dry, this may take up to 20 minutes 

3. Apply a pea size amount of Retin A and massage into your face 

4. Apply a thick barrier cream to minimise peeling and irritation 

5. Wash off thoroughly when you awake 

6. Apply a very high SPF each morning

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