100+ Things To Declutter Before The End Of The Year

Things To Declutter

Can you believe it? There are just 30 days left this year—a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. If you’ve been contemplating decluttering and yearning for a fresh start next year, this is the best time to do it!

This isn’t a call for a decluttering marathon; it’s an invitation to a delightful daily dance of letting go.

There are 100 things on our list that you should get rid of before the end of the year. If you get rid of just one or two things every day, you will be able to easily finish the list. Do not feel stressed or overwhelmed; it is all about being consistent over being intense.

It is like getting ready for the new year. The weight of getting rid of clutter will no longer be a burden, but a journey that will free you. Take your time, enjoy the process, and watch as your living space changes into a peaceful and simple haven.

Ever thought about the emotional baggage tied to physical clutter? The connection to our emotional well-being goes beyond stuff. I have discovered that the act of letting go, even if it’s just hiding things away, can be transformative.

It’s not just about decluttering your space; it’s about lightening your heart.

While these things on the list may not seem like much on their own, they really do make a big difference when put together. You will have gotten rid of hundreds of unnecessary items by midnight on December 31.

Why Decluttering Matters

Things To Declutter

Decluttering is not just about organizing your physical space; it’s about making room for a more fulfilling life. When you declutter, you make conscious choices about the items you surround yourself with, leading to a simplified and enriched lifestyle.

A cluttered space can contribute to stress and anxiety, impacting your overall health. Decluttering reduces accidents and makes cleaning easier, making it healthier.

The connection between a cluttered space and mental clutter is undeniable. Decluttering provides a sense of control, reduces feelings of overwhelm and promotes mental clarity.

A clutter-free environment fosters focus and productivity. With fewer distractions, you can maximize your efficiency and accomplish tasks with greater ease.

The Best Things to Declutter By Year End

  1. Old magazines
  2. Expired pantry items
  3. Duplicate kitchen utensils
  4. Unused cookware
  5. Worn-out Tupperware
  6. Excess mugs and cups
  7. Outdated spices
  8. Broken or chipped dishes
  9. Unmatched socks
  10. Clothing that doesn’t fit
  11. Old and worn-out shoes
  12. Unused hangers
  13. Wire or plastic coat hangers
  14. Outdated electronics
  15. Old receipts and bills
  16. Expired medications
  17. Outdated makeup
  18. Unused beauty products
  19. Old toothbrushes
  20. Tattered towels
  21. Worn-out bed linens
  22. Unused or broken furniture
  23. Broken or unused jewelry
  24. Outgrown children’s toys
  25. Scratched or broken sunglasses
  26. Unused gift cards
  27. Excessive pens and pencils
  28. Old phone cases
  29. Expired coupons
  30. Outdated calendars
  31. Unused or broken exercise equipment
  32. Old textbooks
  33. Broken or incomplete board games
  34. Excess cleaning supplies
  35. Old greeting cards
  36. Unused or broken holiday decorations
  37. Outdated software CDs
  38. Broken or unused umbrellas
  39. Old and worn-out backpacks
  40. Duplicate tools
  41. Excessive plastic bags
  42. Unused craft supplies
  43. Outdated personal care products
  44. Old phone chargers
  45. Unused or broken headphones
  46. Excessive plastic containers
  47. Outdated paperwork
  48. Broken or unused gardening tools
  49. Unused vases
  50. Outdated event invitations
  51. Excess office supplies
  52. Old and worn-out wallets
  53. Unused keychains
  54. Outdated address books
  55. Broken or unused watches
  56. Expired sunscreen
  57. Unused or broken kitchen appliances
  58. Old and outdated software manuals
  59. Broken or unused luggage
  60. Excess shoelaces
  61. Outdated fashion accessories
  62. Old and unused stationary
  63. Unused or broken outdoor furniture
  64. Excessive cleaning rags
  65. Outdated travel brochures
  66. Unused or broken bike accessories
  67. Old and worn-out belts
  68. Expired food in the freezer
  69. Outdated pet supplies
  70. Unused or broken kitchen gadgets
  71. Excessive event souvenirs
  72. Old and unused candle holders
  73. Expired batteries
  74. Broken or unused picture frames
  75. Outdated car accessories
  76. Unused or broken sports equipment
  77. Old and worn-out handbags
  78. Excessive loyalty cards
  79. Outdated newspapers
  80. Broken or unused kitchen knives
  81. Expired condiments
  82. Unused or broken luggage tags
  83. Outdated travel maps
  84. Old and worn-out hats
  85. Excessive rubber bands
  86. Unused or broken exercise accessories
  87. Expired tea or coffee
  88. Outdated event tickets
  89. Broken or unused headphones
  90. Old and worn-out scarves
  91. Unused or broken kitchen timers
  92. Expired cleaning products
  93. Outdated software downloads
  94. Excessive cable cords
  95. Unused or broken phone accessories
  96. Old and worn-out gloves
  97. Expired beauty samples
  98. Outdated camera accessories
  99. Broken or unused musical instruments
  100. Excessive event t-shirts

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Habits to Declutter Before The End Of The Year

Things To Declutter

Decluttering is not just about physical possessions but also about simplifying and improving various aspects of your life. To live a more meaningful and purposeful life, choose habits that are meaningful to you and in line with your goals.

101. Overcommitting yourself: Think about what you have agreed to do and set priorities for your time. Declutter your schedule by dropping things that do not add much value and drain your energy.

102. Negative self-talk: Replace self-critical thoughts with self-compassion. Let go of negative self-talk and focus on positive affirmations that uplift and empower you.

103. Unhealthy eating habits: Declutter your diet by removing processed foods and incorporating more nutritious options. Consider letting go of eating habits that don’t contribute to your overall well-being.

104. Unproductive screen time: Evaluate your screen-time habits and consider decluttering activities that don’t contribute positively to your well-being. Create more time for activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

105. Toxic relationships: Assess your relationships and consider letting go of toxic or draining connections. Surround yourself with people who support and uplift you.

106. Financial clutter: Review your financial situation and declutter unnecessary expenses. Consider letting go of subscriptions or services you no longer need.

107. Fear of change: Embrace the idea that change can bring growth and new opportunities. Declutter the fear of change and be open to new experiences that can enrich your life.

108. Feelings of regret: Clear your mental space by decluttering regrets before the year concludes. Reflect, learn, and release any lingering feelings of remorse, making room for a fresh start in the upcoming year.

109. Unecessary drama: Get rid of unnecessary drama to simplify your emotions. Starting a drama-free chapter requires setting boundaries, prioritizing peace, and improving relationships.

1100. Worrying excessively: Declutter excessive worry to make mental space. Focus on what you can control, practice mindfulness, and let go of unnecessary anxiety to feel more relaxed and optimistic.

111. Drinking alcohol: Reevaluating alcohol consumption can declutter your body and mind. Choose moderation, explore alternatives, and put your health before drinking, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

112. Not exercising: Clear the way to a healthier you by eliminating inactivity. Regular workouts, walks, or fun fitness activities promote vitality and well-being.

113. Staying up late: Stop staying up late to declutter your sleep routine. Prioritize quality sleep, establish a calming bedtime routine, and create an environment conducive to rest for a rejuvenated start to each day.

114. Taking others’ opinions too seriously: Let go of worrying about others’ opinions to declutter your mind. For a more authentic self, prioritize your values and let go of external judgments.

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Digital Decluttering: Tidying Up Your Virtual Space

In the digital age, decluttering extends beyond physical spaces. Delete unused apps, organize files, and declutter your inbox for a more streamlined digital experience.

Start by overhauling your email, unsubscribing from irrelevant newsletters, and creating organized folders. Streamline your desktop, delete unused apps, and establish a systematic file organization structure for a clutter-free experience. 

Use apps like CCleaner and Unroll.Me to help in this transformative process. Prioritize digital security by updating passwords and embracing good habits for ongoing maintenance. 

As you bid farewell to the year, embrace the clarity and efficiency that a well-organized virtual space brings.

Sentimental Items: To Keep or Not to Keep?

Things To Declutter

It can be hard to find your way through sentimental clutter. Think about what each item means to you and whether it can be used for something else or put on display to stop yourself from collecting things you do not need.

Decluttering Techniques and Methods

Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method

Use the KonMari Method and rate the “joy factor” of each item. You should only keep things that make you happy, and you should get rid of things that are no longer useful to you today.

The 90/90 Rule

You can determine whether or not an item is necessary. This can be done by checking to see if it has been used in the last 90 days and if it will be used in the next 90 days.

One-In-One-Out Rule

Follow the rule of “one-in, one-out” to keep things in equilibrium. If you want to avoid clutter building up, you should get rid of an old item for every new one you buy.

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How to Overcome Decluttering Challenges

You should address common problems that arise when attempting to declutter, such as attached feelings and procrastination. Break the process down into tasks that you can handle, and enjoy the little wins along the way.

Maintaining a clutter-free lifestyle

A clutter-free lifestyle requires you to form habits that help you keep things in order. Think about what you bring into your space, practice mindful consumerism, and regularly go through your things.

Donate, recycle, or discard

Pay attention to how your efforts to declutter will affect the environment. When you can, donate things that can be used again, recycle materials, and properly throw away things that cannot be used again.

Embrace minimalism; Live with less

Clearing out your space goes hand in hand with minimalism. Do not be afraid to live a simple life; “less is more” is a helpful philosophy.

Closing Thoughts

As the year comes to a close, clear out your space so you can start the new year with a fresh mind. This list of things to declutter before the year ends will make it easy for you. Getting rid of clutter can improve your health, so embrace the benefits of a minimal life.

See decluttering as a form of self-care. The conscious act of letting go and creating a peaceful space can help with overall health and self-esteem.

It is more important to think about what you are making room for than what you are getting rid of or clearing out as a woman over 50. 

Remember, the key is to focus on items that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy to your life.

Happy decluttering!

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